How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Motherboard on a PC?

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The motherboard is like the backbone of a computer. It is used to tie all the components together and help to make intercommunication between different components like CPU, GPU, hard drive, etc. You may be willing to replace your desktop motherboard and know about the cost factors.

If your desktop starts to boot but shuts down immediately, an increased number of windows errors or “blue screens of death”, frozen desktop, etc may mean that your motherboard is damaged and you have to replace or repair it immediately.

Here we are for you in this article that tries to give details about motherboard replacement costs for your desktop.

how much does it cost to replace a motherboard on a desktop
How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Motherboard on a Desktop

How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Motherboard on a Desktop?

According to 2022 estimates, replacing a motherboard on a desktop may cost you on average $150 to $800 depending on the model and the brand of the desktop. Motherboards for brands like Dell, HP, and Lenovo may cost you $150 to $400.

And it will be $300 to $800 much higher for replacing Mac’s motherboard. Besides you need to add another $20 to $100 of technician cost to the total cost.

PC Motherboard Replacement Cost Summary

We present a cost summary below that includes all the costs associated with replacing a motherboard in accordance with the estimates for 2022.

Types of CostPrice Range
Desktop Motherboard Cost$150-$400
Mac Motherboard Cost$300-$800
Technician Cost$20-$100
DIY Replacement Cost$20-$50

Top Motherboard Brands Cost Summary

There are two types of motherboards usually used in any normal desktop. It would be either an intel motherboard or an AMD motherboard. The popular manufacturer brands for normal motherboards are ASUS, GIGABYTE, MSI, and ASRock.

Below, I try to give the average motherboard price of these brands in the different online marketplaces.

Brand NamePrice Range
ASUS Motherboard$120-$800
GIGABYTE Motherboard$100-$400
MSI Motherboard$150-$500
ASRock Motherboard$100-$300

Many cost factors can affect the cost of changing the motherboard. The top eight influential cost factors for the desktop motherboard are given below:

1. Brand of the Product

The product cost mostly depends on the brand of the product. There are many famous manufacturer brands and they manufacture motherboards of different brands.

The price can vary from brand to brand. So, you have to consider the price depending on which motherboard brand you are selecting.

2. Model of the Desktop

Not every type on the motherboard is usable on every desktop. Motherboard types depend on the model of the desktop and the feature of the desktop. It can affect the total cost.

3. Location of Motherboard Replacement

If you want to buy it from any physical shop location will be a big factor to affect the price. The price of the product differs from place to place. Where there are many physical shops the price is comparatively low.

Also, the labor cost to replace the motherboard defends the availability of the labor and the availability of the is not the same in every place.

4. Type of the Motherboard

The type of motherboard also affects the price. The price of the basic model motherboard is not obviously the same as the advanced model motherboard. The advanced-level motherboard is more expensive because of its unique features and function.

The more features you add to your motherboard, the more money you will spend on it.

5. Professional Cost

If you want to replace the motherboard with any professional to do the job perfectly you have to hire a professional. In 2022, the professional can charge $20 to $100 to get the job done at any computer repair shop.

6. Types of Damage

Different kinds of damage need different kinds of repair tech. It will help the repair shop to diagnose the problem in a short time. There are mainly two types of damage. They are:

# Damage by Accident

The motherboard can be damaged due to short circuits, any physical breakage, overheating, and a broken power supply. These types of damages are very tricky and hard to recover. It will cost you more than the average cost to replace the motherboard.

# Damage by Water

Water is the enemy of any kind of electronic machine, gadget, or device. If somehow water goes into your gadgets it will damage the major components of your device. The water damage cost is very high because you can’t repair the damaged component. You have to replace it with a new one.

How to Save Money from Your Motherboard Replacement Cost 2022?

Maximum money from your budget goes to buy the new motherboard. The price of the product mostly depends on the model of your desktop or laptop. Different manufacturer brands have different price ranges. You can compare the price from different online shops and choose the best-fit one for you.

Many online shopping sites provide less expensive products than a physical shops. They have also a great variety of products with different qualities and prices. Many online shops give discounts on your purchase which reduces the motherboard cost.

Besides, you can save labor or professional cost if you are experienced enough to do it yourself. Later in the article, I’ll try to give a step-by-step process to replace it by yourself. Also, you will find many videos on google, youtube videos, and other sites about the process.

Can I Replace My Desktop’s Motherboard at Home? (DIY Guide)

If you are experienced enough and quite familiar with the replacement of any desktop components, you can replace the damaged motherboard with the new one by following some step-by-step processes.

  • Step 1: First, you have to open your desktop body with a screwdriver carefully.
  • Step 2: Then disconnect all the calves from the damaged motherboard and remove all the additional cards from it
  • Step 3: Use the screwdriver to remove screws from the damaged motherboard and remove it.
  • Step 4: If you want to reuse the CPU and the memory, remove it from the damaged one and install them with the new motherboard.
  • Step 5: Then you have to change the old back panel I/O template with the new one that is also given with the new motherboard.
  • Step 6 Then you need the remove the old mounting posts with the new ones to match the mounting hole on the new motherboard.
  • Step 7: It’s time to install the new motherboard and secure it with the screws.
  • Step 8: Reinstall all the additional cards and connect all the cables we removed in step 2.

Remember: You will need some different size screwdrivers to open damaged parts. Make sure you have enough time and patience to do it, it is quite time-consuming.

Top 8 Signs of Motherboard Failure that Needs Repairing or Replacement on your Desktop PC

Some common signs may indicate that your desktop’s motherboard needs to be repaired or replaced. If you face one of the problems that are given below, please call or visit any professional immediately.

