How Much Does it Cost to Move a Pool Table? [2023 Updated]

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If you are moving across the country and want to take your pool table with you. In order to move pool tables, a great deal of effort must be put into it. It is usually a tedious and time-consuming process to disassemble these items since they are among the heaviest.

Most people don’t know what does it cost to move a pool table. In this article, we will explain everything there is to know about the cost and its related factors of pool table moving.

how much does it cost to move a pool table
How Much Does it Cost to Move a Pool Table

How Much Does it Cost to Move a Pool Table?

According to 2023 estimates, the average cost to move a pool table is around $200-$600. In most cases, the cost includes assembling and disassembling as well as labor.

The cost of moving a large pool table will likely exceed $500, but moving a smaller one will not. Your final cost will also differ based on the exact location and floor where the pool table is moved from and to.

Pool Table Moving Cost Summary

Based on the following estimates in 2023, the total cost to move a pool table would be:

Large Pool Table Moving$500
Basic Cost$200-$300
Professional Cost$400-$600
Average Moving Cost$200-$600
Labor Cost$55-$130 (per hour)

How Long Does it Take to Move the Pool Table?

Usually, moving a pool table takes between 3 and 3.5 hours, excluding driving time. It usually takes two to three hours to refelt a pool table

6 Important Cost Factors of Moving Your Pool Table for 2023

A lot of cost factor is involved in this work. Such as labor cost, distance, size of the tables, ball return system, and positioning. For your help, we give our best to explain all the major factors related to cost one by one.

1. Labor Cost

Professional pool table movers charge hourly or they sometimes take lump-sum for the work. So it’s very important to discuss them before you get the service and what task they must have to perform. If you go for hourly then,

The average price you have to pay is $55-$130 as per hourly charge. We can also break down this cost from high-end to low-end. Labor cost hourly:

Cost TypesPer Hour Cost
High-end cost$120-$130
Low-end cost$50-$55
Average cost$80-$85

You can choose another option, which means you can fix a lump-sum amount for the whole work. The average rate you have to pay is $250-$900

2. Distance & Logistics

Transporting a pool table will cost more or less depending on distance and logistics. A move within the home is generally cheaper, but if the table needs to be taken up or down many stairs, it may incur additional charges.

The cost of moving the table from one place to another place may include mileage charges, fuel costs, and toll costs. The closer the distance, the more likely those costs can be waived.

It is possible to move pool tables across the country by disassembling and crate them. It will cost more if you move your pool table long distances due to its weight and the miles it will travel.

3. Pool Table Size

If you’re planning to move a pool table, you should know its size and make before you hire a moving company. Various type of pool table is available in sizes between 5 feet and 12 feet. A larger table will also cost more to move because the added weight – and its difficulty to dismantle and reassemble – will make it more difficult.

A pool table is usually a 7-foot table or 8-foot table and sometimes maybe a 9-foot table. The commercial tables – coin-operated pool tables found in bars and businesses – typically measure 7 feet by 3.5 feet. Many homeowners select the 8-foot-by-4-foot midrange pool table. A 9-foot-by-4.5-foot table is the most common one used by professional pool players, and if you have the room, many people prefer this size for a home pool table.

4. Pockets and Ball Return Systems

You may be charged an additional $25 or so by the mover if your pool table features a ball return system. The cost of a table with leather pockets varies from one with plastic ball pockets. It is highly recommended that professionals remove and then reassemble these components, so you can rest assured that your job is in capable hands.

5. Positioning of the Pool Table           

Unless the pool table is set up the way it is expected, moving it could be more expensive. You might want to install the billiards light above your pool table before moving it to a new location if you want it to be mounted above the table. 

6. Make of a New Pool Table

If the mover has provided installation or service for your pool table, confirm that he is a licensed dealer of the brand. To ensure the table works properly in its new location, make sure the movers can tune it properly.

Should You Move Your Pool Table Yourself (DIY)? or Hire a Professional Movers?

It’s very tough work to complete. It’s not child play; you may get serious injuries and cause damage to the pool table to do the work. So we highly recommended you do not do it by yourself and hire a professional

You can find videos on we or information you can find online that explains how to take apart and move the table piece by piece if you have the courage to do so. You might be very disappointed with the result once you get it assembled, especially if you have never put a pool table together before.

Then invite 3 to 5 friends. It is not a good idea to disassemble and reassemble a pool table without following the proper steps, as it may lead to it being damaged in ways you did not consider. Here’s a list of tasks you have to perform if you wished to do this without a professional:

  • You need to find appropriate moving supplies and materials.
  • Rent a pickup truck for your move.
  • If you need more workers, you can enlist strong friends.
  • You will need to disassemble the pool table.
  • Make sure all the parts are protected and loaded into the truck.
  • Putting together the 8th pool table component parts.

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Why Should I Hire a Professional Pool Table Movers?

There are various factors that influence the weight of a pool table, including its size, model, and make. It’s not easy to move pool tables since they’re so heavy, so you’ll need your strongest friends to help. In order to disassemble and reassemble a pool table properly, it is strongly recommended to hire professional pool table movers.

