How Much Does it Cost to Bungee Jump in 2024? Master Tips

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The thrill of bungee jumping is mystic. When someone pushes off you at the edge you may close your eyes and feel betrayed. Once you open your eyes and look around you’re just a free-flying bird who is drowned in nature and going to heaven through the river you fall.

At the last moment, when you have lost all hope, the rope rebounds like a pendulum, and nature smiles and tells you, “You are alive”. At this moment, you’ll abandon all of your worries.

That’s a crazy level of experience with all hope in a single rope. Adventure freaks always seek this kind of experience. It suits them perfectly because bungee jumping is full of adrenaline rush which attracts all the thrill-seekers.

how much does it cost to bungee jump
How Much Does it Cost to Bungee Jump

How Much Does it Average Cost to Bungee Jump?

On average it can cost you around $30 to $500 per jump in any part of the world, according to 2024 estimates. If you want more thrill you can try a night jump. It can cost you around $200 to $250 in some locations.

A couple’s jump could cost you around $350 to $450. If you want to bungee experience with your family then you have to spend $1,000-$1,200 (4 people). For each additional jump average price, you have to pay is around $40 to $60.

Commercial bungee jump company will offer you some amazing packages. Sometimes they give you a complimentary jump if your group member is more than.

Some companies will also give an overall discount if your group member exceeds 12 people. Sometimes they give 1 free jump to each member of the group or they will make a special arrangement. 

Bungee Jumping Cost Summary

The setup for bungee jumping is almost the same in every country. The average cost mostly varies because of the location and height of the jump. For instance, in China, Europe, and the US the price of a bungee jump is more costly in comparison to Asia.

Couple Jump$350-$450
Family Jump$1,000-$1,200
Helibungee Cost$730-$1,000
Average Bungee Jumping$200-$500

Country-by-country Bungee Jumping Costs (In-Depth)

Bungee jump costs vary by country. We try to give our audience a country-by-country update on the standard price of bungee jumping.

In the table below we will try to give you the country-based average cost for bungee jumping:

Country NameCost (Per Person)
United States$30-$400
United Kingdom$40-$200
New Zealand$150-$280
South Africa$50-$120

Top 11 Tallest Place Bungee Jumping Destinations in the World

For an adrenaline surge, most adrenaline junkie is always in search of the best places for this. He/she will be ready with their backpacks to get the best adrenaline experience around the world.

There are so many bungee jumping spots around the world. Some are famous for their natural beauty and some are for height and thrill. For your better decision-making, we try to give you the average price with height. These 11 places are the tallest place in the world for a bungee jump.

Here is the summary of the costs for the 11 tallest and most famous bungee jumping destinations around the world:

Place nameHeightPrice Range
Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge Bungee, China260 meters$450-$480
Macau Tower, China233 meters$440-$460
Contra Dam, Switzerland220 meters$210-$230
Bloukrans Bridge, South Africa216 meters$90-$110
Rio Grande Gorge Bridge, New Mexico, USA206 meters$400-$500
Europabrucke (Europa Bridge), Austria192 meters$200-$220
Niouc Bridge, Switzerland190 meters$190-$210
Arbury Bridge, France182 meters$120-$140
Kölnbrein Dam, Austria169 meters$190-$210
Victoria Falls Bungee, (Zimbabwe/ Zambia border)110 meters$110-$120
Nevis Bungy Jump, New Zealand134 meters$240-$280

How Much Does it Cost to Go Bungee Jumping in the USA?

In the USA, the popularity of bungee jumping is increasing day by day. In this country, people are very workaholics. They have only one or two days of holiday.

So they don’t have enough time to travel to another country. In order to do this, we try our best to present an overall view of bungee jumping costs in the United States.

Bungee Jumping Cost Summary in the USA

A state like Nevada, California, Washington, Idaho Arizona, or southern California is familiar with bungee jumping. Here’s the cost table with height:

Name with locationHeight (feet)Cost per jump
Stratosphere SkyJump, Nevada829ft$100-$200
Redwood Trees, California200ft$150-$250
Rio Grande Bridge, New Mexico680ft$300-$400
High Steel Bridge, Washington385ft$250-$350
Crooked River Bridge in Boise, Idaho300ft$200-$300
Sierra Nevada Mountains Bridge in Sacramento, California100ft$100-$200
Navajo Bridge, Marble Canyon, Arizona470ft$250-$350
Northern California Bridges, California220ft$140-$200

How Much Does Bungee Jumping Cost in Europe?

In European countries, people can travel from one country to another European country very easily (EU enlisted Country). So we are to provide you with the best places in Europe for bungee with cost.

The Verzasca Dam in Ticino, Switzerland, is the tallest (220 m.) dam in Europe.

