How much does it cost to replace rocker panels and cab corners?

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In the vehicle’s body, rocker panels and cab corners help maintain structural integrity. Rocker panels are often the Achilles heel of late-body pickup trucks. Since they are located below your doors, they are likely to suffer damage and corrosion.

As soon as the rockers begin to rust, they won’t stop, unless you take action. A novice cannot perform rocker panel replacement. You will extend the lifetime of your pickup truck by connecting new rocker panels.

Whenever damage or corrosion occurs, it is best to deal with it immediately. It prevents rust from taking root and causing considerable damage. This is even more important for rocker panels since damage to these panels will allow water and grime into the vehicle, which will accelerate corrosion.

how much does it cost to replace rocker panels and cab corners
How Much Does it Cost to Replace Rocker Panels And Cab Corners

How Much Does it Cost to Replace Rocker Panels And Cab Corners in 2023?

According to the Auto Market estimate, a replacement of all inner and outer rocker panels may cost between $700 and $4,000+ on average, depending on the vehicle.

When you’re going to think of replacing the rocker panels and cab corners at the same time you have to understand that both are different part and their cost will vary on the basis of labor and other factors.

Rocker Panels And Cab Corners Replacement Cost Summary

The following section provides a detailed cost summary for replacing panels and cab corners.

Equipment Cost$20-$400
Cab Corners Cost$700-$2,000
Labor Cost$1,200-$1,600
Rocker Panel Cost$1,000-$4,000
Total Replacement Cost$700-$4,000+

Average Cost to Replace Rocker Panels

It is sometimes necessary to replace rocker panels on older vehicles due to rust and corrosion over time. Sometimes, a collision can cause damage to the car’s side panels. Rocker panels can be expensive to replace either way. Metal prices can vary somewhat according to the cost of the parts.

You should budget between $1,000 to $4,000 if you want your rocker panels replaced by a professional auto body shop in the current year. Further, the quality of your rocker panel may affect your costs.

Labor costs play a large role in determining the price. Replacement of rocker panels usually involves removing the doors and other components, which can be a lengthy process.

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Cab Corners Replacement Estimated Cost in 2023

It is quite a job to replace the cab corners in a truck, due to the fact that parts of the vehicle must be taken apart, the parts to be replaced cut away, and the original cab corners welded back on. Although these parts aren’t very expensive, the process is very labor-intensive.

The new areas must also be painted once the cab corners are replaced, which will increase the project’s cost. It takes multiple coats of paint to paint a vehicle, as well as sanding and priming it.

You’ll have to pay for time, materials, and garage space, which are not free. The cost of replacing cab corners ranges from $700 to $2,000 in 2023 According to our recent data analysis, the average person spends $1,200 for this repair.

A variety of factors will determine the cost of the work on your vehicle, including the make, model, and year. A set of cab corners can be purchased for around $120, but the bodywork and labor costs make the job so costly.

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Major Factors of Replace Rocker Panels And Cab Corners

There are several factors are involved to complete this project. And they have a greater impact on the total cost of replacing the project. Car models, your location, or how it is built may impact the overall process but that’s a little.

In this section, we’ll describe the most important factors. They are:

  • Labor Cost
  • Equipment Cost
  • DIY Cost

1. Estimated Labor Cost for Replacing Rocker Panels & Cab Corners 2023

Replacing rocker panels or cab corners both need heavy labor to complete the task. So the cost of labor has a great impact on the total cost.

Rocker panels require more labor than cab corners. Consequently, the labor costs are different. We’ll examine each individually.

# Rocker Panels Replacement Labor Cost

Almost all the costs for this job are labor-related. The process of removing a vehicle’s doors and panels, removing old rocker panels, and welding in new panels requires a great deal of time.

To protect from welding debris, some vehicles may even need carpet, seats, and other components removed. The replacement of the inner and outer rocker panels may take about eight hours on average for each side. In total, this would require 16 hours.

