How Much Does it Cost to Paint a Pool? [2022 New Guide]

Today’s hectic lifestyles and schedules make it difficult to find quality time with loved ones. Having a pool in your backyard provides an enjoyable area for the whole family, regardless of age. If you live in a hot state like Florida, Hawaii, Texas, and Arizona in the United States of America, a pool might provide a refreshing feeling.

When you use the pool on a regular basis, it becomes dirty. As with any other part of the house, it needs to be kept up to look its best. Paint on a pool can flake or peel over time. As a result, you have to paint the pool. We will discuss briefly the cost of painting a pool in this article below.

How Much Does it Cost to Paint a Pool
How Much Does it Cost to Paint a Pool?

How Much Does it Cost to Paint a Pool in 2022?

Painting a swimming pool costs anywhere from $600 to $1,500, depending on how big your pool is and what materials you need. According to our estimates, you need to spend $2 to $4 per square foot to paint a pool in 2022.

Because the cost of labor and the cost of the product went up, the cost went up as a whole. Large swimming pools can cost up to $2,000 to $10,000. Labor can charge $450 to $600 to do the job, but it’s not set in stone.

You have to spend $600 to $700 on the material, and you have to spend $80 to $100 on the instruments to make it. To do the work, labor will take 3 to 5 hours. But it will take 7 to 10 days for the clothes to dry completely, though.

Pool Painting Cost Summary

According to the estimations for 2022, the following is the total cost of painting a pool:

Per Sq foot Cost$2-$4
Equipment Cost$80-$100
Labor Cost$450-$600
Material Paint Cost$600-$700
Regular Size Cost$600-$1500
Large Size Average Cost$2,000-$10,000

Painting Cost of Different Types of Swimming Pools 

There are primarily five different types of in-ground swimming pools that you may see. Each one differs from the others in terms of shape and size, and the price of the painting varies as well.

Here are their name and the costs associated with painting:

Pool NamePainting Price
Dunk Pool$580-$1,100
Concrete Pool$600-$1,150
Vinyl Pool$650-$1,200
Shipping Container Pool$700-$1,500
Fiberglass Pool$1,000-$4,000

Different Pool Paints Average Cost & Durability

There are various pool paints on the market. But three are long-lasting and known for pools. These are epoxy, rubber, and acrylic swimming pool paints.

To the right of their price list, you’ll see the following:

Pool Painting Types Each PriceDurability
Epoxy Pool Paint$270-$3507-10 yr
Rubber Pool Paint$200-$3005-9 yr
Acrylic Swimming Pool Paint$160-$2802-3 yr

Average Pool Painting Cost by Size in 2022

The larger the swimming pool, the more expensive it is to paint it. Because the per-square-foot method is the most commonly used to estimate total costs.

The following is a breakdown of the costs of pool painting based on size:

Pool SizeTotal Cost
100 sq ft$200-$400
200 sq ft$400-$800
300 sq ft$600-$1,200
400 sq ft$800-$1,600
500 sq ft$1,000-$2,000
800 sq ft$1,600-$3,200
1000 sq ft$2,000-$4,000
1200 sq ft$2,400‬-$4,800
1500 sq ft$3,00‬0-$6,000
1800 sq ft$3,600-7,200
2000 sq ft$4,000‬-$8,000
2500 sq ft$5,000‬-$10,000

Note: This cost may increase if you add extra design there.

How to Calculate Pool Painting Costs in an Easy Way 2022?

Most people don’t have any idea of how to calculate the costs of painting a pool. Though it’s a little bit complicated term. We try to explain it as simply as we can. Hope you will understand it very easily.

First, determine the square foot area to be painted. Here length is L, width is W and depth is D.

Calculate the following:

First, you have multiple (L x W), (L x D x 2), and (W x D)

Then add all three numbers together for the Total Area.

Next, to determine the number of 1-gallon kits needed to paint the Total Area, divide by 320 (the average coverage rate of our paint) and multiply by 2  (because you will need two coats).

