How Much Does it Cost to Fix a Speedometer? [2022 Updated]

A speedometer constantly monitors the speed of your vehicle. There are sensors that detect the speed of your car and give you an instantaneous speed. This is a must to drive safely in modern times.

Anywhere we go, we see speed limits. And crossing these limits will result in big fines. Also monitoring the speed of your vehicle is important for safe driving. We don’t really feel the actual speed of a vehicle while driving.

Modern suspension systems and other technologies make it difficult. So, without a speedometer, we become prone to any unfortunate incidents. So, if you have a broken speedometer, it will be wise to replace it or repair it as soon as possible.

how much does it cost to fix a speedometer
How Much Does it Cost to Fix a Speedometer

This article is put together to guide you through the whole process. We will try to identify different aspects of speedometer repair and replacement. Hopefully, this will make your life easier. We also hope this article helps you make a better financial decision.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix a Speedometer?

The cost of speedometers ranges from $20 to $100 in 2022. The cost of fixing your speedometer depends on the problem it has. For example, the most common problem with speedometers occurs in the sensors. They might not work properly or completely stop working. And this causes the speedometer to be useless.

According to the auto market data, the cost of fixing a speedometer can often be as much as $200. So, the best decision is to simply replace the speedometer with a new one. This way, you save a good deal of money and get a completely new speedometer. So, simply replacing your speedometer is more cost-efficient.

Speedometer Repair Cost Summary

Based on auto shop market research the following estimate for 2022, the replacement costs of a speedometer are as follows:

Speedometer Cost$20-$100
Speed Sensor Cost $220-$236
Cables Cost$20-$70
Professional Cost$150-$200
DIY Cost$25-$40
Average Repair Cost$200

Professional Cost for Speedometer Installation

Replacing your speedometer professionally from a repair shop will cost you a bit more. You have to spend $150-$200 to hire an expert technician. This actually depends on the labor cost of where you go to replace your speedometer.

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Average DIY Cost for Speedometer Replacement

You can do it in far less. You can DIY. This way, you will only pay the price of the speedometer. If you choose an average quality speedometer, you can shrink the whole cost down to $25-$40. So, if you have a little experience, go for DIY. You can also try if you are a newbie.

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Average speedometer replacement cost of some popular car models

Car Model (Year)DIY CostsProfessional Costs
Jeep Commander (2006)$37$145
Mazda 3 (2010)$25$132
BMW M6 (2010)$131$240
Mini Cooper Paceman (2013)$342$450
Chevrolet Equinox (2014)$47$155
Mercedes-Benz G550 (2015)$20$127

N.B. The stated price levels can vary depending on the market situation, geographical area, and labor cost.

Everything You Need to Know About Speed Sensors

Speed sensors are a kind of tachometer. They are also referred to as wheel speed sensors (WSS) or Vehicle speed sensors (VSS). Speed sensors try to read the wheel rotation of your automobile and give you an accurate number through the speedometer.

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How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Speed Sensor?

On average, Speed sensors cost $220-$236. Speed sensors are the most important part of the whole process. Most of the time, a problem with the sensors leads to problems with the speedometer. As it cannot get accurate information from the sensors.

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Here are speed sensor replacement costs of some popular car model

Car Model (Year)Professional CostDIY Cost
Audi A4 Quattro (2006)$225$107
Jaguar XK (2009)$129$50
Chevrolet Suburban 1500 (2010)$292$75
Dodge Avenger (2011)$106$26
BMW X3 (2012)$518$437
Honda Crosstour (2013)$156$36

N.B. The stated price levels can vary depending on the market situation, geographical area, and labor cost.

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All About Speedometer Cables (How it Works & Get Fixed)

The speedometer cable is the cable that sends information to the onboard computer. In modern cars, they usually run through the gearbox. They use a digital magnet to convert the information into electricity. This way, it is readable by the computer.

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How Much Do Speedometer Cables Cost in 2022?

Speedometer cables cost $20-$70 on average. You can easily replace the cables yourself with a little help. It doesn’t need much expertise. This will be the best way to replace speedometer cables. You can also go to a dealership to replace it.

But this way, it will cost you a lot of money. You might have to spend between $100-$250 for replacing a single cable. So, it will be wiser to just do it yourself.

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Speedometers Vs Odometers – What’s the Difference?

Speedometers and odometers are not the same. They usually use the same sensors to function. If you are researching speedometers, odometers will pop out here and there. So, it will be helpful to know about the differences between them.

  • The speedometer measures the current speed your vehicle is traveling at. It uses the sensors to do so. Wherein, the odometers measure the total distance you’ve traveled.
  • You know your current speed from the speedometers. You get to know about the distance you’ve traveled from odometers.
  • Speedometer measures the rate at which your wheels are spinning. Speedometer measures the rotational speed. The odometer measures the number of rotations your wheel does to determine the distance you travel.
  • Speedometers were invented first. Odometers came later when people wanted to know the traveled distance.

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The Challenges of Replacing Speedometers (Causes and How to Fix)

Speedometers can be prone to several problems. In any of the cases, they are completely useless. We have already given an argument against repairing speedometers in the cost section. You need to replace your speedometer if any of the mentioned problems occur.

  • If you are having problems with your speedometer, probably it is just a problem with the speed sensor. The speed sensor can be faulty or damaged.
  • Speed sensors are wired to your car. So, there can be problems with wiring. In this case, the speedometer will not be able to work properly.
  • The instrument cluster can have problems within. And this will also damage the speedometer.
  • The engine control unit (ECU) is a crucial part in this setup. If the ECU fails for some reason, the speedometer will not work properly.
  • Replacing tires. There’s is a chance that you have caused problems to the speed sensors while changing tires. So, this can also be a reason. In this case, you don’t have to replace the speedometer. Simply reattaching the sensors will be enough.

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Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about (Speedometer Replacement): FAQ

Can I use my phone instead of a speedometer?

Modern devices come with GPS. So, by accessing information from the GPS, a sophisticated app can easily determine your travel speed. But these apps might not always be as accurate as speedometers. Also, you need an internet connection for them to work properly.

So, in a critical situation, they won’t be of much help. The phone battery can also go down. So, for safe driving, you should get a speedometer.

Does the speedometer have a fuse?

The answer is yes. The speedometer like an electric device has a fuse. If the fuse somehow stops working, the speedometer will drop to zero. It won’t be able to give you any information.

Where is the speed sensor located?

The speed sensor is located on the wheels. They measure the rate of the wheel’s spinning and give you a number through the meter. They are located in the wheel so you have to be careful while removing your tires.  

Is it expensive to replace a speedometer?

Yes, it is expensive to replace the speedometer. The speedometer does not cost much itself. Some cars may have expensive speedometers. But usually, they are affordable. The labor cost increases your total replacement cost to $100-$200.

Is it illegal to drive with a broken speedometer?

Yes, it is illegal to drive with a broken speedometer. Your speedometer needs to be in perfect condition. It should always give accurate numbers. There is an added risk of getting fined. If the speedometer doesn’t work properly, it will cause you to cross the speed limit. So, driving with a broken speedometer is not an option.

How do you recalibrate a speedometer?

Press and hold the calibration button. While holding, start your vehicle. Then release the button. Now, press the button again and go for a drive. Now the speedometer is calibrating itself with the new tires. After driving, press the button again. Congratulations! Your speedometer is now calibrated.

“One Mind” with Speedometer Repair 2022

The information provided in this guide can help you reduce the cost of replacing your speedometer. I would appreciate it if you would share your experiences or questions with me below. Here you will find more information on auto parts, speedometers, and many more subjects related to cars on this blog.

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