How Much Does it Cost to Straight Pipe a Car? [2023 Updated]

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Sometimes while driving my car, I felt numb because my engine has some disturbance that decreases its horsepower. As a car owner, I expect my engine to sound good, but the sound quality does not satisfy me.

Looking for a solution to these problems, I found that the simplest solution was to use straight piping. I struck again after finding the solution because of the price that how much does it cost to straight pipe a car?

How Much it Costs for a Straight Pipe Exhaust?

The average cost of a straight pipe exhaust is approximately $1,200 with a service charge. You can cut a minimum of $120 to $250; the labor cost if you know how to do it. (2023 Estimates)

How Much Does it Cost to Straight Pipe a Car
How Much Does it Cost to Straight Pipe a Car?

In this article, you’ll also learn how to reduce the cost of straight piping your car.

Straight Pipe Exhaust Cost Summary

In the following estimate, you can see what it costs to install a straight pipe exhaust in your car. Listed below are the details of the installation cost for 2023.

Labor Cost$120-$250
Straight Pipe Kit$1,000
Charger Installation Cost$1,050
Average Exhaust Cost$1,200

What is a Straight Pipe Exhaust?

A straight pipe exhaust is an exhaust system that entangles the use of straight pipes that startup at the exhaust headers of a car and runs straight back to the rear of the vehicle. As opposed to standard exhaust systems, these systems don’t have a catalytic converter or a muffler, so nothing is standing between your engine and the back of your car.

A car with a straight pipe exhaust system installed makes more noise than a car with a standard exhaust system. In short, A Straight Pipe Exhaust is an exhaust system without mufflers or a catalytic converter. It just has a straight exhaust pipe.

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What are the Benefits of Having a Straight Pipe Exhaust in 2023?

From the moment a straight pipe exhaust is installed, your car will appear a lot faster and sportier than it did before. It will make you feel better and you’ll forget what you spent on.

Now, I’m going to tell you some of its advantages which will help you in your decision-making process about installing a straight Pipe Exhaust System.

  • Louder Noise: Car enthusiastic people love the louder sound. A straight pipe exhaust system makes vehicles sound very loud that you feel so excited while driving. Also, read exhaust noise laws by state in the USA.
  • Increasing the Power: Racing cars are mostly built on a straight pipe exhaust system. These systems perform better than a standard exhaust system. With a straight pipe exhaust, an engine will operate better overall by reducing the pressure caused by exhaust gases. Both horsepower and torque will increase their power after we developed This system. Engine performance will be great.
  • Less Weight: Standard exhaust systems have a catalytic converter and a muffler. In a straight pipe exhaust system, we don’t need them. It may not dramatically change the weight but you feel lighter than before. This may help your car to run faster.
  • Engine’s Sound Improvement: Because the straight pipe exhaust system has no restrictions like a muffler or catalytic converter, it sounds raw and pure. The true sound will refresh your mood & give you an energetic feel.
  • Better Fuel Economy: After installing a straight pipe exhaust system you may be shocked because of the fuel economy improvement. Due in part to a straight pipe exhaust design, it efficiently propels exhaust gases from an engine and increases its performance. It also reduces the weight of the car so it moves faster than before without taking extra fuel. In short, This system can help maximize your vehicle’s gas mileage.

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Now I’m answering the most common question people also asked (Straight Pipe Exhaust): FAQ

How much does it cost to install a straight pipe exhaust?

If we want to install a straight pipe exhaust, the cost depends on two things: labor cost and the price of the straight pipe kit. There are many straight pipes on the market, but at first, we have to find the right exhaust pipe for our car. Like my car is a BMW.

How much does it cost to straight pipe a BMW car?

The cost of straight piping a BMW varies from model to model. Replacing an exhaust pipe of a BMW car usually costs about $1,500. The labor cost should be approximately $100 to $180, and the cost of the straight pipe kit is around $1,300.

How much does it cost to straight pipe a Camaro car?

What if your car is Camaro? To figure out the cost of a straight pipe setup, you have to know what the price of the straight pipe kit for the Camaro is. In addition, you must also pay for the labor to install the pipe. The average cost of changing it is about $1,150.

How much would it cost to straight pipe a Chrysler 300 car?

A straight pipe exhaust cost depends on what type of car you have and what types of exhaust you would like to install. The average cost for a Chrysler 300M exhaust pipe replacement is about $600. Labor costs are estimated at $80 while parts are being offered for $520.

How much does it cost to straight pipe a Mustang car?

If you want a straight pipe setup in your Mustang, you need to consider two factors. One is the price of straight piping a Mustang depends on the parts and another one is labor. People spend around $1,300 on it.

How much does it cost to straight pipe a charger?

Installing to straight pipe a charger will cost you the cost of the kit and labor. People pay out $1,050, While it relies on the model of the charger.

DIY cost to straight pipe a car?

It doesn’t take too much work. You can easily install the straight pipe exhaust in your car. All you have to know is how to weld. If you want to do it yourself, you will have to be confident and finish the welding part very carefully.

It will take two or three hours to complete the whole task. If it’s your first time, I suggest hiring labor instead of doing it yourself because it costs a couple of bucks.

Does straight pipe damage your car engine?

The straight pipe does not hurt your car engine. This system usually creates louder sounds than a standard one. For this people think that it may damage the engine.

But straight piping your exhaust system does not hurt your car engine in any way, so feel safe. Cars that use the straight pipe exhaust produce pure sound from the engine.

Final Cost Analysis of Straight Pipe Exhaust 2023

The information provided in this guide should make the installation of your car’s straight pipe exhaust easier and more cost-effective. You are welcome to ask questions or make comments.

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