How Much Does it Cost to Paint a Basement? 2022 New Guide

As we all know the basement is a floor or room of the building that is completely or partly below the ground floor. People use it in several ways. Some use the room for recreation, some owners use it as a living room and some use it as a home theater.

Whatever the way you use it, the look of your house’s basement tells a story about your house and you as well. Keeping the basement concrete walls well painted, and decorated, or basement renovation will surely add more value to your house.

In this article, we tried to find out how much it can cost you to paint a finished basement, paint a ceiling, the DIY cost, the process, and many details related to the topic.

How Much Does it Cost to Paint a Basement
How Much Does it Cost to Paint a Basement?
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How Much Does it Cost to Paint a Basement?

According to estimates in 2022, the average cost of painting a basement is around $3,700 to $12,500. It can cost you around $4 to $15 per square foot. Depending on the size it can take 2 to 4 weeks to completely do the task.

To paint a 1000 square foot basement you have to spend $4,000 to $15,000 and it will take 3 to 5 days to complete it properly.

Normally you have to pay more for basement painting compared to other rooms. It can cost you a little more or a little less depending on the paint quality, durability, water resistance, and size of the basement.

Basement Painting Cost Summary

Many cost factors include the total cost and they can directly or indirectly affect the total cost. From the cost table, you will find an overall view of different cost factors that will help you to make a better decision.

Type of CostAverage Cost
Professional Cost$1-$3 per sq ft
Exposed Basement Ceiling Painting$2-$4 per sq ft
Basement Walls Painting Cost$4-$8 per sq ft
Basement Floor Paint Costs$5-$14 per sq ft
Basement Material Cost$300-$1,000
DIY Job$500-$2,000

Minimum, Maximum & Average Cost by Size for Basement Painting in 2022

The price of painting a basement fluctuates based on its size. The following table details the cost of painting a basement in 2022 based on its size:

Basement AreaAverage CostMinimum CostMaximum Cost
100 sq ft$950‬$400$1,500
200 sq ft$1,900$800$3,000
300 sq ft$2,850‬$1,200‬$4,500‬
400 sq ft$3,800‬$1,600$6,000‬
500 sq ft$4,750‬$2,000$7,500
600 sq ft$5,700‬$2,400$9,0‬00
650 sq ft$6,175$2,600‬$9,750‬
700 sq ft$6,650$2,800$10,500
800 sq ft$7,600‬$3,200$12,000‬
900 sq ft$8,550‬$3,600$13,500‬
1,000 sq ft$9,500$4,000$15,000
1,100 sq ft$10,450$4,400$16,500‬
1,200 sq ft$11,400‬$4,800$18,000‬
1,300 sq ft$12,350‬$5,2‬00$19,500‬
1,400 sq ft$13,300‬$5,600$21,000‬
1,500 sq ft$14,250$6,000$22,500‬
1,600 sq ft$15,200$6,4‬00$24,000‬
1,700 sq ft$16,150$6,8‬00$25,500‬
1,800 sq ft$17,100‬$7,2‬00$27,000
1,900 sq ft$18,050‬$7,6‬00$28,500‬
2,000 sq ft$19,000$8,000$30,000

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How Much Does it Cost to Paint Basement Walls?

Basement wall painting is similar to painting walls of any normal room. But the cost of painting concrete basement walls is more than ordinary walls. Basement walls are vulnerable to moisture and water damage. For this, you have to use high-quality paint.

The actual cost depends on the size of the walls. Assume the basement wall is approximately 1,000 square feet. It can cost between $4,000 and $8,000 per square foot ($4 to $8 per square foot) in 2022. If you need to undertake extra labor or repair damage before painting, it might add up.

How Much Does it Cost to Paint a Basement Ceiling?

For a brighter look, hide the objects in the basement ceiling and make it look more elegant, you can paint the unfinished basement ceiling.

For painting a basement ceiling, you may need to cost around $2 to $4 per square foot or $2,000 to $4,000 for a 1,000 square foot ceiling in the current year.

Various objects such as wires, bars, metal rods, and multiple surfaces make this a difficult task. Hire a professional to handle this. It is highly recommended that you hire a professional.

How Much Does it Cost to Paint Basement Floor?

Basement floor painting is similar to painting any concrete floor of your house. It can cost you between $5 and $15 in 2022 for painting the basement floor including epoxy finishing.

