How Much Does it Cost to Paint Rims? 2023 Updated Guide

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The automobile is often regarded as a reflection of you and your personality. You need to regularly maintain your vehicle in order for it to continue to perform smoothly. There are several factors that can make your rims look ugly, such as brake dust, curb rubbing, and off-road driving.

You can paint the rims and wheels of your car. It will add an extra bit of class and style to it. But You don’t have any idea of the cost to paint rims. In this article, we are breaking the cost to you so that you can estimate it easily.

How Much Does it Cost to Paint Rims or Wheels?

The estimated cost for painting your alloy wheels or having a full alloy wheel powder coating is about $100 to $200 per wheel by a professional. If you do it yourself (DIY), it will cost around $40 to $100 in 2023.

How Much Does it Cost to Paint Rims
How Much Does it Cost to Paint Rims

Paint Rims Cost Summary

You have to consider two things when you estimated the paint rim’s cost. You can hire a professional to do the job, otherwise, you can do the paint yourself. Here is the comprehensive price list of the total cost of painting rims:

Type of CostPrice Range
DIY Cost (per sq ft)$17.94
Professional Cost (per sq ft)$107.43
Total DIY Cost$40-$100
Total Professional Cost$500-$1,000

How Much Does it Cost to Paint Rims by a Professional?

There is a wheel refinishing shop where professional wheel specialists will check the entire wheel. They will do wheel repair (if need) and wheel paint. Compare prices with multiple painters before you hire one to make sure you get a quality paint job at the best price.

According to the Auto Market data in 2023, It costs about $100 to $200 to paint your alloy wheels or to have the wheels powder coated professionally. A professional company will charge $135+ for each wheel if you hire them.

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Professional Cost for Square Foot Average to Paint Rims in 2023

Sometimes professionals charge in square feet. For your help, we will show you the full method of calculating.

If you are painting 16” tires, there are 1.3963 square feet in each rim. 1.3963 x 4 tyres = 5.5853 square feet. If each will paint costs $150, you will pay $600 in total. $600/5.5853= $107.43 per square foot.

Auto Cost Calculation, 2022

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DIY Cost: Average Cost to Paint Rims if you Do it Yourself

You only need 3 to 4 hours to paint your wheels yourself. It will save a lot of money. You need to know the basic painting process. There are three common ways; you can give a good look at your car. They are:

  1. Plastidip.
  2. Rhino liner spray.
  3. The common Primer Coat + basecoat + clear coat.

Paint material and paint quality are a matter of concern in this way. You can save money by using low-quality paint materials, but they won’t last as long as high-quality paints. 

You can paint your rims with cans of spray paint. You need 4 to 6 cans to paint all the rims. Each will cost $25. The average cost in 2023 for painting rims by yourself is around $40 to $100.

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DIY Average Cost for Per Square Foot to Paint Rims in 2023

Calculate the cost per square foot if you decide to paint yourself.

DIY Cost: Using 4 rhino liner spray cans at a cost of $25 each, you will spend $100 on paint. $100/5.5853= $17.904 per square foot.

According to Auto Market Data, 2022

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Paint Rims Materials Cost Summary

Here is the total price list of the estimated cost for using different materials to paint rims:

Type of MaterialCost of Materials
Spray Paint Designed for Wheels$60-$70
Truck Bed Liner$70-$80
Plasti Dip$85-$90
Powder Coat$150-$250

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Different Materials Estimated Cost to Paint Rims

In the market, you will find so many paint materials for rims. Let’s take a look at the price of materials one by one which may help you in decision making.

  1. Plasti Dip: Plasti Dip usually costs around $22 a can. The project requires four cans. The total is 88 dollars.
  2. Powder Coat: Powder coats are the best paint to use on wheels and calipers. The paint is electrostatically applied and then cured with heat, rather than being sprayed with a can. Since powder coat bonds differently to wheels, it makes cleaning brake dust easy.
    • You’ll need a powder coat paint gun that typically costs $100 or more for a decent one, in addition to the actual paint which isn’t even that expensive ($20 to $25 for a gallon). In our estimation, if you do not have any of the right tools, a DIY powder coating costs nearly $150 to $250.
  3. Spray Paint Designed for Wheels: Cans of high-gloss Dupli-Color wheel paint are $15 apiece. The cost of four cans of paint is $60. For making wheels that shine, glossy black color is a perfect choice.
  4. Truck Bed Liner: A truck bed liner offers a more durable, textured surface than regular paint. Compared to plasti dip, the cost of one 32-ounce can is significantly less. It will cost $30 for each Rust-Oleum Truck bed Coating. Two cans will be sufficient to cover 35 square feet.

