How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Tail Light Cover? [2022]

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A tail light cover serves as a protective accessory for your vehicle’s tail light. It ensures your maximum safety when driving at night. It indicates which side you will go to and when you will stop. A light on a car is also on the exterior, so it can be damaged at any time by an accident or a parking error.

So you should change or replace your broken tail light cover right away. You won’t have to spend much money on it. Today I will explain a few factors that can affect the tail light cover costs and how you can reduce them.

how much does it cost to replace a tail light cover
How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Tail Light Cover

How Much Does It Cost To Replace a Tail Light Cover in 2022?

The cost of replacing the tail light cover depends on some factors. There are different prices for different models and designs based on just the parts. According to 2022 statistics, the average cost to replace a tail light cover is around $150-$800 and beyond.

You also need to pay an extra labor fee if you want it done by an expert. Depending on the state, labor charges can vary. It is possible for labor costs to vary from one location to another. We will discuss those factors later in the article.

Tail Light Cover Replacement Cost Summary

If you are willing to give an aesthetic look to your vehicle or if it is running out of time, you can replace the whole set. The following table will give you an idea about the total cost of replacing your car tail light cover.

Type of ReplacementPrice Range
Tail Light Cover Cost$50-$120
Labor Cost$75-$180
Average Replacement Cost$150-$800

Professional’s Cost for Changing a Taillight Cover

If you don’t have enough tools and time you can simply go to a professional to fix it. He may charge $75 to $180 for the deal. As we already said it can vary from state to state. If there is available labor, they will charge less.

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Replacing Car Tail Light Cover DIY Cost

You can change the cover of your taillights without rocket science. It will take you 1-2 hours to fix it if you have tools like a screwdriver, wrench, and some plastic adhesive.

As a result, you will reduce your labor cost. Your cost can be reduced by up to 50% since you only have to pay for the tail light cover, which is $50 to $120.

There are some basic tools you’ll need at home to accomplish this. Choose the best deal by comparing prices from different online shops. A cheaper product will benefit you.

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Whom To Choose? Hire a Professional or DIY for Tail Light Cover Fix?

You have two options to choose from when it comes to changing the tail light cover. You can either take it to an auto shop to be repaired or you can replace it yourself. You are responsible for making the decision.

You should take your vehicle to a mechanic shop if you do not have the time or tools to replace the cover and do not want to fade the look of your car. You can do it yourself if you have enough time and want to reduce your costs.

Yet you have to be experienced and able to do it. For those who aren’t experienced enough, we recommend they leave the work to a qualified mechanic. If you fix the cover incorrectly or damage other parts, the vehicle may lose its beauty.

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What is a Tail Light Cover?

A tail light cover is an external accessory made from high-quality materials that protect your vehicle’s tail light from any external elements like moisture and mud.

3 Important Factors That Affect the Cost of Replacing a Taillight Cover

There are some factors that increase the tail light repair cost. We must be aware of those factors because they will help us to fit the budget. They are Make and model, Parts Brand, and Professional mechanics.

1. Make and Model The Car

The part that your car needs will depend on its make and model, and the costs of the parts will vary widely. The different models of car parts have different prices. the different model has a different price tag. 

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2. Parts Brand

When we buy parts for our car, we can choose OEM parts, we can purchase them from a third party or aftermarket unit or from an auto parts shop. Different parts are priced differently, and the price difference can catch your attention.

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3. Professional Mechanic

In most cases, local mechanics are more affordable than local dealerships.  In the case of a body shop with a good reputation, your costs will depend on where you live. Seeing your budget, choose which type of service is right for you.

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When Do You Need To Replace Car Taillight Cover?

Most taillight covers are made to protect the lights from being damaged. It keeps moisture and mud away from the light. You could damage your tail light cover if you have a car accident or misjudge parking.

Occasionally, the cover will break down or may have a large crack. To activate the cover early, it is necessary to charge it. If you leave your tail light component damaged or creaky, mud and moisture will easily get into the component and cause serious damage.

Likewise, if the light is cloudy, the property may not be indicated, or others may not understand your instructions. Therefore, it may lead to an accident. You can also replace them with a new set if you don’t have enough time to make the change.

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How Long Does it Take to Replace a Tail Light Cover?

Replacement of the tail light cover doesn’t take a lot of time. The installation process is simple. Replacement can take 45 minutes to 1 hour on average.

It can take longer for new models to be developed. You can go to the auto shop if you do not have that much time. He’ll finish it faster.

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Guide on: How to Replace Tail Light Cover at Home?

Changing a tail light cover is not rocket science. Anyone can do it if he has the experience and tools like a screwdriver, wrench, and some plastic adhesive. It is a step-by-step process.

  • Step 1: Unscrew the broken cover.
  • Step 2: Exposes the bulb connection.
  • Step 3: Twist the blub clockwise and carefully remove the bulbs.
  • Step 4:  put the new cover in and twist the bulbs into the proper place.
  • Step 5: Tight all the screws properly in place.
  • Step 6: have a check to make sure you did it perfectly.