The cost varies depending on the type of the floor. Though it is not a mandatory part, you can avoid this part. It will be pretty much helpful to save some money from interior painting.

Average Material Cost for Different Quality & Types

For interior painting, paint is the prime material. Best paint will cost you a lot from any materials. To paint a room you will have different types of quality products in the market. The average price range for a gallon of high-quality paint for concrete or stone surfaces is $50 to $200 in recent years.

There are three types of basement paint available in the market for interior painting. All of them are combinedly increasing your total interior painting cost.

Paint TypeCost Range (Per gallon)Durability
Concrete Sealer$30-$1201-3 Year
Concrete Primer$45-$2103-5 Year
Epoxy Paint$70-$26010-20 Year

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Painting Basement Equipment Cost in 2022

 You will need to buy proper painting materials like painting brushes, painting rollers, sandpapers, a spray gun, trays, tapes, plastics, etc for a good result. All can combine to cost you around $50 to $200 or more depending on the quality.

Professional Cost to Get a Basement Painted

For better finishing and safe painting, you can hire a professional painter for the painting job. He will complete the paint job on time and you will not need to take any pressure. Professional painters might charge anything from $1 to $3 per square foot or $50 to $100 per hour.

It varies by location, working hours, and basement size. Painting a 1,000-square-foot basement might cost anything from $1,500 to $3,000. Hiring a specialist to paint a high basement ceiling is an excellent idea. They will conduct all the prep work and there will be minimal waste.

Average DIY Cost for Basement Painting in 2022

Some may feel comfortable doing the painting work on their own and complete the task with 120% care and passion. If you decide to paint the basement yourself, be sure you have enough time.

A DIY job can save the professional painter hiring costs and overall basement renovation costs. It gives you the freedom to do experiments with paint color.

According to our analysis in 2022

DIY finished basement jobs can cost you around $500 to $2,000 or more depending on the materials price and amount of color waste. It will help you to save some money on the basement finishing costs.

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How to Measure Basement Size for Painting in 2022

To know how many gallons of paint will be needed for the whole process you need to measure the basement first. Measuring a room is not as complicated as you think. Let’s see the step-by-step process for measuring the basement or any normal room.

{Assume a basement size is 20’ x 15’ with a height of an 8-foot ceiling. It has two doors (24 square footage per door) and two windows (16 square footage per window)}

Basement Size Measurement, 2022
  • Step 1: Start with measuring the perimeter of the finished basement. For this formula is 2 (length + width). So the perimeter of the basement is 2 (20 + 15) = 70 ft.
  • Step 2:  Now multiply the perimeter with ceiling height for measuring the wall area. It will be (70 x 8) = 560 sq ft
  • Step 3: Now calculate the total area covered by windows and doors. It will be (24 square feet per door x 2) + ( 16 square feet per window x 2) = 80 sq ft.
  • Step 4: Subtract the doors and windows areas from the total area to find out the actual wall surface that will be painted. It will be (560 – 80) = 480 sq ft.
  • Step 5: You can measure the ceiling area by multiplying the length and width of the basement. It will be (20 x 15) = 300 sq ft.
  • Step 6: The process of measuring the basement floor is similar to measuring the basement ceiling.

Now, you can easily measure the room and can have a clearer image of how many gallons of paint you need to buy. For instance, if a gallon of paint covers a 240 sq ft area, you will need (480 / 240) = 2 gallons of paint.

Things to remember: You will need to apply two coats of paint. It means you will need 4 gallons of paint to complete the full wall surface.

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How to Prepare Basement for Painting in 2022

Before starting the painting process or applying any coat of paint, first, you have to take some preparation. We tried to list some of the most important prep work for a better result.

  • Investigate the basement wall from top to bottom to find out if there is any leakage of water or moisture. First, you have to resolve it for the basement remodel.
  • Then, you have to take out all the furniture and utensils from the room or cover them with plastics or drop cloth over them so that paint can’t spoil them.
  • Cover the basement floor with paper while painting the basement wall or ceiling.
  • Whether you paint the wall, floor, or ceiling, you must wipe the surface and clean it to remove all the dust. But if you do not paint it, it will be weirdly
  • If there is any repair work needed in any of the parts, you should repair it or fill them up with spackling before applying primer.
  • All the windows and doors should be covered with paper and tapes.
  • If needed you should apply a coat of primer as a base. It will help to have smooth and glossy finishing.
  • For painting the ceiling, ensure the safety equipment first.
  • Make sure you have enough paint and materials to complete the work. If you run out of paint in the middle of the work, it will take more time and can waste paint.
  • Keep children and family members away from the basement while painting.

