How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Laptop Battery? Best Tips

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For safety measurement, all the educational institutions and offices shift into the home. Home office and online classes are very popular nowadays. The demand and use of laptops are increasing. Battery life for laptops decreases with increased use.

If you use it frequently, the faster it drains. You might need to replace the battery on your laptop when this happens. Whatever brand or model you select, you’ll need a replacement eventually. A laptop battery replacement might seem expensive to you.

What is the Average Cost of Replacing a Laptop Battery?

how much does it cost to replace a laptop battery
How much does it cost to replace a laptop battery?

According to 2024 estimates, on average a laptop battery replacement can cost $50 to $200. Battery prices vary based on brand and type of laptop. The battery replacement cost for a Macbook will be higher than for any other brand such as HP, Dell, or Acer.

Laptop Battery Replacement Cost Summary

Detailed costs for replacing a laptop battery are provided below. (Including labor charge 2024)

Type of ReplacementPrice Range
Battery Cost$20-$200
Labor Cost$30-$50 (per hour)
Professional Cost$20-$200
DIY Cost$20-$50
Average Replacement Cost$50-$200

How You Save Cost When Replacing a Laptop Battery?

First, we suggest you do it own. Because there are so many videos you will find about replacing laptop batteries on the web or Google. If you choose to do it by labor, you are required to pay an additional $30 to 50 for battery replacement service in 2024.

No need to pay a high price for its laptop battery. In the market, the prices of batteries vary. You will find a cheap battery or an expensive battery.

Find cheaper 3rd-party battery options by searching on the web for your exact laptop model and exact price of battery. You can buy it at a reasonable price if you know the original battery price.

Top Laptop Battery Brand Cost Summary

MacBook Battery$129-$199
HP Battery$20-$145
Dell Battery$30-$120
Acer Battery$20-$105
Asus Battery$25-$125
Lenovo Battery$25-$200
Toshiba Battery$20-$100

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How much does it cost to replace a battery in a Macbook?

Mac laptops and batteries both have a very high price in the market. According to Apple’s official website, MacBook batteries generally cost between $129 and $199 depending on which model you own.

When a system is under warranty, it will be fixed by Apple technicians in the service center. If the system is out of Apple’s warranty, your warranty will be voided.

How much does it cost to replace a battery in an HP laptop?

The average cost to replace an HP laptop battery is between $20 to $145. Batteries range in price from $45 to $145 for a new one and $20 to $60 for an older version.

Typically, HP batteries have a low capacity after 3 years and that is not right. Though HP batteries aren’t too expensive either. Battery costs for the new HP Pavillion laptop are close to $30 to $40 as well.

How much does it cost to replace a battery in a Dell Laptop?

A replacement laptop battery can cost around $30 to $120 if it’s Dell. New batteries cost up to $120 while old versions cost up to $30. Dell laptop contains a lithium-ion battery, which provides the best long-lasting charge for about two years.

How much does it cost to replace a battery Acer Laptop?

The average price to replace an Acer laptop battery is $20 to $105. A new battery costs about $50 to $105 and an old version is about $20 to $50.

Acer has dominated this sector since the era of globalization. Their laptop battery is quite durable and gives the best battery performance for at least 2 to 4 years.

How much does it cost to replace a battery in Asus Laptop?

Asus laptop batteries typically cost $25 to $125. Battery replacements range from $55 to $125, whereas an old battery costs $25 to $60.

With this brand, you can choose from a large variety of laptops with different batteries. In general, the life of ASUS laptops is 8 to 10 hours.

How much does it cost to replace a battery in a Lenovo Laptop?

The battery replacement cost of a Lenovo laptop ranges from $25 to $200. Batteries cost between $30 and $200, and an old version costs between $25 and $70.

Lenovo has been making laptops for years now and offers a variety of models, along with a range of batteries. The battery lasts an average of 6 to 7 hours.

How much does it cost to replace a battery in Toshiba Laptop?

