How Much Does it Cost to Install a Water Meter? [2022 New]

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The quantity of utility is measured with meters. Water meters detect (measure) the amount of water traveling through a pipe or other outlet.

In the case of meters, volume is normally measured by cubic feet or gallons. The water meter acts as an odometer for your car, recording the total volume of water you have used.

how much does it cost to install a water meter
How Much Does it Cost to Install a Water Meter?

If you shift to a new flat you will find out that the water meter is already installed. But If you are the property owner and you need to install a water meter.

Most people don’t know how to install it and have no idea about the cost. We try to give an overview of the total cost with information.

How Much Does it Cost to Install a Water Meter in 2022?

You will see that most of the companies claim they will give the service for $800 to $1,200 per connection. But it’s not the total cost of the full project.

According to the 2022 market data, the average cost to install a water meter is anywhere between $1,700 and $3,000. Per foot, water main installation costs range from $50 to $150. Each meter is about $100, and a plumber could install one in about 45 minutes.

Water Meter Installation Cost Summary

According to the following estimates in 2022, the total cost to install a water meter would be:

Monthly Water Bill$72-$80
Water Main Per Foot Cost$50-$150
Professional Cost$800-$1,200
Average Water Meter Installation Cost$1,700-$3,000

Three Major Factors That Can Affect the Cost of Installing a Water Meter in 2022

Like an electric meter or a gas meter installation it’s not that complex job. Two major costs are involved in water meter installation, such as labor cost and equipment cost. If you can do it by yourself the labor cost you can save.

But in that case, you will have some equipment costs. Here is the complete breakdown of each cost factor related to installing a new water meter for your home or office.

1. Labor Cost for Professional Work

Here you don’t need to find labor or technician. Most of the time the water authority sends their representative to the house to install the meter. The representative is well experienced and trained.

They will check the meter box, backflow prevention device, water main, water pressure, and entire water process. If we go for public water then the water dept will send the reinforcement.

2. Equipment Cost

The water meter installation process doesn’t need any equipment or tools. The technician will bring all the equipment. He will fit the meter for you.

3. DIY Cost to Install Home Water Meter

Sometimes we try to do work on our own. A water meter is a matter where you can’t have the rights to that. Like a Sub-meter project, you cannot do it all by yourself.

Important Suggestion: If you really want that kind of experience, you have to do that in front of a supervisor who was a representative of the water company.

After the water meter permit, they send one of their representatives for water meter fitting and set up to the master meter. So we strongly suggest please don’t do it on your own.

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Do Water Meters Save Me Money?

Installing a water meter is similar to installing gas or electric meters, so you pay only for what you use rather than a fixed amount each year.

Knowing our energy usage and waste will help you save money by decreasing your use, which is very equitably billed.

How Can You Save Money on Water?

Homeowners with meters typically use 10% to 15% less water than those without. People who cut their water use often find other bills fall as well, as about 40% of energy bills go on heating water for washing dishes and clothes, bathing, and showering.

By reducing your water usage, you can start saving money. If you have an open water tap, do not use it. Lessen the time you spend taking a shower. During shaving or brushing, you shouldn’t let the water run.

You may install a low-flow showerhead which will reduce water usage. By opening the tap, you should not wash dishes by hand.

How Does a Water Meter Work?

To measure household water consumption, most meters use a positive displacement chamber that pumps a fixed amount of water through a dial to turn.

It is typically necessary to install meters at a location that is determined by the pipe layout, which can be on the road, in the garden, or indoors.

After that, your local water company will visit to read your water meter and determine how much you are going to be charged, just like with gas and electricity meters.

Important Guide on How to Install a Water Meter?

We try to describe the knowledge of installing water meters for a better understanding. It will help to justify the work of the service provider.

Here’s the process of how they install the meter:

  • Step 1: First, they shut off the water supply line.
  • Step 2: An additional meter adapter will be needed depending upon the material of the service pipe and the meter’s size for the new water meter installation. 
  • Step 3: They should run the water slowly to flush the service line before you install the new meter to ensure there is no debris or rust in the system.
  • Step 4: Verify the direction of water flow at the meter. Meters will have an indicator showing the direction of the flow. Replace the meter and rubber gasket after that.
  • Step 5: To properly install thread connections, never use a wrench. Ensure that the meters are connected manually. This will prevent cross-threading.
  • Step 6: For most rubber gasket seals, meter adapters are hand tightened, then a wrench is used to seal the leak-tight seal. After hand tightening, typically only a quarter-turn is needed to seal the gasket.
  • Step 7: Several hours after the meter installation, open a cold water faucet partially in order to reactivate the waterline.
  • Step 8: Open the cold water faucet to allow any trapped air to be purged through the open service line valve. Turn off the faucet after all air has been let out of the system, and check for leaks in the water meter and any appurtenances. Ensure that all connections are dry by wiping them with a dry cloth.
  • Step 9: Fully open the supply valve.
  • Step 10: Lastly, they verify that the meter is registering and that the water is flowing within the home. Run a few gallons of water to verify this.

