How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Laptop Fan? [2022 Guide]

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Sometimes when you’re doing your work on a laptop, it turns hot and makes beeping noises, and suddenly shuts off. When you close your ear to the laptop, you’ll find that your laptop’s cooling fan isn’t working. because of the overheating, all the function isn’t working perfectly and it shuts off frequently.

In order to get a better experience, you need to replace your cooling fan. The majority of people don’t know what it takes. Here we will discuss the different costs and also look at it from different angles to make it as simple as possible for you.

how much does it cost to replace a laptop fan
How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Laptop Fan

How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Laptop Fan?

Laptop fans are cheap. You can purchase a laptop fan for $20 to $50. A professional technician takes $50 to $150 for labor costs to replace a laptop fan.

According to estimates, in 2022 the average cost to replace a laptop fan is around $70 to $200. If you do it by yourself it will cost you an hour and $20 to $50.

Laptop Fan Replacement Cost Summary

Here is the estimated cost of replacing your laptop fan. All the latest prices are given below

Type of ReplacementPrice Range
Fan Cost$20-$50
Labor Cost$50-$150 (per hour)
Professional Cost$70-$200
DIY Cost$20-$50

Check your laptop before replacing the fan if there’s a heating problem

Before spending, we need to check out everything is okay around the fan. It will save money and the good thing is you don’t have to change the laptop fan. What you need to check is given below:

  • Check the Ventilation: Laptops produce heat and require air to cool them. The sleek and slim casing of your laptop encloses many delicate components, which require efficient heat management. The finest laptop fan in the world won’t do any good if your vent is obstructed by books, blankets, or any kind of object. So you should inspect the ventilation process and if there’s any blockage just remove them.
  • Clean out dust and clogs: Your fan may have stopped working because of a blocked vent. Examine your laptop’s vent carefully. You may need to use compressed air to clean it if it’s clogged with pet fur or dust. One or two times a year, you should clean those dust particles.

Safety Note: Make sure that your laptop is turned off before inspecting the fan. After that, you can begin the inspection.

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What is the cost of a laptop fan?

Laptop cooling fans do not cost a lot. Different quality fans have different prices. A low-quality fan costs only $10 to $20 in recent years. Moderate or high-quality fans Cost $25 to $50.

If you have a good budget I suggest you go for a high-quality fan for your laptop. You’ll get the best speed performance and increase your productivity.

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What is the cost to replace a laptop fan?

Normally you can buy a laptop fan for $20 to $50 and the price doesn’t change that much. But labor costs vary from state to state. Time is also a factor because a professional charges hourly. According to the time needed to replace it, labor would cost $50 to $150.

The estimated cost for laptop fan replacement is anywhere near $70 to $200 total in 2022. On average a professional will take $50 to $150 for a laptop repair service.

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DIY Replacement: The most cost-effective way to reduce cost 

Laptop users face so many laptop issues frequently and the heating issue is one of them. To fix the problem you need to change the laptop fan. You can change it by yourself or you can take service from a professional.

The labor charge is very high. We will suggest you do it on your own if you want to save money. The average DIY can be anything from $20 to $50. 

You just need to have a laptop fan and a can of coke when doing it. A new fan will solve the problem and coke refresh your mind.

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How much does it cost to replace HP laptop cooling fan?

Clogged computer fans require cleaning. In most cases, computer fans aren’t that expensive ($20 to $50 and the price varies with laptop model), and most of the time it’s the labor that you’ll have to pay for.

The average price range for replacing an HP laptop cooling fan is around $99 to $175.

How much does it cost to replace a fan in my MacBook?

You’ll pay $90 to $100 an hour for labor, and you’ll have to pay parts and taxes as well. So all in all, Apple might charge you $150 to $250.

How much does it cost to replace Dell laptop cooling fan?

You can go to dealer shops or repair shops to replace dell’s cooling fan. You have to spend $120 to $200 to replace the dell laptop fan with a professional.

How can I reduce the cost of replacing my laptop fan in 2022?

The cost plays a big role. We try to give you all types of dimensional views so you can cut costs. You can decrease the cost by doing it yourself. It costs only a few dollars to buy a cooling fan. This way you can save $50 to $100 bucks

The dealership charges more than a local technician. You should avoid the dealer you want to replace your fan with a professional. Try to justify your near market. The price range will be different for similar kinds of services.

After examining the market, you can get the best service at a lower price. You can buy a cooling instead of replacing your fan. It will save money as well as time.

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What are the steps to replace the fan on your laptop at Home?

Those steps are very easy. You need a screwdriver to complete the whole process. Here’s the step-by-step guide on how you can replace a laptop fan.

  1. Power off the laptop.
  2. Then turn the laptop and unscrew all the screws from the back.
  3. Disconnect the base enclosure from the top cover.
  4. Remove the fan. If you want to remove the fan, disconnect the fan cable from its connector on the system board.
  5. Remove two head screws from the fan.
  6. Place the new fan into the position on the top cover.
  7. Place the two head screws and connect the fan cable.
  8. Replace the enclosure and screw in the back.

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I’m now going to answer the most common questions people asked about (Laptop Fan Replacement): FAQ

How do I know if I need to replace my laptop fan?

Since laptop fans control the operating temperature and directly influence the performance of the processor, it is necessary to replace or repair a broken fan immediately. A broken fan can cause a laptop to freeze or shut down and can even lead to more serious damage.

What causes laptop fans to stop working?

In the event of a malfunctioning laptop fan, the computer may overheat and even damage itself. Unfortunately, laptop fans not working is a fairly common issue, which can affect either a desktop computer or a laptop computer. Even after working for a long time and the laptop is hot, you can still not hear the fan working.

Why is my laptop fan so loud all of a sudden?

Laptop fans that spin continuously for a long time might be experiencing issues with the fan or overheating. To reduce internal temperatures, adjust the power settings, clean the fan vents, check for suspicious processes, and then update the BIOS.

How do I check my laptop cooling fan is working?

Start your computer. In most laptops, you can tell where a cooling fan is located and where it blows the hot air out. Listen for a fan up near that point on your laptop’s body. Usually, you can hear it running if it’s on.

Why does my HP laptop fan make so much noise?

During the course of time, dust and debris can build up around the air vents. The obstruction of airflow can cause an abnormal fan to run and laptops to become overheated. To fix the problem of the HP laptop’s loud fan, clean the air vents.

Are laptop cooling pads worth it?

A laptop cooling pad can solve your heat-related problems at an affordable price. Despite their limitations, these solutions are more affordable than a single PC game and can save a failing device.

Hope this article helps you. If you have any questions about the cost of replacing a laptop fan then leave your comment. Keep reading to learn more about laptops, pcs, and gadgets.

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