A new Toshiba laptop battery costs between $20 to $100. A new battery would cost $45 to $100 and an old version would take $20 to $30.

There are a lot of Toshiba laptop batteries available on the market. Due to the fact that some older Toshiba batteries might not be readily available, the seller may have to raise the prices. Beware of such frauds by checking online before shopping at such local markets.

What are the benefits of replacing a laptop battery?

Before you replace your laptop battery check your warranty status and privacy policy first. If you have applicable warranties then you can get them free. You will see some changes after replacing a laptop battery. You will have a better user experience but not like the original battery. 

First thing, you notice that the performance of your battery will increase. The battery is draining slowly and you get a 2-4 hour minimum backup easily. If you face any heating problem with the battery it will fix after the replacement of a new one.

You may find that your laptop shuts down automatically when you unplug it from the AC adapter. Similarly, if the problem is caused by the battery, it will be fixed.

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How to Perform a Laptop Battery Replacement at Home?

It’s an easy process. After purchasing the correct battery for your laptop, you can replace it yourself. The steps are as follows:

  • First, you need to create a battery report in the operating system you use about the battery issue.
  • Then you must remove all the connections linked to the power source. 
  • With the help of a screwdriver put off the back panel.
  • Take out the old battery.
  • Then you have to connect the new battery to the power source.
  •  After that place the back panel properly.
  • Test the performance of a new battery.

Note: If your laptop has a non-removable battery then you must go to the original device manufacturer.

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Important Cost Factors Regarding Laptop Battery Replacement in 2024

Each laptop battery has a unique number. You will see the laptop battery price on the list provided by the seller when you put all these numbers together. These numbers are calculated by using technical terms such as mAh, Watt, Voltage, or Number of individual Cells. Take a look at them.

  • Brands: The laptop market is full of different laptop brands. Every brand has its own specifications. Prices for these products vary depending on the specifications. Depending on the brand, the price of the laptop battery will vary.
  • Models: The different model of laptop has different requirements. So you have to choose the right battery according to your laptop’s exact model.
  • mAh (Milliamp Hours): It tells us the original storage capacity of the battery storage. You will see 3000 mAh or 5500 mAh written on the top of the battery. This number will tell you how long it lasts. The more the number of mAh capacity increases the more you have to pay.
  • Number of Cells: When comparing among batteries, you’ve undoubtedly heard of 4 cells, 6 cells, and even 9 cells. The capacity of each cell varies. For example, a particular model with 12 cells has about 50% greater capacity than the same model with 8 cells. Technically, the measurement of power it’s not easy but pricing is easy. You have to pay more if you need greater capacity.
  • Voltage (V): The power that your laptop consumes depends on how much electricity it consumes. Voltage is a way of measuring volume in this way. Different manufacturers produce different voltage-rating batteries. A single battery comes in multiple versions with varying voltage ratings. Price will vary with the voltage rating.
  • Whr (Watt Hour): A laptop’s energy consumption is measured in watt-hours. Take a look at the computer peripherals and devices to see how they rate. The number of watts consumed per hour is expressed in Watts/Whr. The unit of power consumption for an hour should be 1 Whr. A larger battery is required for laptops with a higher WHR rating, ultimately increasing their cost.

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How Do You Know if the Laptop Battery is Bad?

There are some symptoms you’ll notice on your laptop. When something goes wrong with your laptop battery. To enrich your knowledge we try to explain those symptoms. 


It is normal for the battery to generate a little heat when it is operating. Fans and heat sinks are designed to dissipate the excess heat generated by your laptop. With a dying battery, your computer is forced to work harder.

This produces more heat, which causes your fans to spin slower. You can hear some noise too. To check if your laptop is hot, feel the bottom of your laptop if there is excessive fan noise. 

Failing to Charge

Sometimes you will see that your better is failing to charge when you plugged in. Make sure you check all the connections and all the connectors before you come to a conclusion.