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Where Do You Install the Water Meter in Your House?

We must access the meter regularly to read it. Therefore, you should install it in the right place. Every day, you can see the meter reading. To lay a private water system, make sure the risers are between 300 mm and 500 mm, Furthermore:

  • A 1,000 mm radius around the front boundary of your property.
  • Within 600 mm of the left or right property boundary.

The distance between meters must be 300 mm if you plan on installing them close together. Installing the meter is not allowed:

  • At least 1.5 meters above the ground.
  • A space that is inaccessible, such as the roof of a house or apartment, inside a unit, or under a kitchen sink, for example.

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How Long Does it Take to Install a Water Meter?

A meter installation usually takes 28 to 30 days, and as soon as your meter is installed, you’ll be able to see your new charges.

Our timeline may extend beyond 90 days, in which case our meter charges will start from the 90th. Once the installation is complete, we will send you the complete details of your new meter account.

Easy Ways: How to Read Your Water Meter?

It is best to read your water meter at the same time every day. A cubic meter measures the amount of water used. Numbers after a decimal point should not be read.

Use the current meter read and subtract the previous meter read (from your water bill) to calculate the amount of water that was used since the last reading. Let’s say your last read was 001,200. 001,250 is your new read.

Therefore, you have consumed 50 cubic meters of water since reading the last time. It takes approximately one cubic meter to fill five drums because each drum holds 200 liters.

How Much is the Average Water Bill Cost Per Month?

According to census data, a family of four using 100 gallons of water per day has an average water bill of $72-$80 per month in the United States.

Is Having a Water Meter a Good Idea?

You may also be able to save money if your home is worth more than average. Depending on the value of their rateable value, some properties will have a higher water bill.

A general rule of thumb states that if you have fewer people than bedrooms, you’ll pay less. The water meter shows the usage and helps to control usage.

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Now I’m answering the most common question; people frequently asked about (Water Meter Installation): FAQs

Is it cheaper to have a water meter or not?

The rule of thumb is that water meters are more effective when there are more bedrooms in your house than people. For larger families, however, having a water meter will probably not be cost-effective since water consumption is likely to be high.     

Who installs the water meter?

To monitor water consumption at a home or business, water companies use water meters. The water company usually installs the meters, so you might have to request permission to install them yourself.

How long does it take for a water meter to be fitted?

The technicians are very skilled and will only take a few minutes to complete the project. It takes approximately 3 hours to dig out an existing meter unit and reconstruct it outside if an upgrade is required. For about 20 minutes, your water supply would be shut off.

Can I install my own smart meter?

Paying the bills and having them addressed to you allows you to choose one. If you want one, you should inform your landlord in advance. In this case, the tenancy agreement may have provisions that govern how energy is provided to the property, such as what type of meter can be installed.

What is a shared meter?

Utility meters that measure the amount of gas, electricity, or steam used by a tenant’s dwelling, as well as areas outside the front door, are called shared meters. The tenant pays for service to both areas. Services outside tenants’ dwellings may include maintenance of equipment used in the building.

Can a plumber move a water meter?

A water meter inside your home can be moved by either asking us to do so or arranging for a plumber who is industry-certified to do so. If you want to move your water meter indoors, you just need to call the water company. They are bound to send their plumber and fix them.

Do I need permission to install a water meter?

For fixed-term tenancies longer than six months, a meter does not require your landlord’s permission, but any changes may require their permission.

Why would a home have two meters?

Home-raised ranch with a single-family. It is often the electric water heater that has a second meter because electrical is often charged at a lower rate than gas. There is only one electric water heater that can be connected to this meter.

Hope you found this guide to installing a water meter useful for reducing the installation costs and saving the monthly bill. Ask any questions you may have, or tell us about your experience with us if you have any.

Keep up with the resources blog for information about sub-metering, water metering, gas meters, electric meters, and much more.

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