Suggestion: Before starting make sure you have gathered enough information from Google Search and Youtube Videos.

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How Important Is Replacing Tail Light Cover? 

It is not possible for other drivers to see your tail lights when the covers are broken or damaged, so where you want to maneuver your vehicle cannot be properly understood by them.

You and your passengers may be in danger if other drivers do not understand your signals.

Important Fact, 2022

It is very much needed for safety precautions. Hopefully, you can see why it is important for the cover to be replaced.

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How To Save Money On Your Tail Light Cover in 2022?

Replacing a tail light cover is not that much costly. Still, we have some tips that can reduce your cost and help you save some money. 

  • Firstly, You can do it on your own. It will save your labor cost. It can save your cost up to 50%.
  • Secondly, you can compare the price of the tail light cover for different online shops. Here you can find the best deal in a low price range. The same product you can find at a cheaper price from the online shop than a physical shop.
  • Thirdly, you can buy the second-hand or aftermarket tail light cover at a low price range. Many online sites provide second-hand products in a good condition. But you have to careful buying second-hand produce.

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Which Feature To Look for In A Tail Light Cover?

There are different kinds of covers with different kinds of features and different kinds of quality. Below, we listed some of the buyer guidelines for the feature one should keep in mind by buying a new tail light cover.

## Taillight Cover Durability

it is the most important feature you should look at carefully. It is your prime consideration while shopping for the kits. Make sure you choose the best cover with the best quality. Don’t compromise the quality. We suggest that before you walk into the shop read the customer review carefully on the Internet.

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## Tail Light Cover Fitness

there are many kinds of tail light covers for different models and different designs. If you buy the wrong one, the installation will be difficult and will not fit properly with your vehicle. Which may fade your vehicle’s looks. Therefore make sure you buy the proper size and proper design.

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## Price, Size & Quality

The price for the tail light cover depends on its size, quality, model, and availability. You will choose the affordable one but do not compare it with the quality to save money. 

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## Availability of the Cover

Make sure you choose the model which is available in any nearby auto shop. If you choose a model that is not available, it can kill your valuable time searching for it.

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How Long Do Tail Lights Cover Last?

Bulb life can reach up to five or six years (traditional, incandescent bulbs). On the other hand, LED bulbs last 12 years or longer. A second factor that can affect vehicle performance is the amount of voltage that is transmitted through the wiring. The longevity of bulbs decreases with voltage.

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The following are the most frequently asked questions by the people about (Tail Light Cover): FAQs

What is a tail light lens?

You can find light bulbs on the rear of your car in housings or lenses. The lens protects the bulb from both moisture and breakage. It ensures the light emanating from the tail light is the correct color as well.

The purpose of a tail light lens varies from vehicle to vehicle. Some vehicles have one lens per side, while others have two or three per side.

Can I drive with a broken tail light cover?

The broken tail light cover or cracked tail light can result in the tail light breaking. The act of driving with a damaged taillight is illegal. Legal authorities can fine you if they catch you. It is also dangerous to drive with a broken light on. As such, you must replace the damaged tail light cover before your tail light is damaged.

Is it illegal to have a broken tail light cover?

According to state or country law, it varies. However, it is completely illegal to drive with a broken tail light. Because of this, you wouldn’t be going to jail. Such actions can result in a fine from the police.

Why is my tail light not working?

Your tail might be damaged. Or your tail light cover may have damage or crack that allows moisture and mud to come inside. It can cause a short circuit and blow the fuse.

Why does the tail light cover get cloudy?

The tail light cover can look cloudy sometimes. As it is made of high material plastic, ultraviolet rays from the sun are responsible for this. It attacks the plastic surface and leaves a cloudy look on the tail light cover.

How do you clean the tail light cover?

You can clean it by scrubbing it with toothpaste. It can slightly remove the fogginess of the tail light. First, wash your tail lights with Windex, soap, and water. Then rub a little bit of toothpaste in the wet light and carefully dry them with a soft cloth. 

Can you get pulled over for broken tail light?

Having a broken tail light can legally lead to you being pulled over and ticketed. On the citation, it will either say no tail lights or broken lights. That officer who issued the warning is lucky for you.

Why does my tail light work but not my brake light?

The most common cause of a faulty brake light is a blown or faulty light bulb. When you apply the brakes, the brake light will not work if the bulb is broken. So, when you brake, your brake lights won’t work, but your taillight will.

Can I fix my own brake light?

Fixing your tail lights yourself costs a fraction of what it would hire an auto repair shop. You do not delay if your car tail lights do not illuminate or are broken.

Throughout this guide, you will find some effective tips on how you can reduce the cost of replacing the car tail light cover on your car. If you have any questions or comments, please let us know. The automobile articles on our resources blog also include car rims, bumper covers, car seat belts, and headlights assembly.

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