Our guide walks you through the process of moving a pool table, the costs associated with it, and how much it will cost. As a result, you can plan your budget accordingly and decide whether you will keep the pool table after you move.

Is Hiring Professional Pool Table Movers Worth the Cost?

Pool tables are not only decorative and functional pieces of furniture that provide a good deal of entertainment for the owner and their family; they probably also carry a great deal of sentimental value. A move by professionals is the best solution to this problem.

The average person often finds moving items of such great size and weight to be a very difficult and unforgiving process. Having a team of professionals on your side means that all the necessary tools and equipment will be available when the job is completed and no unforeseen issues arise.

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Cost-Saving Strategies for Pool Table Removalists in 2023

We strongly recommend you not disassemble the pool table yourself before the movers arrive. If moving items are improperly disassembled, an experienced mover will charge you more, since it will require more time and labor.

Make sure to talk to the mover about what repairs or renovations you might want, so that you aren’t shocked by the bill on moving day.

According to our experience, 2022

It is possible to compare different movers and justify their base rate. Take the package which is available at an affordable price. And try to hire cheap pool table movers for your pool table.

Guide On: How to Move a Pool Table without Taking It Apart?

Professionals are best suited to moving an upright pool table or billiards table. Since they have so much work involved, professional movers are totally worth the cost associated with moving a pool table. The process of moving a pool table involves several steps, most of which involve disassembling it in order to load it easier. A professional does it in this manner.

They know all the detailed steps and avoid dangerous steps. The first step is to remove all pockets. They then remove the bumpers and corners. A felt layer is normally removed next. Unscrew and remove the legs before removing the slate (two or three pieces can weigh up to 150 lbs. each). Finally, they remove the legs by unscrewing them.

As soon as these steps are completed, wrap and secure the individual pieces before loading them onto the truck. A proper seal ensures that the items remain intact during transport.

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Here are some questions frequently asked by people about (Pool Table Moving) that Answered: FAQ

Why is it so expensive to move a pool table?

Pool tables are available in sizes between 5 feet and 12 feet. Because larger tables weigh more and are more difficult to disassemble and reassemble, large tables are more expensive to move. Pool tables typically measure seven feet, eight feet, or nine feet long. Most homeowners prefer the mid-range pool table, which is 8 feet by 4 feet.

Can I move a pool table without removing the felt?

If the felt is not removed, moving the pool table is impossible. There is no way to move pool tables as a single unit. To move these items, it is necessary to disassemble and then reassemble the legs, slates, rails, and even felt. It is sometimes possible to move a pool table without taking it apart using furniture sliders, but this is rare.

How much does a 4×8 slate pool table weigh?

The standard sizes of pool tables are 7, 8, 9, and oversize 8 feet. A 7-foot slate pool table usually weighs about 700 pounds, while an 8-foot slate pool table typically weighs around 850 pounds.

Can you move the pool table without taking it apart?

There is no way to move a pool table in one piece. It is necessary to disassemble and reassemble the legs, feet, rails, and slate of your pool table. Use furniture sliders if you have help moving the pool table. You won’t have to disassemble it.

What does 3 piece slate pool table mean?

Slate tables made from three pieces are made from a single piece of slate, which is then milled into three pieces. Due to the precision of the leveling possible on a three-piece slate pool table, many professional players prefer to play on the three-piece slate pool table.

How heavy is a 3 piece slate pool table?

A pool table with 3 pieces of slate measuring 1 inch by 8 feet in diameter has a total weight of approximately 170 pounds per slate. 230 lbs are the weight of each slate piece on a 9-foot slate pool table with a 1-inch slate bed. About 425 pounds is the typical weight of an 8-foot single-piece slate. 

Why do you need a professional to move a pool table?

It is necessary to take extra care when moving specialty items, such as sculptors, pool tables, and artwork. People can consider that reason enough to try to move these objects themselves. When it comes to your move, this isn’t where you want to trim costs.

How hard is it to disassemble a pool table?

If you need to take it apart and put it back together, there’s a good chance you’ll need to disassemble and reassemble it. The average pool table is very heavy and cumbersome, making it difficult for a professional mover to move them in one piece.

How do I dispose of a pool table?

In the case of a worn-out pool table, contact a local garbage removal service. You can’t put a pool table out for pickup and expect it to be picked up. When you call, you’re likely to hear from someone who can get it–or at the very least, they can refer you to someone who can.

How difficult is it to move a pool table?

A pool table isn’t something that can be moved around easily. When it comes to pool tables, they are not only the largest, heaviest, and most difficult items for people to disassemble. Tables that weigh over 1,000 pounds can be heavy. Considering their bulkiness and weight, moving them can be difficult.

“One Mind” with Pool Table Moving 2023

Hope this will help you to reduce the cost of moving a pool table in a quick and safe way. If you have any questions feel free to ask or share your experience about pool table moving with us. You can also check our other cost-related articles about indoor sports and outdoor sports.

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