How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Side Mirror on a Car? 2023

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Side-view mirrors are the most fragile part of a car. These are also known as wing mirrors. They are located on both sides of a car. These are essential while driving.

These parts can easily be harmed. Like most automotive mirrors, side mirrors are made of first-surface chrome glass. They are designed to absorb headlight glares.

The driver is able to get a clear picture of the activity as a result. The view is not impaired in any way. If you’ve broken it somehow, get it repaired or replaced ASAP.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix & Replace a Car Side Mirror

How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Side Mirror on a Car?

According to the 2023 research and analysis, the average cost of mirror replacement on a car is $290 to $420. Using aftermarket parts will save you time and money. By repairing it yourself, you can also save a lot of money.

If your car needs to be fixed quickly, you should take it to the dealership. Also, this is the costliest way to go. You can also go for aftermarket solutions.

This will cost you $30 to $150 depending on your choice of parts. But the actual cost will be significantly low compared to the dealership. You will pay more if you replace a vehicle’s original mirror.

Car Side Mirror Replacement Cost Summary

We have provided the following overview of the cost of replacing your car’s side mirrors. In this table, we have compiled the entire list based on the price for 2023.

Glass Cost$20-$150
Aftermarket Parts Cost$30-$150
Labor Cost$60
Professional Cost$120
DIY Cost$20-$120
Average Replacement Cost$290-$420

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How Much Does a Side Mirror Glass Cost in 2023?

The side-view mirror has many components. These days, side-view mirrors are more complicated. They contain a lot of different parts and motors. As a result, they are more expensive to replace.

It is possible for the mirror only to be damaged by the glass. This is very rare. It is difficult to hold the glass because of the fragile plastic holding it. Damage to them is easy.

But sometimes they remain intact. Sometimes you find that only mirror glass gets damaged. In this case, just change the glass. Your wallet will thank you for this tip.

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Average Car Side Mirror Glass Cost

According to the Auto Shop in 2023, Replacing the glass only will cost you around $20 to $150. The actual cost will depend on the choice of parts and labor. You will have to replace the complete side mirror most of the time. You can replace only the glass in rare situations.

You have to be careful of certain factors. The VIN number of your glass. The side mirrors of different cars vary in certain things. For example, the blind spots monitor, self-dimming, etc. So, you have to match the VIN number when ordering your glass.

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Labor Cost for Replacing a Car Side Mirror

This doesn’t take too much time to replace a mirror. The labor will take hourly payment. The average hourly rate of auto part replacement is $120 per hour. So, it will cost you around $60 in labor to replace your side mirror.

This cost will increase with the complexity of the jobs. This is an easy job for a professional. However, there are certain situations where the job isn’t as easy as every other job.

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DIY Cost: Can I Replace a Side Mirror by Myself?

Replacing only the mirror will cost you $20 to $120. You always have the option of doing it on your own. It will save you a great deal of money. You can also do it by yourself but you need to think about opportunity cost.

In most cases, you will save money on labor unless the cost of the work exceeds $100 per hour. A dealer who provides OEM replacement mirrors does not charge a markup on the purchase.

And you can also use that money to buy better quality side mirrors for your car. It takes about two hours and a half for beginners to complete the course. You would need one to two hours if you are an experienced auto mechanic.

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10 Popular Car Models and Their Side Mirror Replacement Costs in 2023

In the following table, you can see the cost of replacing the side mirrors for some popular car models. (Estimated DIY & Professional Replacement Costs Included in 2023)

Car Model NameDIY CostProfessional Cost
Ford F Series$99-$175$139-$260
Chevrolet Silverado$115-$199$155-$289
Toyota Camry$120-$210$165-$300
Nissan Altima$85-$189$120-$268
Honda Civic$110-249$147-$328
Ford Fusion$99-$175$139-$260
Ford Focus$99-$175$139-$260
Toyota Corolla$120-$210$165-$300
Honda CR-V$110-$249$147-$328
Honda Accord$110-$249$147-$328

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DIY or Hire a Professional? – The Best Solution Ever!

For any auto parts, hiring someone increases the replacement cost. Not all of us have the experience or the expertise to do these jobs. But doing these small works ourselves can save us a lot of money.

If you have some experience in handling your car, I recommend doing it yourself. Let’s just face it, this is way too expensive. Despite it being a simple job, it actually costs way more than it is worth.

I recommend anyone who owns a car should learn this small stuff. This will be handy for them. It can save you time as well as money. This can also turn into a hobby and you might also start to build cars. So, see what happens!

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3 Important Things You Need to Look Out for Side Mirror Repair in 2023

There are so many symptoms will find. For side mirrors to need to be replaced, we usually find there are three major reasons. Here they are:

  1. You can see that an assembly for the side mirrors hangs loosely from the side of the car.
  2. There are some cases where the power mirror adjustment won’t work.
  3. Most of the time, the side mirror glass is broken or you can’t them.

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How to Replace a Side-View Mirror: Easy & Safe Ways

This is a guide to help you go through the side-view mirror replacement. If you want to do it yourself for the first time, please read it thoroughly.