You also need to factor in the time required for prep work and doing cosmetic repairs afterward, such as sanding and painting your new panels to match the rest of the vehicle.

Labor costs at most body shops range from $75 to $100 per hour in 2023, whereas dealerships typically charge up to $125 per hour. At an independent body shop, that would mean a minimum of $1,200 to $1,600 for labor to perform the rocker replacement in 8 hours per side.

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# Cab Corners Replacement Labor Cost

Costs for replacing cab corners are primarily influenced by labor costs. The average cost of labor at a body shop is approximately $80 to $85 per hour. It is usually necessary to remove the bed box to do the job properly. Labor costs will go up due to this process on its own.

A technician will then remove the damaged cab corners and grind down any remaining corrosion and rust. To ensure a good weld, any paint needs to be removed and the metal needs to be sanded down.

After the new pieces have been welded onto the car, the technician will sand everything down, prime it, and paint it as needed.

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2. Estimated Equipment Cost for Rocker Panels & Cab Corners Replacement 2023

This is the second factor that has an impact on the overall cost after labor costs. Like Labor cost, the equipment cost is also different from one another.

# Equipment Cost for Replacing Rocker Panels

One can use slip-on panels or full panels to replace the rocker panels. A slip-on panel replaces the existing rocker panel instead of removing and replacing the entire panel. The quality of the panels used greatly influences the cost, quality, and value of the project.

Sometimes, it’s better to weld in the new full rocker panels instead of cutting out the old panels. On the basis of types, here is the price of a rocker panel.

Rocker Panel TypeAverage Cost
Slip-On Panels$170-$250
Full Panels$250-$400

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# Total Equipment Cost for Replacing Cab Corners

The average cost you have to pay for the equipment of cab corners is approximately $20 to $200 in 2023. The amount of material and quality in your cab corners, as well as the specifications of your vehicle, can impact this amount.

Metal alloys and stainless steel can be used for cab corners. Both types are vulnerable to rusting, holes, and damage caused by collisions or road debris flying off the ground.

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3. DIY Cost to Replace Rocker Panels

People who are rebuilding or restoring older vehicles often choose to do their own rocker panel replacement. If you have the right tools and equipment, you can do this job yourself.

Here are a few basic tools you will need in addition to the rocker panels themselves with a price:

Tools Name Price Range
Rust Inhibitor Spray$8-$15
Wire Brush$15-$40
Angle Grinder$40-$140
Welding Machine$100-$3,000+

The following tools are also necessary for assembling slip-on rocker panels:

Tools NamePrice Range
Fasteners or adhesive$10-$35
Pry bar$15-$25
Electric or pneumatic drill$40-$220

Note: These prices don’t include primer, paint, cleaning products, and any other common materials that you may need. Even if you hire a professional to do the work, knowing the cost estimates will help you to understand what you may be charged for.

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Two Major Types of Replacement Rocker Panels

The type of panel you choose depends on the condition of your existing rocker panels. You can choose between two types. They are as follows:

  • Slip-on.
  • Welded.

Type 1: Welded Rocker Panels

Rockers severely damaged by impact or corrosion might need to be removed and replaced with full rockers if they aren’t in their original form. It is recommended that you weld and remove the door of your truck for this procedure.

Type 2: Slip-On Rocker Panels

The best option if you have rusted rockers and there is no other disfigurement or damage, particularly along the upper and lower edges, is to use slip-on rocker panels.

It is not necessary to weld them since they will fit over your existing rocker and can be attached with rivets, panel glue, or other fasteners. The process of connecting slip-on replacements is usually faster than cutting and drilling.

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How to Replace Rocker Panels with 4 Easy Steps

Replacing a rocker panel is very labor-intensive work. You need someone to assist you. Here are the steps for replacing the rocker panel:

  • Step 1: To measure the size of the new panel, you must hold it up to the vehicle.
  • Step 2: You must then cut along the marker line with a grinder and cutoff wheel.
  • Step 3: To protect yourself, you should wear a welding mask and welding gloves.
  • Step 4: Finally, use tack welds to join the new panel to the truck’s surface.

