How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Laptop Keyboard in 2024?

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The falling water can, over time, obstruct the movement of a laptop key or cause its circuit to malfunction. It can also happen because of dirt and dust or of the overuse of laptop keyboards. Clean the area underneath and around the key if it doesn’t work.

A damaged keyboard won’t function after the cleaning process. One or more of the keys can stop working properly or the entire keyboard due to a bad circuit board. It is necessary to replace the keyboard if the circuit board is at fault.

Do you have any idea about the cost to replace a laptop keyboard? If No, then stay with us. Together we will figure it out.

how much does it cost to replace a laptop keyboard
How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Laptop Keyboard?

How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Laptop Keyboard?

According to 2024 statistics, the average cost to replace a laptop keyboard is around $70 to $200. On average technicians will charge $60 to $70 (per hour).

If you don’t find an authorized service center then the estimated cost to replace a MacBook keyboard is anywhere from around $550 to $1,400. On average technicians will charge $120 to $160.

If you do it yourself, it will cut your cost by half. The average cost for DIY is approximately $40 to $80.

Laptop Keyboard Replacement Cost Summary

Here are the latest prices for replacing laptop keyboards for all types of laptops, such as MacBook, HP, Dell, Lenovo, and Acer. We also include the professional service charge and DIY cost to replace a laptop keyboard.

Type of ReplacementPrice Range
Keyboard Cost$50-$1,400
Labor Cost$60-$70 (per hour)
Professional Cost$70-$200
DIY Cost$40-$80

Know Laptop Keyboard Repair Cost-related Factors in 2024

The cost of replacing a laptop keyboard depends on a number of factors. First, you have to find the exact model according to your laptop model. Then you have to understand which brand we really want.

There are various types of keyboards in the market as standard, illuminated, or palm rest. You have to think about where you buy them. You can get a keyboard from a Supermarket or online shop or from a Retail shop.

Also, you can read about how to replace a laptop fan and how much it might cost you if you do so. When you go to buy this product you will see the differences in the price. After getting a suitable keyboard for the laptop you have to think about where you change it.

You have more than two options you can do it yourself or you can go to the IT service centers or get professional repair service and the service fee is changing. Not but least place has a great impact on price. You will see different states has different offering price.

These factors are changing day by day. Supply and demand have a great impact on the cost of replacing a laptop keyboard. But you have to find an affordable laptop repair shop where you can replace your defective laptop keyboard.

Types of Laptop keyboard

There are 3 types of keyboards you will find in the market, such as standard keyboard, illuminated keyboard, and palm rest keyboard.

A summary of the cost of the keyboard type

Types of keyboardPrice Range
Palm rest$50-$75

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How much does it cost to replace a laptop keyboard with a professional?

 If you want to do keyboard replacement by a professional or authorized service center, you have to pay a good amount for the service charge. The service fee varies from state to state.

In some states, you can pay $40 to $50 per hour, and in some other states, you have to pay $90 to $100 per hour. On average, you have to spend $60 to $70 on labor costs in 2023, according to the report. An average laptop keyboard replacement costs around $70 to $200

DIY Formula: Reduce Laptop Keyboard Replacement Cost

Most people are scared of doing this task. It’s not that critical we think. With a hook-mounted keypad, you can change it yourself easily. It’s easy, and you save a lot of time, as well as money. We will provide you with the whole process step by step in the last section of the content.

Let’s focus on the cost of DIY. The DIY average cost to install a new keyboard is approximately $40 to $80. With the saving money, you can give yourself a treat and enjoy the day.

How do you save money when replacing laptop keyboards?

You can save your money by doing it yourself by reading the repair manual. Labor costs are sometimes bigger than equipment costs. So you cut your cost in half by doing it yourself.

If you don’t want any hassle and fix the problem through a professional, then you need to know the labor rates. Labor rates vary from state to state even more shop to shop.

Justify the price and pay the actual price for the work. Find out the best suitable keyboard for your laptop at a cheaper price with better quality.