  • Step 1: Inspect carefully. Try to find out how the mirror is assembled. Some mirrors are simply screwed to the side. So, they have exterior access to the mirror. These are the easiest to replace. Simply unscrew the old mirror and replace it with the new one.
  • Step 2: Some vehicles don’t have exterior access to the side-view mirror. In this case, you will have to remove the door trim panel. Remove it and find the fasteners. Remove them with fasteners and replace them with new ones. Be very careful while removing the door panel. Otherwise, you might break the snap-on clips on the trim panel.
  • Step 3: Some cars have power windows. In this case, you will have to disconnect the electrical wires first. Then you can start replacing them.
  • Step 4: Remove the old mirror after removing the door trim panel and the electrical cables. The mirror is typically screwed to the interior side of the door. So, remove the screws carefully and replace the mirror with the new one.
  • Step 5: Now you are done with the replacement work. Carefully reassemble all the parts. Now you have a brand-new side-view mirror

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Side Mirror Damage Issue & Insurance Claim

An insurance claim is a tricky subject to talk about. Every insurance company is different from the others. Whether it will cover your expenses will depend on the type of collision insurance package you got.

What were the conditions? What will it cover? All these questions are important.

So, you need to talk to your insurance company. The insurance company will supply any information you need to know about collision coverage. Try to get comprehensive insurance. This will be better for you.

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6 Exclusive Tips to Protect your Side View Mirror

Here are some tips on protecting your side-view mirror. Give a glance. This might save your mirror the next time.

  • Look where you are parking. Some people park closely. Try to avoid this practice. Park your car where you have enough space to move freely. This will reduce your risks to a great extent.
  • Always try to fold in the mirrors. We often don’t have the time to do this small thing. But this simple habit can save you a good amount of time and money. So, try to make it into a habit. You will be more cautious while driving. Because you will adjust your mirrors accordingly every time you drive.
  • Parking safe places. Avoid parking in open places i.e., streets, and outside garages. This makes your car an easy target for vandals. So, try to be as safe as possible. This will also give you very good protection against thieves.
  • Be careful while backing up from your garage. You might do it every day. But alertness never hurt anyone.
  • When you are in tight places, be extra cautious.
  • Don’t let the kids play too much with the controls. This might damage your side-view mirrors. Be smart and be safe!

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Top Benefits of Replacing your Car’s Side Mirrors

Side mirrors are very essential for driving safely. Here’s some importance of a side mirror:

  • Side mirrors have more to do than detract from appearance; they are essential for proper driving.
  • You may be able to survive without a side mirror for a short period of time, but you, other motorists, travelers, and bicyclers will face certain dangers.
  • A broken mirror can distort your view and create phantom reflections. Which will cause accidents.
  • Immediately replace your side mirrors if they are damaged.

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How Long Does it Take to Replace the Auto Side Mirror?

An experienced technician can replace the mirror in one hour or two hours. Before beginning the repair process, it is necessary to determine the level of complexity.

In order to estimate how long a process will take, you must determine its complexity. When removing the interior door panel, takes a little more time, and sometimes it does not even need to be removed.

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Should a Bodyshop or Dealership Replace your Side Mirror?

Their work is very fast. An experienced technician can replace a mirror in one to two hours, dependent on how complicated the repair is. It is not always necessary to remove the interior door panel. Because of this, repair times can vary slightly.

Don’t forget also that most dealers mark up their parts prices. They can give you top-notch service. Ensure that the parts are purchased in advance. The dealership might not have the original part available at the time. So, buying the parts beforehand can save you valuable time.

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Now I’m answering the most common question people asked about (Car Side Mirror Replacement): FAQ

Can I drive with a broken side mirror?

Cars without driver’s side mirrors can cause serious accidents. It is still legal for a person to drive a vehicle without its passenger side mirror, even if it has been damaged in a way that makes it impossible to use. As a result, driving is not recommended due to difficult visibility.

Where can I get my car mirror fixed?

It is possible to repair your car at home, but if you don’t have enough time you might like to choose a Bodyshop or dealership. You can find one or two famous Bodyshop in every town. They charge more but they will finish the job very fast. So you don’t need to worry about where you fix them.

Is it legal to drive a car with a broken side mirror?

It’s legal. Many people think that it is illegal which isn’t true. Unless the nearside rearview mirror is damaged, driving without it is not illegal. Although not illegal, police still have the authority to stop you if they notice one of your wing mirrors is damaged or missing.

Will insurance cover broken side mirrors?

An auto policy with full coverage will cover a damaged side mirror. As long as you didn’t cause the accident, your liability coverage should cover it. You’ll have to pay a deductible, and your rates might increase, so it’s important to weigh whether it’s worth submitting a claim.

Is it worth claiming a wing mirror?

Under a comprehensive policy, your wing mirrors should be covered. Your decision to file an insurance claim will depend on the cost of replacing or repairing the wing mirror. Purchasing the wing mirror may be more cost-effective if you pay for it yourself.

How do you glue a side mirror back on?

At the tip of each mirror end, place a small amount of silicone adhesive. When the glue is reapplied and the mirror is reinstalled, wipe down the edges of the mirror with a wet rag to remove any surplus glue.

Can I replace just the mirror on a side-view mirror?

You do not have to change the whole assembly if only the glass is smashed. Mirror glass replacement is usually an inexpensive project that you can do yourself. Glass mirrors of all kinds are available from a variety of manufacturers.

Final Cost Analysis of Side Mirror Replacement 2023

We developed this useful guide so you can minimize costs when replacing or repairing your car side mirrors. Since you’ve read this cost-effective guide so far, you must be very concerned about your car.

For your help, we provide cost-related information about other parts like Oil Leaking, painting rims, bumper cover or turbo engine installation, etc. Thank you so much for reading this article. Don’t forget to leave your comment.

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