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Top 8 Features to Keep On Mind While Buying Basement Paint in 2022

Sometimes we forget about the feature we should get from it. Some of the paints aren’t suited for use in the basement because of the conditions. To help you with your basement painting project, here are some considerations to bear in mind.

  • A very common problem every basement faces is water damage and moisture. Try to choose the paint that is waterproof and can give a glossy finishing.
  • Normally the basement has low natural light. Try to choose a paint with rich saturation that can bring out its color in low light.
  • Buy white primer for light color paint and gray primer for deep color paint.
  • Try to choose epoxy-based paint. It works well on concrete surfaces.
  • Make sure you choose the paint that can cover the maximum number of areas.
  • The product with the best durability warranty is the best choice.
  • Light color paint will be best for the basement. You can choose any color for your gust. But don’t choose the colors that contrast with each other.
  • If you use primer as a base, make sure the paint you are going to choose doesn’t have any chemical effect on it.

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6 Major Factors that Increase Basement Painting Cost in 2022

many reasons are directly or indirectly responsible for increasing painting costs. Most of them depend on the market price and the will of the house owner. The following six important factors need to be considered:

  • The more variety of colors you will add to the design, the more color you will need to buy. It directly affects the cost.
  • If you want to add some design or try any artistic job to make it unique and aesthetic, it will take more labor time and the professional will charge an extra fee in particular.
  • Hiring a professional painter adds labor cost to the total cost.
  • Wastage of paint while painting increases the cost of the paint.
  • Using solid epoxy-type paint for the floor.
  • Buying high-quality paint from a body shop without analyzing the market price.

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How to Save Money From Basement Painting With 8 Easy Tips

As you now know the reason that directly or indirectly affects the total basement painting cost, you can easily guess how to save unnecessary costs using these eight simple tips.

  • Using a single type of paint color or keeping the color type less than three. You can choose a single color for instance blue for the whole basement. Only two or 4 gallons of blue color will be enough. It will be very budget-friendly.
  • Artistic paint or multiple color paint takes more time of labor. You can reduce the labor cost by avoiding artistic or multiple-color paint and keeping it simple and classy. It will save not only paint but also time.
  • If you want to save some money from any painting work, the DIY job is the best option. In some cases, it can bring down the cost to under half of the total cost.
  • Choose an experienced painter for the job. Expert hands will keep the amount of paint wastage very low. Low wastage of materials means low cost.
  • You can buy the painting material and paint from the online marketplace. Here you will find more options and have the opportunity to compare the price and quality of the products. It will allow you to buy the products comparatively less than the physical market price.
  • Hiring a professional that already has work in your neighborhood would be a good option. He will charge less compared to others.
  • Before buying any product online do casual market research. Analyze the market and read the product review online.
  • You can use the previously left-out paint and primer that are good in condition. There might be some paint left after painting other rooms. You can use those points in the basement and buy similar colored paints.

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How I Can Paint My Basement at Home? (DIY Job)

If you have enough time on your hand and you are willing to save some money from the work, you can paint the basement on your own. For this first, you have to prepare the room for painting.

Carefully read the section on how to prepare the basement for painting. Make sure you are experienced enough and you have enough materials and safety gadgets on your hand.

8 Commonly Used Painting Tools for Basement Painting

  • Waterproof masonry paint (2 or 4 gallons for 500 square foot area).
  • Waterproof primer.
  • Paint gun/brush.
  • Thick nap roller.
  • Plastic.
  • Tapes, dry cloth.
  • Send paper, and paint tray.
  • Safety gloves, dust mask.

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DIY Process for Painting Basement Wall with 9 Simple Steps

If you want to paint the interior walls of your home, here is a step-by-step guide to follow. You can paint any finished basement ceiling the same way. But we will recommend you hire a professional if there is any safety risk.

Before you start the work, look at some videos on the internet or youtube about what you’re going to do. It will be easy for you to do the job right.

Step 1: Put on your safety gadget and open the window of the basement. If it doesn’t have any window, place one or two fans. It will be important for ensuring air circulation in the room. Some paints contain toxic chemicals that might be harmful to your health if there is no air circulation.

