How Much Does it Cost to Fix Chipped Paint on a Car? [2024]

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A paint chip means to mash out paint from a small area on a painted surface. A smaller chip must be set up before it becomes major, which is pretty expensive.

Automobile paint chips can occur for multiple reasons, like temperature changes, stones, rocks, boo soil, humidity, abrasive cleansers, stormy cleaning cloths, strand, soil, mud, and salt.

how much does it cost to fix chipped paint on a car
How Much Does it Cost to Fix Chipped Paint on a Car

How Much Does it Cost to Fix Chipped Paint on a Car?

According to 2024 Auto Market Data, paint chips can cost you around $50 to $1500 or more. Professionals typically charge $150 to $200 for the minor chip and $500 or more for the major print chip job.

It may be charged even more by your local new automobile dealership. The average DIY cost for touch-up paint is $50 and a touch-up paint job can cost you around $170 to $280.

Car Paint Chip Repair Cost Summary

Its cost generally depends on the size and deepness of the chip, accessibility of the color, type of damage, and location. The table below can assist you to get an overall idea about the charge of fixing chip paint.

Body Shop Charge$150-$200
Touch-up Paint Job$170-$280
VIN Matched Paint$50-$300
DIY Cost$50-$100
Professional Cost$150-$500

Professional Paint Chip Repair Cost in 2024

You can go to any automobile shop and have the chip fixed by any professional. It’ll help you to fix the chip and get a smooth finishing. They will finish the paint softly.

As it takes time and patience to fix the chip, they can charge $150 to $500, even more, depending on the chip.

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Paint Chip Repair Cost Body Shop or Dealership

You can intend to know how much a body shop or dealership can charge to fix the paint chip. A body shop can fix the chip and offer your car a professional-looking result.

Dealerships can demand around $50 to $300 for just two ounces of a VIN- matched color and for the largish creak or chip, they can demand another $500 or more.

They won’t charge any lower than $150 to $200 for the small print job. Normally, A body shop can often serve the work more inexpensively than a dealership.

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How Much to Get Paint Touch Up on Car?

Touch-up paint may not work flawlessly but it can save your car from further color damage. However, you can do it with a professional, If you don’t have enough time and your hand is shaky. The fix typically takes a few hours.

Touch-up paint on your car can cost you around $170 to $280. It’s more cost-friendly than fixing the chip with a body shop. If you don’t have any money issues our suggestion is to go to a body shop for professional car paint service.

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Mobile Technician Cost in 2024

If you can’t want to do it yourself and also do not want to go out you can hire a mobile technician. They’re always ready to come to your house and set the problem. They will come to your house with all the required tools needed for the job.

They generally take a few hours to fix the chip and can charge around $150 to $250. It will cost less than an Auto body shop.

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Average Rock Chip Paint Repair Cost

Rock chips or stone chips can be fixed by any dealership, body shop, or touch-up paint. Professionals charge you not lower than $50 per chip or on average between $150 and $250 for overall work. It depends on the size of the chip.

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DIY Touch-Up Paint Cost in 2024

There is multiple touch-up stuff from different brands. Paint repair costs around $50 to $100 which is cost-effective. If you have a really small paint chip or rock chip you may be willing to do an imperfect touch-up job to save your money.

It’s doable and easy to do touch-up paint on your own. Touch-up paint did pretty well but not 100% perfectly.

The effectiveness and the result are 90% depending on the process of how you apply it. It’s the cheapest option which will take a couple of hours to complete the work.

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What to Choose DIY or Hire a Professional for Car Paint Chip Repair?

If you want to have a flawless look and showroom-like finish you should choose a professional or take it to a body shop. You can also choose a dealership which is quite more expensive than others.

Besides if the chip isn’t that big you can try to touch up the paint. It may not offer a perfect look but it’ll save you valuable money.

You can do the touch-up job by yourself. It’s more cost-effective than others. It’ll save your labor cost. But you have to remember if you do not have enough experience and your hand is shaky you may leave the job for a professional.

For saving money you may end up fading the gorgeousness of your motor vehicle. We suggest you leave the job for a professional for your betterment

According to our research, 2022

Note: For luxury cars, it is recommended to hire a professional or take the car to an auto body shop. 