And if you have an old battery then replace it. After trying all the steps, if it doesn’t work, you will have to realize that your laptop battery is dead. You must need to replace them.

Short Run Time and Shutdowns

After unplugging your laptop, you will often notice that it shuts down suddenly. It sometimes shuts down after a few minutes of working without giving you any battery status warning.

Computers shutting off without notice can also indicate a faulty battery. However, faulty batteries are not the only thing to blame for crashes, and you should definitely check the battery if it suddenly fails to provide power.

Laptop Battery Replacement Warning

When batteries reach critical levels, Windows and Mac operating systems show an indicator. This is a warning of your battery’s bad health condition.

Three Major Safety Rules for Laptop Battery 2024

If you want your laptop battery to last longer, here are 3 tips you need to follow while using your laptop. Here are they:

  1. Make sure that after using any software you turn off the program. If more programs run at the same then it needs more power which can affect the battery.
  2. There are also other factors that affect average battery life, such as active Wi-Fi, the brightness of the screen, and watching continuous videos.
  3. By using a laptop as a primary desktop PC, the battery cycles may be wasted as it’s plugged in all the time. It doesn’t require a battery when plugged into an outlet. Thus by popping the battery out, your current battery’s life can be extended. You can quickly fix the battery when you want to go out.

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Now I’m answering the most common questions that people ask about (Laptop Battery Replacement): FAQ

Is it worth replacing a laptop battery?

It is inevitable that even a well-maintained laptop battery will eventually fail. Your laptop battery may have expired by the time it dies, which means it is time for a replacement. Even though battery death may seem sudden, it is not.

Can I replace the battery on my laptop?

Of course, you can. You just need to follow some quite simple steps. Your laptop can be powered by an AC adaptor until the battery is replaced.

Can the laptop battery be replaced?

Yes, you can change the batteries on your laptop. Here we provide the steps to help you install a new battery on your own if you’re unsure how to do it. In these steps, you will find out how to perform this repair quickly and efficiently, so that you can maximize the average battery life of your device.

Can I use a laptop without a battery?

Obviously, You can. In the absence of a battery, a laptop can still function. The battery must be removed and connected to the power supply for the machine to operate. It’s only that if you turn out the power, the laptop won’t shut down because there is no power backup, so it’ll shut down immediately and not interrupt the process.

Is it bad to leave your laptop plugged in all the time?

Proper care is essential if you want your laptop battery to last long. Plugging in your laptop all the time isn’t harmful to your battery. But you must keep in mind that related to a damaged laptop battery. Your laptop battery needs to be protected from heat and you should take steps to prevent it.

How many hours we can use a laptop continuously?

It’s all up to you. Because there are trade-offs to consider when using your laptop all the time. You have to sacrifice your laptop battery’s health. Laptops that are regularly used 24/7 will lose their shape sooner than they would otherwise. But this matter is much more complicated than we think. 

Does replacing the laptop battery improve performance?

Laptop performance is not affected by a bad battery. The only effect it has on the computer, however, is that its lifespan is reduced. The battery on your laptop is either very low or at a critical level, making your computer only run on battery power.

What is the average life of a laptop battery?

In 2-3 years, laptop batteries tend to lose their performance. Laptop batteries are typically good for almost 400 to 80 full recharges. As a result, they are unable to hold the charge for very long. With this, the same battery that previously powered the device for four to five hours can now keep it charged for one to two hours.

How long should a laptop battery last after each charge?

Laptop batteries have an average life of 2 to 6 hours after a full charge and being unplugged from the power adapter. The time is determined by the battery, capacity level, age, and use of the device. As batteries age, their capacity diminishes. Over time, it continues to decline and won’t last as long as it did before.

Our goal is to present every aspect of the cost to our audience so that you can reduce the cost of replacing your laptop battery. Let us know how you manage your laptop battery by leaving a comment.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this article. Also, you can learn about how I replaced my laptop keyboard very easily here. Keep safe and have a wonderful day.

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