Step 2: If your basement already has a layer of old paint, you can remove it with a wire brush or paint scraper. But we think it is not mandatory to remove old paint.

Step 3: To smooth the surface of the wall using 40-80 grit sandpaper to sand every inch of the basement walls three to four-time. If you don’t remove the old paint, sanding will do the job.

Step 4: Now wipe the complete area with a dry cloth and clean all the dust.

Step 5: Fill up the paint tray with waterproof primer. Now apply it over the concrete or cinder block or plastic wall area of the basement. Leave it 24 to 48 hours to dry completely. Or you can apply waterproofing concrete sealer over the wall. It is similar to a primer. Roll the sealer in every area 2 to 3 times and leave it to chill for 24 to 72 hours.

Step 6: After drying the primer or slater you sand the surface again to make the drywall or cinderblock smooth for applying the paint. Use 40 to 80 grit sandpaper to sand the whole surface.

Step 7: Take a gallon of paint. Use the paint roller to apply the paint over the wall. Roll its ups and down three to four-time to apply the paint properly. Complete the whole area in the same process. Make sure you are not in a hurry. Smoothly roll the nap roller to get a glossy base coat. To ensure that it dries properly, let it sit for 2 to 3 days.

Step 8: After drying the first coat, it’s time to apply the second paint coat. Try to use the same paint for both coats. You can leave it for another 2 to 3 days.

Step 9: As the paint dried properly, now you can remove all the tapes and plastic. You can clean it up and decorate the room. But if you want to paint the ceiling and floor too, you have to keep all the area covered until it is finished.

Note: You can follow the same process to paint a bedroom, paint the basement floor, basement ceiling, or exterior painting. For the floor, you have to use epoxy paint.

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Some Most Frequently Asked Questions Related to Basement Painting: (FAQs)

How much time does it take to paint a basement yourself?

For only painting, it will take two to five hours. But from prep to applying primer, drying it, sanding it, applying two coats of paint, and finally drying it properly to touch, the whole process can take 3 to 5 days or more.

Can I just paint my basement walls?

Yes, you can just paint the basement walls. It is not mandatory to paint the basement walls, ceiling, and floor at a time. You can avoid painting the floor. If you go for only painting the walls we will recommend you to paint the ceiling as well.

What kind of paint is best for a basement?

There are three types of paint available in the market. From them, epoxy paint is the best choice for any basement walls or floor. People highly rated it because it is highly resistant to peeling, crack, and water damage and is available in many colors.

Can you paint an unfinished basement?

Yes, you can paint an unfinished basement or you can paint over the concrete plaster. You can apply a coat of fine painting over the bricks or the cinder block. It will help the basement to have a nice colorful look.

Can you paint basement walls in winter?

It is not a good decision to paint the basement in winter. Because it will take much time to dry up and may not have a smooth finish. To have the best result try to paint at room temperature. It is better not to paint when the wall’s temperature is under 15 degrees Celsius.

Can you spray paint basement walls?

You can apply paint over the basement walls with a brush or a paint roller or paint spraying. You can apply any of the methods. At the end of the day, the paint will dry on the wall and make a strong bond with the concrete. Paint spray can reduce paint waste.

How much does it cost to paint a basement ceiling black?

It depends on the size of the ceiling. For a 200 sq ft ceiling you will need one or two gallons of black paint which will cost you $50 to $200 or more depending on the print quality. Including labor costs and material costs, it might cost you up to $2,000.

Can I epoxy my basement floor myself?

Yes, you can apply epoxy paint on the basement floor yourself. Epoxy paint is the best type for any basement floor. It is useful for small hairline cracks and moisture or water damage. It will create a strong bond with the concrete surface and give a smooth surface.

What is the cheapest way to finish a basement ceiling?

The ceiling is the upper side of a room. An unfinished or exposed ceiling can be covered in many ways. But the cheapest way is painting or applying the sealant on it. Besides, people use fir plywood, wood paneling, hardboard, and oriented strand board for finishing the basement ceilings.

Final Thoughts on Painting a Basement in 2022

As a result of reading the whole article, we hope you now have a clear understanding of “how much it average costs to paint a basement in the current year”. Our home experts talk about it from all sides.

But the choice is yours. You can decide between choosing a professional or going for a DIY job. Hope you benefited from this article. Your satisfaction is your achievement. Thank you so much for reading.

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