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2023 Estimated Total Cost of Labor for Rims?

Here is a detailed labor cost breakdown for painting rims for the current year:

  • DIY Labor Cost: We estimate a complete set of rims to take 3 to 4 hours to paint. To paint, you only need a few basic skills. It will save more than five hundred bucks compared to hiring a professional team. 
  • Professional Labor Cost: Expect to pay $500 to $1,000 for a quality painter to handle the job completely. They take 2 to 3 hours to complete the work.

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How to Save Money When Painting Rims?

There are several ways to save money. You just need to open your eyes. The best way to save your money is to paint your rims by yourself. You just need to know the exact process. You will find so many tutorials about this topic on the web.

Several stores offer cheaper prices than others. You choose the one which matches your budget. It is better to borrow the equipment for rims painting rather than to buy it. You can also read how much does it cost to straight pipe a car?

How to Paint Rims by Yourself at Home 2023?

Here is the step-by-step guide of paint rims by yourself that you can easily do in your garage:

  • Step 1: First, you need to wash the rims. In some cases, removing the tire is necessary but more often than not, it is not.
  • Step 2: Our next step is to brush away dirt and debris.
  • Step 3: Preparing chrome wheels for paint is easy with a drill-attached wire brush. If your wheels are older, use 80-grit or 220 grit sandpaper to smooth out the surface with a plastic-bristled brush scrubber.
  • Step 4: Tape, paper, index cards, or playing cards can be used to cover up the tire before spraying.
  • Step 5: Start by filling cracks that are more difficult to reach before covering other exposed surfaces.

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Guide on: How Much Does it Cost to Get Rims Painted?

Brake dust is the main issue to affects Rims. You’ll see that your brakes are covered with dust over time, which will mark the rims and make them look dirty. To get some fresh air sometimes we head to driving off-road. Driving off-road can also dirty your rims and end up wearing them out over time.

At that time it doesn’t look good and you want to sell your car. There are options to make the car great again. After those few repairs, you can the car in good condition. Then the resell value will also increase and we can earn profit. 

To make the car great again you have two options. One is to Paint the rims and another one is to replace them with new ones. Here you can also find a solution about how you can paint your car bumper easily with the estimated cost.

There are many kinds of rims in the market. Maybe your car is made from alloy, cast aluminum, or chrome. Alloy wheels or rims have a big advantage over others. You don’t need to purchase a new one if your rims are made of alloy. Repaint them and it will give the car a fresh look. 

Most people don’t have luxurious cars. So they use cheap chrome wheels. These types of rims get damaged so easily. We need to rebind them first then repaint the rims.

You can go to an auto shop to paint your rims. Or you can cut the cost of labor and do it by yourself. Our goal is to provide a comparative review of the cost of hiring professionals vs. doing it yourself.

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Now I’m answering the most common question that people also asked about (Rims Painting): FAQs

Should I paint my rims or buy new ones?

Basically, if you like the shape of the OEM wheels and simply want a different color, then you can paint them. Buying a new one will give you a different look. The quality of OEM products varies.

How much does it cost to paint your rims matte black?

The cost of a wheel typically ranges between $50 and $75. The only option is a powder coat. Over the long run, the paint will not last.

How long does Plasti Dip last?

Plasti Dip lasts for at least three years if cared for properly. You should follow the process correctly that can allow avoiding retouching.

Can I spray paint my rims?

As much as you like, spray paint makes customizing your rims easy and affordable.

How long does it take for painted rims to dry?

Once you have applied your final coat and waited 15 minutes, let your paint job dry for at least 24 hours. More to know how the car speed matters to your car’s overall performance.

When the wheel has dried completely, carefully peel off the masking tape. Taking the right steps will make painting your wheel’s rims an easy and cost-effective process.

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DIY is the cheapest route for painting rims, but a professional will guarantee the job is done correctly and to your satisfaction. What do you think? Write in the comment section. Thank YOU so much.

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