Total Area/320 x 2 = number of gallon kits needed (round up).

For example, a pool that is 28 feet by 14 feet with an average depth of 5 feet will be calculated as follows:

28  x 14 = 392 sq ft; (L x W)

28 x 5 x 2 = 280 sq ft; (L x D x 2)

14x 5 x 2 =140 sq ft; (W x D)

Total Area = 812 sq. ft.

To determine the number of 1-gallon kits needed:

812/320 = 2.54x 2 = 5.08gallons

So, we would round up and recommend six 1 gallon kits. This way you can easily calculate it.

Three Major Factors that Affect Pool Painting Overall Costs in 2022

There are three significant aspects that influence the final cost of the project. Material costs, labor costs, and instrument costs are all included.

1. Material Cost

Material means paint you choose to paint your pool. Half of your overall cost depends on material costs. There are several types and qualities of paint available in the market and their price vary from one another.

Buy the most durable one. Don’t compromise the quality. Make sure you choose a good quality product for your pool.

2. Labor Cost

Following that is the labor cost. Additionally, it covers half the expense. This cost varies by location. If your area lacks sufficient skilled pool painters, you will have to pay more. Though if you do it yourself, the expense is zero.

However, you cannot obtain the highest quality of painting with the DIY method. They will be discussed in greater detail in a subsequent section.

3. Equipment Cost

You also need to purchase some of the basic elements paint roller set: paint roller, sleeve, tray, paintbrushes, radiator brush, interior paint primer, etc. Though you have taken some other factors into account for consideration.

As is the case with subsurface moisture, which may necessitate further preparation work. You have discovered the potholes and inaccessible spots.

If there is a crack or damage, repairs or pool care expenses will apply, such as leveling an area or priming concrete. Additionally, color selection. Assume you choose a single color that is less expensive than using multiple colors.

This is the best way to cut the cost in half, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, you might end up with a bad pool painting job.

DIY Formula: Can I Paint a Swimming Pool Myself?

To paint the swimming pool yourself, you first need to have the confidence and time for it. If you run them, you have to figure out how big the pool is and how much paint you need for it.

There are two parts to the whole process. The first step is to prepare the pool for painting and then paint the pool.

DIY Method #1: Pool Preparing

The preparation stage is critical. We need to completely prepare the pool so that we can dye it quickly. To begin, drain the pool by opening hydrostats while standing away from it. After that, scrape away any loose paint. Additionally, you must fix and seal any fractures or hollow locations.

Then the most significant aspect is eliminating the oil. To do so, use Rinse & Scrub with TSP (Tri-Sodium Phosphate). Finally, you should cleanse the pool with an acid wash to roughen the surface.

DIY Method #2: Pool Painting 

The final phase is entirely dedicated to painting. You’ll need a sunny day to paint your pool because the paint will dry quickly. You must paint it during the summer.

At first, you must obtain a primer. It will smooth out the surface. Primer applications strengthen the bond and increase the life of more expensive pool paints. There are a variety of primers available depending on the type of pool surface.

Then thoroughly mix the paint. Then the painting process begins. Assemble the necessary painting equipment and inspect the paint.

Pool paints that require multiple coats should be applied according to the manufacturer’s instructions; never rush a second coat of paint if the first coat is not dry. A coat of paint might take between 2 and 8 hours to dry, depending on the weather, wind, and humidity.

Hiring a Professional Pool Painter in 2022

There’s more to painting a swimming pool than meets the eye, so there are lots of good reasons to have a swimming pool professionally painted. Here are some benefits of hiring a professional pool painter.

  • First of all the professional knows the work better than any general individual. He knows what type of paint to use, how to apply it, and what other tasks such as preparation are needed. 
  • Hiring a professional pool will save your time and you can focus on your work without worrying.
  • They will use the material and equipment in an efficient way because the master in this ground and do it regular basis. Their execution is on point we can say.
  • The result will be a beautiful pool finish you will be proud of. At least you will find a colorful backyard.

While some believe hiring a pool painter is more expensive than doing the task yourself, the top painters utilize the highest quality paint and guarantee their work.

