How Much Does it Cost to Paint a Car Hood? [2021 Updated]

A car’s hood is its most noticeable part. It is the part which everyone notice and judge. By painting the hood, you can give your car a classic look. So many designs can add here and the looks of the car will change dramatically.

When we hang out with family and friends this visible part gets scratch. The beauty of the car just fades because of that scratch. To get back the glossy look you must paint the hood as soon as possible. You must approach its repainting professionally.

How Much Does It Cost to Paint a Car Hood?

How Much Does it Cost to Paint a Car Hood

Car hoods are generally painted for between $100 to $1000 on average. Several different factors can affect the price of car hood paint. Various factors can affect the outcome, including the type of paint used, the make and model of the car, and the professional painting of the car. We will discuss these factors in the latter part of the article.

Car Hood Painting Cost Summary

The cost for painting a car hood will depend on several factors and it may be pretty expensive if you hire a pro painter to do this job.

Professional Cost$200-$1000
DIY Painting Cost$50-$150
Per Square Foot Pro Cost$33.33
Per Square Foot DIY Cost$3.67
Average Cost$100-$1000

What is the Professional Cost to Paint the Hood on a Car?

Professional companies can charge you anywhere from $200 to $1000 to paint just the hood. Depending on how well they do their work, professional companies may charge you differently. Google and Yelp reviews can help you to compare prices.

After justifying those prices, You can get the service at a fair price from reputable bodywork/auto body shops. You have to bear the extra costs if there is big paint or body damage to the hood. You need to repair those damage before you start the paintwork.

Professional hood painting typically takes 1-4 hours, and we use hours because most body shops charge by the hour. To do the job properly, a shop will also want to remove the hood from your Chevy, Honda, Toyota, SUV, Mercedes, etc, so that will increases the cost because it will need more time to finish.

Professional Per Square Foot Cost

Say we want to paint a 6-foot-long and 5-foot-wide sedan’s hood. Most of the body shops will charge $200-$1000. We will calculate this cost with the maximum amount. here, the calculation:

$1000 total cost / 30 square feet = $33.33 per square foot. On average, professionals charge $33.33 per square foot to paint a car.

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Average Cost to Paint a Car Hood If You Do It Yourself?

If you do it yourself (DIY), it will cost you around $50-$150. Depending on how skilled you are, how long it will take you to paint your car’s hood could vary from 4-10 hours

You must first measure your hood and then choose the appropriate paint colors for your car. The cost of paint varies by color as well. Some colors are more expensive than others.

It is important to figure out how many quarts of clear coat or base coat you will require. We provide a brief overview of quarts here. Approximately one quart of base coat and one quart of clear coat are necessary for the project.

Generally, you need to spend $40-$110 in total, so you’ll spend about $20-$55 per quart of paint. Remember, the more coats you apply to your hood, the better the paint job will be.

DIY Per Square Foot Cost

Let’s say we bought 1 quart of base coat and 1 quart of clear coat–this will allow us to paint the hood three times with each painting. We are using one quart for a project of 30 square feet. That’s approximately 110 square feet.

$110 total cost / 30 square feet = $3.67 per square foot. The total cost per square foot is $3.67 if you do it yourself.

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Total Estimated Cost to Paint a Car Hood

We recommend that you purchase two quarts of paint to paint your hood. Depending on the type and quality of paint the cost of the will vary. Your eyes will bear witness to the evidence when you visit the market.

If you experiment with synthetic enamel paint, you might find it more expensive than acrylic or one-stage polyurethane. For painting the hood, you will need at least 1 quart of base coat + 1 quart of clear coat.

A quart of primer is also required if you are painting a brand new hood since it does not have any paint. So at least $40 on paint is required and at most $150. You’ll probably only need 3 cans of base coat and 3 cans of clear coat if you plan on painting a rattle can. 

An average rattle can spray paint costs $30-$65. Don’t think it’s the finish line you must do some prep work before you go for painting. The detailed step-by-step guide is given below:

Prep Work?

Before you paint your car you must do some prep work. It will help your paint last longer. For the project, you’re likely to need the following supplies.

HVLP spray gun

Spray guns have become cheaper over the years, and you can use them for more than just painting your car when you buy one. Perhaps this paint pistol is what you need if you’re interested in high-quality paint.


It is very important to use sandpaper. It gives the paint a smooth, tactile finish. Sanding is a necessary step before painting, and sometimes even between coats.

Drop cloths

When you do it in your garage, you must cover the floor to prevent oversprays. You can use a sheet or a drop cloth from your local paint store. 

Body filler/filler spreaders

In some cases, you’ll find big dents and rusted areas. After the car is painted, you’ll need filler and filler spreading tools to ensure a smooth finish.

Dent puller kit

Dent puller kits are relatively inexpensive, and they will help you pull dents out of the hood before painting. After you have the dents out and relatively flat, you can use the body filler to eliminate imperfections.

How To Save Money When Painting A Car Hood?

In a dynamic world where every penny counts, saving one penny can make a big difference. It is very expensive to paint the hood of a car. Below are a few money-saving tips.

Price Comparison to Save Money 

To save money on a job, it is crucial to get multiple bids from professionals and amateurs. You can find cheaper prices with chains like Maaco.

