How Much Does it Cost to Refelt a Pool Table? [2022 Guide]

Pool tables, believe it or not, maybe beneficial to your health and well-being. Playing pool, like walking, can help you burn calories. It stimulates the brain and promotes excellent concentration abilities. Pool tables are an investment that will last for a long time.

Consider refinishing your pool table if you want to get the most out of your investment. When we think about refinishing, the issue of how much would it costs to refelt a pool table comes to mind. We’ll break down the expense of refelting a pool table in this post.

How Much Does it Cost to Refelt a Pool Table
How Much Does it Cost to Refelt a Pool Table

How Much Does it Cost to Refelt a Pool Table?

The cost of refelting a pool table ranges from $290 to $610 in 2022, depending on the size of the table. Here the replacement cost of the billiard cloth, staple removal, felt installation, and leveling are included here.

If you replace the bumpers at the same time, you’ll have to pay an additional $60 to $220, plus $255 to deconstruct, transport, and reinstall. If you want to go for the DIY process, you can buy a pool table felt for anywhere from $135 to $340. The price of the felt depends on the quality.

The average cost of installing a pool table is $130, with sophisticated versions costing $285. A regular tune-up and service call will cost you around $95 if you are unsure of the repairs your pool requires. You’ll also find out if your slate pool table is one piece or three pieces during a tune-up.

Pool Table Refelting Cost Summary

Estimated costs for recovering or refelting a pool table in 2022 are as follows:

Pool Table Bumper Felt$60-$255
Pool Table Installation$120-$285
DIY Table Refelting Cost$135-$340
Average Pool Table Refelting$290-$610

Pool Table Felt Replacement Costs for Different Size Table

Refelting a 7-foot pool table costs $275 to 470, while refelting an 8-foot pool table costs $280 to 530, according to Homeguide. The cost of additional feet varies depending on the type of cloth, ranging from $10 to $50.

In other words, the higher the quality of the cloth you pick, the higher the cost. When you go to the store, there are so many different types of cloth to choose from. We divided them into three groups. They are good, better and best

We try to offer a range of pool table sizes and varieties in a single table down below.

Table SizeIn MeterGoodBetterBest
7-foot Table2.1m$275$380$470
8-foot Table2.4m$280$390$530
9-foot Table2.7m$290$410$580

Average Pool Table Felt Installation Cost of 2022

How much you have to pay for the installation procedure is determined by the fabric quality. The cost of labor is quite consistent. Pool table cloths are available in a variety of materials and costs, ranging from $140 for Teflon felt to $345 for a high-quality worsted cloth.

If you want to get the best pool table felt, you should consider its quality. However, you don’t have to use the cheapest felt available. If properly cared for, a decent pool table felt can last up to ten to twelve years.

For our audience’s better understanding, own the below there a price list of felt and the breakdown of the overall price into a single section.

Felt TypeFabric CostLabor CostTotal Cost
8FT Championship Invitational Teflon Felt (Cloth)$140$135$275
8FT Proline 303 Teflon Felt (Cloth)$170$135$295
8FT Proline 404 Felt (Cloth)$175$135$310
8FT ProForm Felt (Cloth)$225$135$360
Simonis 860 Felt (Worsted Cloth)$325$135$460
8FT Simonis 760 Felt (Cloth)$330$135$465

How to Repair Pool Table Felt in an Easy Way?

Most pool firms do not provide billiard table felt repair services since replacing the felt is typically quicker and more cost-effective. Felt mending can be difficult since the cloth must be kept smooth and level. It’s also conceivable that the harm goes beyond what you can see.

Self-adhesive felt patches may be found for $8 to $12 at any internet store. The remedy is quick and inexpensive, but it isn’t perfect. The fact that the patch isn’t exactly flat may cause problems with the balls.

If you have strong sewing abilities, you may repair the damaged cloth using a thread and needle. After that, smooth it out with a hot steam iron.

