How Much Does it Cost to Fix a Scratch on a Car? [2022 Tips]

Parking your car next to a cafe. Imagine having a cup of coffee and returning to your car to see scratches and your mood is ruined. We usually spend a couple of thousand dollars on painting our car. Any scratch, no matter how small, can ruin the overall appearance and durability of your paintwork if it’s in a highly visible place.

No matter how careful you’re a scratch will come again and again. But the good news is you can fix those scratches by yourself or an auto shop. We will detail in this article all the costs of fixing a scratch on a car.

how much does it cost to fix a scratch on a car
How Much Does it Cost to Fix a Scratch on a Car

How Much Does it Cost to Fix a Scratch on a Car?

Typically, car scratch repair costs range from $140-$3,500 according to the 2022 auto market research. For a small or simple scratch, on average you have to pay to fix a scratch is around $140-$160. If the scratch is deep and big, the repair could cost more than $3500.

You’ll have to pay different amounts for repairs on your vehicle depending on how many and how deep the scratches are. The total cost of repair will depend on the severity and number of scratches on your car. Repair costs can reach upwards of $7,500 after part purchase and labor.

Car Scratch Repair Cost Summary

You will be able to understand costing factors easily and save time with a cost summary. To learn more, see the cost table below:

Scuff Repair Cost$50-$70
Mobile Scratch Repair$100-$150
Stoned Chip Repair$140-$200
Clear-coat Scratch$150-$300
Primer Paint Scratch$400-$1000
Average Scratch Repair Cost$140-$3500

Determining the Cost on the Basis of Scratch and How to Fix Them

There are mainly two major factors that affect the overall cost to fix a scratch. One is Kind of “Scratch” and the other one is “Professional Cost”. Depending on the types of scratch you have on your car, there are four possible types.

Each type is classified by the depth to which they penetrate the paint of your vehicle. If a scratch is deep, it will cost more to fix. It takes more time and materials to repair a deeper scratch. Let’s discuss the cost of fixing these four scratches.

* Scuff Remover

A scuff is merely a very simple scratch on the surface of the paint job that has neither damaged the clear coat nor affected its color in any way. In order to determine if the scuffs have only damaged the clear coat, rub the area with spit and see if the scuffs disappear.

An auto parts store sells rubbing compounds for getting rid of these. An auto body shop charges an average of $50-$70 to repair a scuff.

* Clear-Coat Scratch Repair

Rocks and debris hitched onto vehicles on the road are among the main causes of these. Since these scratches are deeper and longer than scuffs, they do not require any painting to repair since they do not penetrate past the clear coat layer.

Rub the scuffs with spit to find out if they are merely damaged clear coating. Rub them out yourself with some rubbing compound at a local auto parts store. If you do it all by yourself then it’s cost $20-$30. On average you have to pay $150-$300 for a clear coat scratch in an auto body repair shop.

* Primer Paint Scratch

A primer scratch is a scratch that reaches the paint layer or primer layer but does not expose the metal beneath. Unlike scuffs, these require more layers to be repaired, so the cost is higher.

Often, these scratches are caused by car accidents and falling trees. Auto body shops will charge you anywhere near $400 to $1000 for primer paint scratch.

Note: Once the paint layer is damaged, regardless of how small the repairs are, the entire part needs to be painted. 

* Deep Paint Scratch on a Car

One of the most expensive repairs is to repair deep paint scratches. Those scratches reveal the metal beneath the paint. All layers of paint will need to be repaired in the case of these types of scratches.

Scratches like these are usually caused by automobile collisions. You can expect to spend up to $3500 for a deep paint scratch.

Professional Car Scratch Repair

Professional repairs cost plays a major role here. The cost will be discussed in some sections so that you have a better understanding.

# The Mobile Scratch Repair Cost

It isn’t necessary to visit a garage these days to fix your car’s scratches. Professionals can come to your location to repair scratches at a reasonable cost. Mobile scratch repair services are available. Most mobile scratch repair services charge between $100 to $150.

# The Stone Chip Repair Cost

Car owners often suffer from stone chip damage, but it is an easy repair. As with other scratches, the cost of repairing stone chips is determined by the extent of the damage and the number of dents. An average paint layer repair job costs roughly $140-$200.

# SMART Scratch Repair Costs

Once you google car scratch repairs, you’ll probably find SMART. SMART stands for Small to Medium Area Repair Technology. By using specialized tools, it is possible to repair a localized area of a car without needing to repaint the whole panel or surface.

On average, You have to pay for applying SMART is between $40-$60. A professional color match as part of this service means you’ll have a high-quality result as well as no trace of where the scratch was.

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DIY Cost – Educate Yourself First (Rapair At Your Home)

DIY is the best way to save money. You just need to buy the scratch repair kit. You will find the scratch repair kit anywhere near $15-$40. There are three cheapest ways you can apply to save your cost. They are: toothpaste, shoe polish, and a scratch kit

Toothpaste and shoe polish will be available in the house so don’t have to purchase any. And you will find a scratch kit which may cost you not more than $40. Before you apply them you must examine the scratch and type of damage.

If there was a deep or major scratch then you shouldn’t try. Because it may ruin the entire paint. But if you have a luxurious car we highly recommend you not to do it all by yourself. It may fade the overall paint and ruin the overall beauty.

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Related Factors that Impact Cost: Everything You Need to Know

Besides professional costs and kinds of scratch, there are some other factors that always affected the cost. Here are the following factors that will influence the cost of repairing a car scratch:

  • Placement of the scratch on the car.
  • Repair method.
  • Materials used to repair the scratch.
  • Steps to take to prepare for repair.
  • Your location.