They typically use polyurethane paints that cover the ugly parts of your car with one color–which isn’t as bad as you might think when you are just trying to conceal ugly spots. Therefore, you must justify the price first. Check out the different prices and choose the one that works best for you.

Painting Yourself

The best way in our hands to save money when painting is to paint it yourself. It may take 4-10 hours to finish the work. So you need to spend a whole day in this work. 

Marketplace for Paint Supplies

Depending on which part of the vehicle you want to paint, you might be able to find leftover paint from other projects. It might not match the paint of your vehicle and you may not satisfy with that paint quality. But it’s an excellent decision if you want to reduce your cost.

Two Major Factors that affect the price

You can see from what you have read so far that there are a few factors that affect the total cost. We find two major factors which affect the cost to paint a car hood. They are Labor Cost and Materials Costs.

1. Labor Cost

Location to Location the cost fluctuates. Professional painters always demand high. If you try to convince them with $400-$500 then they may complete the task. But the paint quality’s standard is low. Sometimes they don’t prep the car before paint.

So you choose a paint shop which gives you superior quality of paint at a reasonable price. Superior-quality paint jobs, on the other hand, command higher prices.

2. Materials Cost

A painter often chooses the primer, paint, and clear coats for a painting project. Each material is priced differently based on its brand and quality. Make sure you purchase a good quality of paint for your car.

When choosing which options are best for you, how do you decide? DIY or Hire a Pro?

We have two options available to complete this task. DIY or hiring a Pro; Choose only. We know it very hard. Here we give some benefits of both them.

Benefits of DIY (painting by yourself)

Paint the car hood by yourself is the most affordable way. The cheapest way to finish the task is to buy spray paint cans and have fun. Make the call to your best friend and complete the paint. It will make your friendship strong.

You might save money in the long run if you earn enough money at your day job to hire a professional to paint the hood, bumper, fenders, or the whole car.

If your insurance covers a new paint job for your vehicle, consider hiring a professional paint shop. This might even include painting the door jambs as well.

Important Note: Be aware that ” the paint will not always match exactly” when you do it at home.

Benefits of Hiring a Pro:

When you hire a pro you will get a high-quality paint job. You may shock because sometimes it matches showroom quality.

Important Note: Hiring a pro is expensive.

Why painting the hood and roof of a car is costly?

As the part of the vehicle that is most visible, the roof and hood are the most costly parts to paint. There will be no doubt that the painter failed to do a good job on the car if they did not do their work correctly.

Additionally, where you live can affect the quality of the repair. In hot climates, the sun damages the paint of the car very fast and it looks pale.

Now I’m answering the most common questions that people asked about (Car Hood Painting): FAQ

How much does it cost to paint a BMW hood?

The average cost to paint a BMW hood is anywhere near $1000-$1500. The cost will change with the color brand and quality. Prep work is a vital part of the cost for this luxurious car. We suggest you not paint this car at home. The body shop is the best option where you find a quality job. 

How much does it cost to paint a Mercedes hood?

The estimated cost to paint a Mercedes hood is around $500-$700. Like BMW you should take your Mercedes to a body shop. If you do it yourself, you may end up fading the beauty of your car. It isn’t a good idea to choose the saving mode.

How much does it cost to paint a Ford Mustang hood?

On average you need to spend to paint a Ford Mustang hood is around $600-$1000. The cost will increase if your car needs good prep work.

How much does it cost to respray hood?

If you want to just paint the hood, it will cost you from $200 to $1,000 to hire a professional. 

How much does Maaco charge to paint a hood?

Depending on the type of paint, the amount of prep work, and the quality, prices can range from $300 to $1500 or more. Many Maaco franchises have a bad reputation for performing quality work.

Can I paint my own car hood?

Sure, you can. Painting an old or rusted hood makes it look new again. Neither spray paint nor liquid paint should be used, but always paint slowly and evenly to achieve even coverage. Next, drive your car to show it off.

How many cans does it take to paint a car hood?

The 4th can will seal it up when there are 3 good coats of paint. The next step is a clear coat, be careful once it’s starting to get thick; at this stage, a run is much easier to get than with primer and color paint.

Can you paint over old paint on a car?

When overpainting, we recommend using relatively coarse paper to sand down existing paint (180 to 220 grit). If the body is scratched, dented, or in need of bodywork, prime it with a good, catalyzed high-fill primer.

Does an insurance company cover paint jobs?

In most comprehensive auto policies, paint replacement is covered. Accidents that require extensive paintwork will also likely be covered by your collision coverage. Car insurance may not cover paint. If you are involved in an accident, your collision coverage will likely cover the repair costs.

Is it hard to paint a car?

Most likely, it’s all the work you put into getting the car ready for paint, as well as finishing work after the last coat of paint is dry. Those are the places where all of the real work takes place and all of the secrets are kept. Although it is not difficult, it does take a lot of time and effort.

I hope you will be able to find some unique ideas to reduce the cost of your car hood painting. Also, you are welcome to discuss ways in which you can reduce the cost of painting your car hood. Let’s discuss it, and share your thoughts, painting process, and ideas in the comments section.

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