Customized Pool Table Felt and Billiard Cloth

Pool table felts made to order are a terrific way to show off your personal flair. You may customize the felt cloth in any manner you choose. You may put your company logo or artwork that speaks to you on the wall.

For a 7-ft or 8-ft table, a custom-made felt replacement can cost up to $655. Pool tables up to 9 feet in length may cost up to $810. The size of the artwork and the colors used, for example, have an impact on the final pricing of custom-made felt.

Coin-Operated Pool Tables Average Cost

Replacement felt expenses for coin-operated pool tables are the same as for non-coin-operated pool tables. The average price per hour is $400. It might cost anything from $300 and $620. Coin-operated pool tables require more frequent refelting because of their high usage and position in public settings.

Replacement Cost of Pool Table Bumper Felt

The cost of replacing the felt for pool table bumpers ranges from $70 to $190. These costs are in addition to those incurred when the table was refelted. Since everything has been removed, replacing the bumpers at the same time as the playing surface makes logical.

Top 3 Pool Table Felt Replacement Cost Factors in 2022

In order to determine prices, a variety of factors are involved. In this section, we’ll discuss the three major factors involved in the cost factor. the types of pool table felt, labor cost, and pool table size.

1. Types of Pool Table felt

Polyester and wool or nylon and wool are the most common materials used to make billiard table felt. A pool table felt’s quality, manufacturing process, and weaving process determine the difference between them. 

This type of cloth is usually referred to as worsted or woolen cloth. Which cloth you choose depends on your budget and your playing goals. 

2. Labor Cost

Another major factor is the labor cost. It can be quite challenging to refelt a pool. Therefore, you should hire a professional. The average cost of professional pool table refelting is about $135. This involves disassembling, reassembling, and leveling. Obviously, every company is different, and if extra work is required, they will charge more.

3. Pool Table Size

You can differentiate the pool table by its size. The common type is the 7-foot Pool Table, 8-foot Pool Table, and 9-foot Pool Table. 9-foot one known as a professional table. A larger table costs more than the smaller one.

A Guide to Common Types of Pool Felt in Recent Times

When you go to the market and check the types of pool tables. You’ll find out interesting things about the felt that there are mainly two types of felt you will find -napped and worsted. There are many different brands of pool table felt, but each brand falls into one of the two types.

Napped comes first. This is the most common felt type. This felt is very cheap in price. You’ll find this kind of felt on your friend’s home pool tables, pool tables in a bar, or coin-operated pool tables. It has a nap to it, which means it has a directional feel – if you run your hand over it, you’ll see the path your hand left behind

Worsted is the standard one. Professional pool tables use this kind of felt. This type of felt is more expensive. Normally homeowners don’t use this kind of felt because of the price. Worsted felt is a flat weave of the cloth, and because there is no nap, the ball travels faster. the ball will travel slower on this cloth.

When to Change Your Pool Table Felt?

Depending on how frequently you use your pool table, the felt will wear out faster or slower.  As a result, you won’t be able to set a reminder in your calendar to replace it. Keep a watchful eye on the felt you’re using.

Here are a few indicators that it’s time to upgrade.

  • If it appears to be loose in any way.
  • On the material, there are scuffs, nicks, rips, and scratches.
  • You’ll notice ball burns and tracking markings evident.
  • The ball may roll slowly, and change direction abruptly.
  • You’ll be shocked by seeing that the ball loses velocity during gaming.
  • When you touch the felt, it also feels scratchy.
  • The material has a fuzzy or hairy feel to it.
  • The cloth wrinkles, bunches, or moves as a result of your touch.

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Can You Refelt Your Own Pool Table? (DIY Facts)

Because a pool table is such fragile and expensive equipment, it is critical not to harm it. If you decide to take the DIY way, keep these suggestions in mind to prevent wasting time and money:

  • The first step is to calculate how many outfits you’ll need by measuring your pool table.
  • The size of your pool table will determine this.
  • You may take your measurements to a felt shop but bear in mind that different felts might cost anywhere from $55 to $230 or more.
  • You never know when you’ll need an additional length, so it’s always a good idea to stock some.
  • After removing the old felt, make sure there are no creases or lumps remaining.