Top Laptop Keyboard Brand Cost Summary

MacBook Keyboard$550-$1,400
HP Laptop Keyboard$80-$150
Dell Keyboard$60-$140
Lenovo keyboard$55-$130
Acer keyboard$50-$150

How much does it cost to replace a MacBook or MacBook air keyboard?

Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider will give you a charge-free service if your MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro keyboards don’t respond correctly like keys are sticky or letters don’t appear or repeat unexpectedly.

The type of service will be determined after the keyboard is examined and may involve the replacement of one or more keys or the whole keyboard.

Unless you purchase the AppleCare+ extended warranty, replacing the keyboard on your MacBook Pro will set you back thousands of dollars. Are you still under warranty or do you have AppleCare+?

Approximately $125 will be charged to you. However, that includes only keyboards that have not been damaged by liquids. The cost of replacing the keyboard from Apple can range from $600 to $1300. It will depend on the size and condition of your laptop.

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How to Replace a Laptop Keyboard at Home?

You might think, what are the steps to replace a keyboard? Here is the step-by-step method of replacing your laptop keyboard

  • Step 1: The first step is to read and understand the service manual after purchasing the keyboard. Once the laptop is off, take the battery out and unplug it from the power source.
  • Step 2: Rotate the laptop so that the matrix is facing up. Then you need to remove all the screws from the back.
  • Step 3: After removing the screws, you only need to remove the keyboard. On the motherboard, you will find tape beneath the keyboard. Open the slot carefully and remove it.
  • Step 4: Follow the opposite procedure to mount the keyboard. Secure the tape with the lock by placing it in the socket.
  • Step 5: After that, place all the screws and hooks.

What do you think? Isn’t it easy? You can find a solution about how to repair your laptop key here.

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How to Choose the Right Laptop Keyboard in 2023?

In order to select the right model, we should decide the need for a replacement and determine the potential costs. There are three parameters to check when you buy a keyboard for your laptop. They are keyboard layout, hook, and tape.

  • Keyboard Layout: There are many editions of one model that differ in key layout. You have to find an identical one.
  • Hook: It’s crucial to have the hooks on the keyboard the same way that the keyboard has hooks on it. Otherwise, You won’t do it.
  • Tape: There must be a perfect match between the shape of the tape and the original model.

Important Note: If one of those parameters doesn’t fulfill the criteria, don’t buy the keyboard.

Now I’m answering the most common question people also ask about (Laptop Keyboard Replacement): FAQ

How much does it cost to replace a Dell laptop keyboard?

Dell is the most popular brand of laptop. Many people use their laptops. So the user asks about the cost to replace a dell laptop keyboard. The estimated cost to replace a dell laptop keyboard can cost you $60 to $140

How much does it cost to replace a Lenovo laptop keyboard?

Depending on the laptop model needed, the average cost to fix a Lenovo laptop keyboard is anywhere from $55 to $130. Remember, however, that not all laptop models are compatible with one keyboard.

How much does it cost to replace an Acer laptop keyboard?

Acer laptops are more durable than other laptops. But it also gets damaged by something. Sometimes they also need to change the keyboard if the individual unit occurs in a problem. The replacement keyboard isn’t that high.

The average cost to replace an Acer laptop keyboard is around $50 to $150. The cost varies because of the labor cost.

Can I replace my laptop keyboard with a backlit one?

Several LED-backlit keyboards are available for desktop computers, so installing one is easy. Laptops, however, have the option to either replace the old keyboard or buy a keyboard with a backlit keypad.

How much does it cost to replace an HP laptop keyboard?

HP laptop or dell laptop is known as a regular laptop. Their price range is very much affordable for classes of people. From friendly neighborhood laptops to high-end gaming laptops; you can get quality laptops from them.

It can cost anywhere from $80 to $150 to replace the keyboard on an HP laptop. Models, sizes, quality, etc., all play a part when replacing a laptop keyboard.

I hope you found this article helpful. Feel free to post your questions or comments about replacing a laptop keyboard. Keep in touch to find out more about computers, laptops, and gadgets.

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