Note: You’ll pay a bit more for superior service, but your pool paint job will look better and last longer than a do-it-yourself job or one performed by a discount pool painter who may not use the best quality paints.

How Do I Pick a Color for My Pool?

When selecting a color for your swimming pool, the following considerations should be considered: To begin, the area surrounding the swimming pool (decking, marble, darker colors, etc).

Then you must evaluate the effect of water and natural light on the pool’s water temperature’s health and safety. Following that, you must examine your budget. Finally, you must choose a color and brand that are within your budget.

What is the Best Pool Colour?

There are too many colors to choose from. You’ll have no trouble picking one of them out of a hat. Blue pools are the most popular. The most popular color for pool paint is blue, despite the fact that trends may shift. Green, white, or dark reflections are other common choices, depending on your mood.

Some hues are simply more popular than others. Sapphire Blue, Crystal Blue, Aquamarine, Graphite Grey, Diamond Sand, and Silver Grey are the colors available. They’re all there for you to select from.

Important Suggestion: You should keep in mind that a lighter pool hue will reflect sunlight, which could lead to the cooler pool water.

There is a strong chance of glare as well. If you want a darker pool, you’ll need to put up with the sun’s rays being drawn to it. The temperature of your pool water may rise by 2 to 3 degrees if you paint it a deeper color.

Top 7 Important Tips for Pool Painting

Owning a pool in your backyard is a big investment. For a secure and successful project completion, these tips will help you a lot.

  • When you hire a professional make sure they are good at it. If you hire them online; make sure you check the customer review.
  • Make sure you use a paint calculator to calculate how much paint you need.
  • Make sure you buy the best paint.
  • Don’t compromise the quality for the price.
  • If you want to save money don’t go for the DIY method. You can use single color instead of multiple colors. This will save you a lot of money.
  • The ceramic-like gloss of painted pools makes them resistant to stains and algae. Maintaining good water chemistry is essential to ensuring that it stays that way for a long time.
  • Take good care of the pool.

Now I’m answering the most common question that people also asked about (Pool Painting): FAQs

How often does a pool need to be painted?

It’s tough to pinpoint a precise time. To begin, you must paint the color according to the manual, which means you must properly mix, apply, cure, and maintain the painting. Most of the time, if you take care of it, it may last 10 to 15 years. However, in the worst-case scenario, it could linger for another 2 to 3 years. However, one thing we can say is that Epoxy pool paint lasts longer.

How long does a fiberglass pool last?

The fiberglass pool is a popular choice due to its classic appearance and design. The majority of fiberglass pools are known to endure between 20 and 30 years. However, if the best material is used and proper care is taken, it can last up to 50 years.

Why are pools painted blue?

You may believe that water is colorless, therefore why do we paint the pool blue? We can say it’s a psychological issue rather than a scientific one. The majority of the lakes and oceans are blue in color. Most people paint their pools blue to emulate the ocean. Swimming pools with white-painted walls and bottoms will seem turquoise blue in the water.

Can you paint the bottom of a pool?

Yes, you certainly can. If you paint the bottom of a pool, it will appear to be more colorful, and your backyard will appear to be more vibrant. The finest alternative for paint is epoxy paint for the pool’s bottom.

When is the best time of year to paint a pool?

Winter and rainy seasons are not good times to paint the pool in the United States. You will only require 5-7 days of fine sunny weather to complete the painting.

How to choose the right pool painter?

You’ll need to look around if you want to find a reputable pool painter. He will provide you with the necessary expertise as well as an exact estimation of the paint. If he or his company has a website, you may readily discover what other customers have to say about them.

Final Thought on Pool Painting Cost in 2022

A swimming pool is an ideal backyard addition. You will learn everything you need to know about the cost of pool painting in this post. To minimize problems, homeowners are encouraged to seek the assistance of a professional pool painter.

The costs and prices mentioned in this article are illustrative only and should be used as a guide. Additionally, they differ regionally and are influenced by market forces.

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