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10 Simple Steps Involved to Refelt Your Pool Table at Home

We strongly advise against going with the DIY option. You can end up causing more harm than good. If you’re a seasoned veteran who’s done it before, this guide will assist you in memorizing the general procedure.

We divided the total procedure into many steps. This makes it easier for readers to comprehend the process.

  • Step 1: Remove the staples from the bookcase rails.
  • Step 2: You can get one for about $30 and $35.
  • Step 3: Place the felt on the table, but first check for chips, since you may need to add filler to the chips.
  • Step 4: Before cutting the felt, inspect it for defects or irregularities.
  • Step 5: Make sure the felt is 25 inches wider and longer than the table’s actual measurements when purchasing it.
  • Step 6: The pocket on the pool table cushions has a curved shape.
  • Step 7: As an added advantage, if your felt has a few defects or oddities, bear in mind that the corners will be protected by a pocket protector, hiding any flaws or anomalies.
  • Step 8: Make sure the pool table rail’s edge is parallel to the cushion, and smooth out any creases.
  • Step 9: Staple the felt to the rails after the glue is dried.
  • Step 10: After the felt has been stapled around the table, clip off the excess using a razor blade or scissors.

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Pool Table Recovering Packages for 2022

A pool table is costly to repair. But this game is quite popular in the modern world. There are so many service providers in the market. So they came up with many offers to satisfy the customer. You can easily find so many pool table websites that provide some amazing offers for recovering the pool table.

In this section, you’ll find out some packages popular in the market.

Package DetailsPrice Range
Assemble Used Table Cost$260-$320
Assemble Used Table & Refelting$310-$410
Refelting & Tune-up Cost$300-$450
Refelting & Tune-up & Rail Replacement$520-$700
Moving & Reassemble & Refelting$500-$750

DIY Cost of Refelting a Pool Table Yourself

Taking the DIY route will save labor costs, but you’ll still need to invest in a few tools. Local hardware stores have most of these tools. Prices are listed below.

Item NamesPrice Range
Fabric Scissors (Cutter)$11-$22
Spray & Contact Adhesive$17-$32
Staple Puller Cost$22-$35
Ratchet & Sockets$30-$85
Staple Gun & Staples$40-$110
Pool Table Cloth Cost$60-$350

10 Tips to Prolong the Life of Pool Table Felt: The Ultimate Guide

It’s great if you use your pool table a lot. Meaning you get the most for your money. But you will also have to replace the felt more quickly. On a pool table, the balls, chalk, and felt all interact, eventually wearing out the felt.

In order to help you maintain the quality of your felt for as long as possible, we have put together this list of best practices.

  • Protect the pool table when it isn’t in use with a cover.
  • Clean it regularly with a brush.
  • You can remove chalk from a table with a vacuum and an upholstery brush.
  • Keep drinks and food away from the table.
  • Be careful when you scoop.
  • Keep pets off the table.
  • Avoid drawing on the table.
  • Take care to keep the billiard balls clean.
  • Make sure the rails are clean. 
  • You should also remember that sunlight dries the felt.

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What to Consider When Hiring a Profession to Refelt Your Table in 2022

When looking for a refelting service, there are a few things to keep in mind. Here are they:

  • Especially since they’ll be working inside your home, make sure they’re a trusted company with insurance to protect both you and them.
  • There are many pool table service companies that are certified to work on pool tables from manufacturers. Certification is not a necessity, but it is ideal.
  • If your pool table is different from other pool tables or at least similar ones, you should make sure they have experience refelting it.
  • Look at customer reviews for more information. Other things to look for include upfront pricing, professionalism, and cleanliness.