  • Blue screen of death
  • Processor is freeze
  • Noisy operation
  • Lagging in the performance
  • No power on
  • Buring order
  • Device restarting randomly
  • Malfunction in the application

These are the major problems that indicate the problem in the motherboard. This can happen for many other reasons. It is safe to call a professional or visit a service center to find out the main source of the problem.

What is Better? Replace or Repair the Computer Motherboard?

This is the trickiest thing to clarify. Because it always depends on you but we can suggest you. The final decision is always the user or customer what they choose.

The cost of repairing the motherboard is less than the cost of replacing it. But the cost is not the only factor you also think about how long it can serve you after the repair and is it damages other parts.

May the replacement cost a little bit but it will sustain more than taking a repair option and it doesn’t hurt your machine’s other components. Motherboard Replacement can save you precious time and get rid of the hassle too.

Sometimes the repair cost is a little bit more than people think to replace the computer. If your computer is getting old and has a problem with the motherboard, it is better to replace the computer with a new one.

Last but not least, if you repair an aged device it can be damaged at any time. So it’s better to replace the aged device with a new one. Don’t forget to check the computer screen if it is cracked or broken. Learn about how much it cost to fix a laptop screen before you go out for a replacement.

5 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Your PC Motherboard in 2022

The motherboard is the spine of the computer. So you need to upgrade the motherboard. In this section, we’ll discuss the reason that will clear your doubt very easily.

  • To begin with, a faster CPU. When you replace your older processor with a newer one, however, you’ll notice massive gains. The upgrade requires a motherboard that is compatible with it.
  • Secondly for faster RAM. To upgrade to newer RAM modules, you will need a motherboard that can support them. For example, you cannot upgrade from DDR3 to DDR4 or DDR5 without replacing the motherboard and CPU first.
  • Thirdly, if you want to upgrade your graphics card then you have to upgrade your motherboard also. Neither it won’t perform perfectly. So, check the version first before you want any replacement.
  • Four, a damaged motherboard is not a common problem, but a significant one. You will have to go to the repair shop because of snapped pins, disconnected plugs, static electricity discharge, and other problems.
  • Finally, Fulfill the need for the new features. Most people do not consider motherboards as having exciting features. However, technological advances have been made in the world of motherboards. Therefore, you might want to upgrade your motherboard.

Important Tip: To know more about how to choose a motherboard for your computer, visit here. This guide will help you with which things you should consider before buying any motherboard.

Here are Some Randomly Asked Questions About (Desktop Motherboard Replacement) Answered: FAQs

Is it worth replacing a motherboard?

To be honest the replacement isn’t worth it at all. It is better not to place the motherboard with a large amount of money. Rather than you can replace your computer. It will save you valuable time and your money will be worth it.

Is it cheaper to repair or replace a computer?

The repair cost is always cheaper than replacing the computer. But if the repair cost is almost 50% to 75% of the replacement cost, then our suggestion is before making a decision you should consider your device’s age and condition. It will be better to replace the computer.

What causes the motherboard to fail?

As we mentioned earlier, many reasons can cause motherboard failure. But the most common reason for motherboard failure is Overheating. Overheating causes the motherboard to die.

How often do motherboards go bad?

It is an electronic circuit board and as an electrician gadget, it has a finite life span. Also, it can be damaged at any time before the lifespan is over. Normally if you use the computer carefully a good motherboard can go for more than fifty thousand hours of work time. After completing the life span it can be damaged at any time.

Can I upgrade a motherboard?

Sadly, you’ll probably need a new motherboard and RAM to go along with it. Simply swapping the same motherboard or CPU will solve the problem if your motherboard or CPU is malfunctioning. You’ll have to do some research first, though, if you are looking to upgrade.

Can a bad motherboard damage other components?

A motherboard controls the voltage and current that flows to your RAM and CPU. When you consistently low volt or overvolt these two things and something shorts, your machine will suffer damage. So it may harm the other components of the computer RAM and CPU.

Does a computer motherboard store data?

Your computer’s motherboard also contains its memory, which is a particularly fast form of data storage.

How much does it cost to replace the motherboard on the MacBook air?

New motherboards for MacBook air cost between $900 and $1100 in the current year. You can, however, save your money by having your MacBook air’s motherboard repaired for $300-$800.

How long can a computer motherboard last?

As a rule of thumb, PC motherboards can last for several months to decades. On average, they will last between 10 and 20 years according to a study. To ensure that your motherboard lasts as long as possible, you should avoid actions that will damage its hardware.

Do computer motherboards wear out?

Even though there are no moving parts, motherboards are very complex and delicate in their designs. The biggest reason for motherboard failure is that the capacitors deteriorate over time and become exhausted. Sometimes the capacitors will even leak, potentially damaging other hardware components.

How often do motherboards go bad?

A motherboard is an electric circuit. When taken care of properly, some motherboards will give you up to fifty thousand hours of use. When they reach the end of their useful lives, they do fail, and you may have to replace them or replace your computer.

What happens when I change my motherboard?

Hard drives store your files and operating system, so if you change your motherboard, you won’t lose any of your photos, windows, etc. You must back up your data, even clone the entire disk if you replace the hardware, such as a hard drive. You do not lose any data by switching motherboards. The hard drive will still contain all the data.

Can you replace the motherboard without reinstalling Windows?

There is usually no need to reinstall Windows 10 when you change the motherboard, but this does not guarantee that it will work properly. After switching to a new motherboard, it is always recommended to reinstall Windows from scratch to prevent hardware conflicts.

“Final Cost Analysis” for Desktop Motherboard Replacement 2022

This useful guide helps you reduce the cost of replacing your desktop motherboard by demonstrating all of the costs involved. Let us know how you manage and care for your desktop motherboard in the comments below.

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