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The Procedure to Fix the Chip with Touch-up Paint

Touch-up paint helps you to take quick action against the paint chip. If you avoid the chip it’ll turn into rust and can cost you a thousand dollars. But if you fix the chip swiftly with touch-up paint it’ll prevent the chip from becoming a mass. To fix the chip you need some tools.

Tools that are needed for touch-up paint:

  • Denatured alcohol or specially formulated car panel detergent.
  • Paintbrushes or matches.
  • Automotive polishing compound or wiping cloths (microfiber cloth).
  • Workshops match car paint.

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Step-by-Step Guide on How to Fix Chipped Paint on Car in 2024?

It’s a step-by-step procedure. The outcome and the smoothness of paint generally depend on the process of how you apply it. Below, we try to help you by giving away the step-by-step procedure for chipped paint:

Step 1: Start with cleaning the chipped area with cleaner and water and dry the area with a soft cloth or towel. Then wipe the chipped area with denatured alcohol or a special panel clearer. It will help to put off any wax or grime.

Step 2: Do not rub the area too much. 10 to 12 swirls will do the job. Too much rub may end up making the area cloudy.

Step 3: Use a brush, painting pen, or but the end of the paper matches to apply the primer or base coat in the chipped area. Leave the primer to dry for at least half an hour.

Step 4: Be careful choosing the touch-up color. You have to choose a flawlessly matched color. If you don’t find it in an auto body shop you can search for the color in an online shop. Still, if you can not detect the correct color-matched paint, you can go to a paint shop. They deal with the touch-up paint for the cars they sell.

Step 5: Test the color at least once on a piece of paper to find out if the color perfectly matches or not. Put a little paint on top of the primer. You shouldn’t apply paint directly to the chipped area. Let it naturally fill in the damage. Wait an hour before applying the second layer.

Make sure you apply the paint with caution. Apply the paint only to the chipped areas. After allowing the paint to dry for a few days, rub the printed area with a polishing compound to ensure the edges are smooth.

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Does Insurance Cover a Chip on a Car?

You can claim compensation if only the chip is the result of an accident or a collision. Otherwise, the insurance won’t cover the chip on a bus.

In a comprehensive coverage plan, you can try for an insurance claim. For this, you have to convince the insurance company. Generally, people don’t claim the cover of a chip.

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5 Important Reasons for Car Paint Chipping in 2024

There are several reasons for car paint chips, including temperature fluctuations, rocks, bird droppings, moisture, abrasive cleaners, dirty cleaning cloths, sand, dirt, and salt.

Since water-based paints have no toxic properties, car paint has switched from lead-based paints to them. Below are a few reasons why car paint chips:

  • Weather Condition
  • Accidents and Mishaps
  • Low-grade Paints
  • Harsh Chemicals
  • Natural Causes (dust, dirt, and bird droppings)

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There are some questions people ask about “car chip paint repair” (FAQs)

Will chip paint rust?

It’ll rust quickly If you ignore the paint chip. The chip may be very small now but without gripping any measure step it’ll rust day by day. Touch-up paint can redeem your car from rust.

Does touch-up paint prevent rust?

There are three main reasons to apply touch-up paint on the chipped area. It covers the chipped area so that no one can witness the paint chip. Sometimes it protects the chip from becoming a mass and prevents rust. So we have to apply to prevent repainting sections of your car.

Why is my car paint chipped so easily?

Paint chips can be the effect of multiple reasons. involve temperature changes, stones, rocks, boo dirt, humidity, abrasive cleansers, rough cleaning cloths, sand, dirt, gravel, and salt among others. Any one of the cases can affect your paint chipped so handily.

What size rock chips can be repaired?

Stone chips are normally small in size and it doesn’t hurt the paint layer. A chip no larger than a quarter or a crack no longer than three inches can usually be repaired.

Do car detailers fix scratches?

For more severe damages, you will need to take your car to a body shop. Car detailers can repair minor scratches and nicks, but the paint will need to be repainted.

A drop of touchup paint is applied to extremely small scratches and nicks. For larger areas, paint and a clear coat are applied, which is followed by sanding and waxing.

“One Mind” with Car Paint Chips Repair 2024

We hope this cost-effective guide will save you money when fixing a car’s chipped paint. Please leave a comment if you have any questions or if you would like to share how you repair it.

To learn more about automotive topics such as paint rims, car hood painting, replacing a bumper, car alarm installation, and others read on.

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