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Other Pool Table Repair Costs

Pool table repair costs can run between $210 and $720 in 2022. These depend on the nature of the job and what is being repaired such as bumpers and rails, refinishing, leveling, dismantling, hauling, and reassembling.

Sometimes we have other problems with our pool table. For this, we try to provide a list of pool table repair costs.

Service & Packages Average Cost
Service & Tune-Up$70-$200
Dismantle Cost$205-$250
Installation Cost$245-$370
Leveling Cost$250-$380
Refinishing Task$300-$400
Assembly + Moving$310-$425
Rail Replacement Cost$320-$470

Here are some questions frequently asked by people about (Pool Table Refelting) that are Answered: FAQs

How long does the pool table felt last?

If you’re a pool freak and you play pool every day, a pool felt is typically expected to last 3.5-6 years. If you don’t play every day or almost every day, you can expect your felt to last twice as long. Keeping your pool table well maintained and playing pool frequently will prolong its life.

Do you tip pool table installers?

It’s all up to your satisfaction. If their service is top-notch then tip can be great anticipation. Moving industry-standard tips range between 10%-20% of the total move price. For items such as pianos, hot tubs, and pool tables, disassembling and reassembling furniture, or packing for you, you should tip more.

How tight should the pool table felt be?

Standard pool table felt is stapled every inch or two. Avoid wrinkles when covering rails. You can make a winkle under the rail if the surface is smooth and tight.

How do you fix a small tear in the pool table felt?

Don’t take too much pressure if your pool table has a little rip. You have to start by threading the curved needle with the felt thread. Next, insert the curved needle about an inch away from the repair. Finally, run the needle around 1/8 inch down the right border of the tear in the felt.

Can you iron the pool table felt?

Yes, you can. But for this first, you have to finish brushing and blocking the pool table felt. Then use iron gently to keep the table’s nap. Set your iron in extremely low heat and no steam.

What are the different sizes of pool tables?

Typically, pool tables come in sizes of 9 feet (2.7 m), 8.5 feet (2.6 m), 8 feet (2.4 m), and 7 feet (2.1 m). There is always a 2:1 ratio (e.g. 9 x 4.5 ft) on the table.

What is the best felt for pool tables?

In our opinion, the best pool table felt for professional games is the Proform High-Speed Professional Pool Table Cloth. To get the best results, professional tables come with worsted playing surfaces. As it is worsted, it provides a durable and valued playing surface.

Which side of the pool table felt is up?

Cover the slate with the bedclothes, and play side up. The remaining cloth will be hung on the foot end and right side. Leave only enough cloth at the head end and left to allow tracking. The cloth should be stapled securely to the slate frame with 4 staples approximately 1 inch apart at 1.

Can I wash the pool table felt in a washing machine?

No matter how delicate the fabric is, it can still be machine washed. The key is not to overdo it. Make sure you wash in cold water and set the cycle to gentle. Make sure that the water fills up only enough to fully submerge the felt, not more. This way you can easily wash them.

How tight should the pool table felt be?

On average, staples are spaced about one inch apart on a pool table. When covering rails, it is important to ensure that there are no wrinkles. As long as the rail is smooth and tight on top, it doesn’t matter how many wrinkles are underneath.

Can you restretch the pool table felt?

You can restretch very easily but not over. It is common for us to pull on the felt a half-inch or so beyond the previous stretch. The felt will remain tight without over-stressing its wool and nylon fibers.

Can you reuse pool table felt?

You can reuse the felt if it is in good enough condition if your table has been used frequently. If it hasn’t been used much you may wish to use new felt. You will need to take off the pool table felt. After dyeing it, clean the damaged areas and reinstall it.

“On a Final Note” with Pool Table Refelting in 2022

In this way, I hope you will find this tip helpful in reducing the cost of refelting a pool table efficiently. We would like to hear about your experience with a pool table felt replacement if you have any questions. Our other articles about costs related to indoor sports and outdoor sports can also be found here.

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