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Top 3 Benefits and Advantages of Rocker Panels in 2023

There are several benefits you will able to notice which we can’t see in our bear eyes. Here they are one by one:

# More Rigidity

The rocker panel adds rigidity to the car by connecting the front and rear sides. As a result, the car is more maneuverable and has better handling.

# Cabin Protection

Nowadays, crumple zones are extremely important. In the event of an accident, these are the areas of the car that help absorb impact. These are the rocker panels.

In the event of a crash, they prevent the cabin from deforming. As a result, passengers have a better chance of coming out in perfect shape.

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# Ease of Access

Also, the rocker panels serve as steps for passengers and drivers. In trucks or jeeps with seats that are at a high level, this is even more important. This is beneficial to adults, children, and pets.

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How to Replace Cab Corners on a Vehicle (Full Guide)

You can easily replace cab corners if you have experience replacing them before. The following steps will help you install a new cab corner:

  • Step 1: Identify the part you need to replace.
  • Step 2: You should then determine where the part needs to be replaced.
  • Step 3:You can use a cut-off wheel or air saw to trim the patch panel after patching the area you wish to replace.
  • Step 4: Take off the damaged part of the vehicle.

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Here are the top questions people have about replacing rocker panels and cab corners: FAQs

Are rocker panels hard to replace?

Beginners shouldn’t attempt to replace their rocker panels, but with the proper replacement rocker panels and the right tools, it can be done. Your vehicle’s life will be extended by installing new rocker panels.

How long does it take to replace rocker panels?

Based on our current state, the inner and outer rockers will take at least 8 hours each. You have to remove the doors to get at things, but you must then reinstall them to align that sill piece with the bottom of the door.

Are rocker panels necessary?

Even though your rocker panels appear modest and are located on a wall, they have a very important function. The rocker panels are the only piece that actually links the front of the car to the rear. Along your car’s length, rocker panels provide rigidity and unity.

Do trucks need rocker panels?

Rocker panels, which are commonly found on cars and trucks with front and rear crumple zones, are essential for creating passenger cabin areas that do not deform in accidents the way hoods and trunks do.

Why is it called a rocker panel?

The rock deflector was originally called that. After running boards and standalone fenders went away with the development of bodybuilding techniques, rocker panels remained in use and now describe the lower bodywork between the wheel wells.

Why do car sills rust?

It happens due to blocked drainage holes on the roof, causing torrents of rainwater to inundate the rear sills and rear wheel arches, where it soaks into the interior of the car. In other words, after using the angle grinder to remove the outer layer of the wheel arch, the inner sill is exposed.

Why do rocker panels rust?

It is common for rocker panels to rust for a variety of reasons. Rocker panels regularly pick up debris while driving, causing the paint to chip away. The car’s engine area is also continuously exposed to chemicals and corrosive elements. As a result, the rocker panels rust over time due to all these factors.

Is it worth replacing rocker panels?

The tricky part is determining the value of replacing rocker panels. Hence, replacing one rusted rocker panel would be worthwhile. If both rocker panels have severe rust issues, you may want to think twice about getting them replaced. If you had to paint and repair it, you’d need a lot of money.

What is the inner rocker panel?

Between the front and rear wheel openings, the rocker panel is the sheet-metal surface below the door opening. The rocker panel consists of two parts, the inner rocker panel, and the outer rocker panel.

Why do cab corners rust?

Rust can occur for two main reasons. Having a double curvature causes it to thin out more, and being thinner, it rusts more quickly. Because of this, cab corners corrode faster.

“Final Cost Analysis” with Rocker Panels And Cab Corners Replacement 2023

If you follow the advice in this guide, you will be able to reduce the cost of replacing rocker panels and cab corners on your car. Let me know if you have any questions regarding this topic.

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