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Does Insurance Cover Car Scratches: Should I File a Claim?

The repair of scratched or dented surfaces is typically covered by your insurance. The other driver or you need collision insurance if your scratch is the result of a collision. You need comprehensive insurance coverage if you’ve had damage caused by a falling tree or a rock hitting your car while driving on a road.

Because in a comprehensive insurance policy you can easily claim coverage can prevent you from having to pay thousands of dollars in repairs.

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Important 3 Tips to Prevent Future Scratches on Your Vehicle

Believe it or not, prevention is better than cure. There are several precautions you can make to prevent scratches on your car.

  • First, you have carefully when you parking them. Like, don’t park away from cart bins, not parking too close to other cars.
  • Secondly, you should clean your vehicle regularly. If you are drying your vehicle after you have cleaned it, you must use a microfiber cloth.
  • Third and the best solution is to install paint protection film. A paint protection film can help prevent car rust and save you money on car scratch repair. Moreover, it can help protect your car against the time and money spent repairing deep scratches.

With all of this protection, you’ll be able to maintain the value of your automobile and keep it looking awesome for years to come.

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6 Beneficial Tips on Fix a Scratch: Easy Ways

You have to be very cautious when you repair a scratch. Check them very carefully:

  1. Make sure the damage hasn’t messed up the paintwork by looking at whether it’s broken through just the clear coat.
  2. Consider a DIY scratch repair kit if you have very light scratches on your car.
  3. It is important to apply the wax evenly and in a circular motion.
  4. Ask the experts for advice.
  5. Get estimates from different auto repair shops to compare costs.
  6. Make sure that the mechanic you hire has relevant experience and is appropriately qualified.

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Top 5 Common Reasons for Car Scratches That Makes You Pissed

You may be shocked because there are several reasons od car scratches. In reality, there are mainly five reasons for car scratches. Here they are:

  • Improper cleaning.
  • Machine washes.
  • Stones and road debris.
  • Rubs against the car.
  • Automobile accidents.

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3 Best Ways to Repair Small & Deep Scratches: Top Guide in 2022

There are some amazing repairs videos on google that you will not want to miss. Some of these techniques can be used to repair a scratch on your own. If the scratch is serious, you will have to seek professional help.

Try these remedies if the scratches still persist. You can follow three simple processes to fix a scratch all by yourself. In turn, we’ll discuss each one:

Method 1: Toothpaste 

The use of toothpaste for scratch repairs is possible as long as the scratch does not penetrate too deeply into the paint layers. You can use toothpaste to treat scratches by washing and drying the area first. Put toothpaste on a towel first.

Use circular motions to apply to the scratch. Wipe the excess toothpaste off after applying. You may need to repeat the process continues until the scratch is gone and the surface is smooth.

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Method 2: Scratch Remover 

You can also use a scratch remover if your scratch isn’t too deep. For DIY scratch repair, you will need a freshly washed car, microfiber or cloth, and a product of your choice. Apply this product in circular motions. If there’s any excess, you should clean it off. Make sure the scratch is disappearing and the surface is smooth after application.

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Method 3: Paint Job 

In order to cover deep scratches, you should paint them. Depending on the color, it may be possible to do it yourself. Clean your car first, and then, continue with the following steps. The first step is to sand down the scratch to remove the top layers.

Once the scratch has been removed, rinse it with water. Apply a little primer, and let it dry completely. To match your car’s color, reapply and apply additional coats. Once everything is done, wax over the car.

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Why Fixing a Scratch is Very Important?

It is important to repair car scratches because they can help improve the appearance of the car. These scratches will give your car an old, worn-out appearance. However, repairs can restore it to its former glory.

A scratch repair can also help you increase the value of your car if you plan to sell it soon. In order to avoid these ugly scratches from appearing in the future, it is a good idea to have them cleaned and repaired periodically.

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The following are the most frequently asked questions by people about (Car Scratch Repair): FAQs

Why install paint protection is important to prevent scratches?

The paint protection film is the most reliable method for preventing scratches despite it not being the cheapest. Paint protection film covers your car like plastic. It provides an added layer of protection to surfaces on the front, trunk, and underside of the vehicle. Using a paint protection film will protect the paint of your car from dings and scratches.

Does the car scratch repair kit really work?

The purpose of scratch repair kits is to fill in minor surface scratches. These kits may work to some extent in case of minor scratches. While the filling often minimizes the scratch, it cannot completely conceal it.

Does toothpaste harm car paint?

It is possible to damage your car paintwork by rubbing toothpaste directly on it, even though the toothpaste itself won’t permanently ruin your paintwork.

How do you tell if a scratch on a car can be buffed out?

To tell if a scratch is real, simply run your fingernail over it. You will probably have to give it additional attention if it catches. In contrast, deeper scratches go past the clear coat into the paint and need professional detailing to be repaired.

Can you paint over car scratches?

When repairing scratches on your car, use auto soap and water to wash the area that has been damaged. Spray a layer of clear coat on the painted surface to protect it, and then polish it to make it shine.

Why is bodywork so expensive?

One factor may be the cost of auto paint by itself. A body shop is subject to onerous costs, including pollution, waste disposal, environmental regulations, and keeping up to date with the most recent advancements made by manufacturers.

“One Mind” with Auto Scratch Repair 2022

With this guide, you may be able to reduce the total costs associated with fixing a scratch on a car. We encourage you to share your experiences and questions with us. You can also find information about the bumper painting, replacing a headlight bulb, installing a car auxiliary port, replacing a car hood, and boring an engine & cylinder in our resources blog.

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