Cost of Bungee Jumps in All Over Europe (w/Prices)

Name of PlaceHeight (meter)Per Jump Cost
Niouc Bridge, Val d’Anniviers, Switzerland190m£160 ($220)
The O2, London, UK48m£59 ($80)
Europabrücke, Innsbruck, Austria192m£140 ($190)
Valgadena Bridge, Vicenza, Italy175m£88 ($120)
Titan Crane Bungee, Glasgow, Scotland45m£75 ($100)
Verzasca Dam, Ticino, Switzerland220m£195 ($265)
Souleuvre Viaduct, Normandy, France61m£122 ($165)
Rasnoavei Gorges, Rasnov, Romania140m£88 ($120)
Danube Tower, Vienna, Austria152m£132 ($180)
Crane Jump in Kaivopuisto, Helsinki, Finland150m£88 ($120)
Bray Lake, Berkshire, England91m£99 ($135)
Corinth Canal, Corinthia, Greece78m£70 ($95)

How Much Does Bungee Jumping Cost in Asia?

Recently Asian people are now more interested in the adrenaline rush. Some bungee jumping places are becoming more and more famous in Asia.

Here’s the table of the cost of bungee jumping in Asia: (Top 10 Best Locations for Your Leap of Faith)

Name of the PlaceHeight (meter)Price Range (per jump)
Macau Tower, Macau233m$440-$460
Gapyeong Top Land, South Korea55m$30-$40
Shidu Nature Park, China55m$30-$50
The Last Resort, Nepal200m$50-$60
Longqing Gorge Bungee, China70m$20-$30
Sunway Extreme Park, Malaysia22m$30-$40
Mohan Chatti, India83m$40-$60
Pattaya Bungee, Thailand60m$60-$80
River Park, Cambodia25m$15-$25
Bohol, Philippines45m$40-$60

Is there Any Additional Cost to Bungee Jumping?

In a bungee jumping plan, you have to keep some additional costs on your mind. First of all, you have to go to the location for the jump. It will cost you some money for transportation. Where you live will determine how much it costs. Secondly, you should take pictures and videography to remember this moment.

The cost of a CD with 50 pictures might range from $10 to $50, depending on where you want to go.

Bungee Jumping, 2024

Furthermore, you can buy bungee jumping equipment for yourself. Bungee jumping sets can cost between $1,000 and $3,000. You have to consider factors such as quality, height, weight, cord length, and safety gadgets. You recommend purchasing high-quality equipment for guaranteed protection.

How Much Does It Cost to Bungee Jump From a Helicopter?

The average cost for a bungee jump from a helicopter is around $730-$1000. In comparison with other situations, bungee jumping from a helicopter is costly. You may have to spend double or more than a normal jump from a crane, bridge, or building.

The most exciting Volcano Bungee in Chile allows you to jump over a live volcano from a helicopter. This crazy, amazing stuff experience could cost you around $10,000 to 15,000 dollars.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Bungee Jump?

First, you need to buy some equipment for the full set. Unfortunately, we didn’t find enough information about the full set cost. You need to buy equipment like a bungee body harness, bungee cord, helmet, safety rope, and sneakers.

Besides, you need special safety training. It will cost you more than a thousand dollars. It mainly depends on what kind of bungee jump it would be. It could be a crane bungee jump or can be from a structure like a building, bridge, or dam.

The jump kind depends on your country or state law. As the game is risky, some countries don’t allow it. We suggest you first know about the country’s rules and then based on the findings, choose the location and equipment for the bungee jump.

If you don’t have any professional training or enough knowledge and access to a reliable resource, don’t ever try to assemble and try your bungee jumping setup. An instructor’s guidance and a full fresh set of equipment are very important for your safety and protection from any uncertain incident.

5 Golden Tricks To Save Money on a Bungee Jump

Everyone wants to save their precious money. There are tricks you can apply to save money on bungee jumping.

  • First, you can reserve the jump when there is an offer or special discount.
  • Second, you can book multiple jumps for the same person on the same day. It can reduce the per jump cost by around $10 to $75. The discount rate can vary from place to place.
  • Third, you’ll find discounts available to the military, police, firemen, and paramedics at some locations. If you are in this category, you will save around $10 to $20 per person, per jump.
  • Fourth, you can book the jump for a group of six or ten members. It will help you to save the full cost of one person or get a discount of 10% to 15% for the entire group.
  • And last, you can try a couples jump with a friend or a partner. It can reduce your cost by up to 50%.

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How to Do a Safely Bungee Jump?

Bungee jumping is a kind of sport where you don’t need any prior experience. Any adult person over sixteen years old (depending on the country’s law) can do a bungee jump. You don’t need to buy any equipment to make a jump.

Everything will be provided by the host, where you booked for the jump. You will only enjoy the moment and follow their institutions. They will provide you with a proper guideline for a perfect jump.

The most important thing for a bungee jump is to gather enough courage to do it. You might be afraid of heights and concerned about health security. To overcome all the negative thoughts and fears, you need to gather enough courage.

There may be health risks for people who are overweight or have any injuries. Bungee jumping is very risky for people who have heart problems, high blood pressure, or who are pregnant. If you are from any of this kind, we highly recommend you not to try any bungee jump.

Make sure you have all the courage to enjoy a jump. If you have any doubts or physical issues, take advice from your doctor before making your final decision.

What Equipment is Needed for Bungee Jumping?

Bungee jumping needs a lot of care and proper scientific calculation for the setup of bungee equipment like bungee cords, harnesses, and safety gear which will help to ensure the proper safety of the jumper. You don’t need to bother about any equipment because all the equipment will be provided by professional trainers and hosts.

Bungee jumping is safe only when it is done correctly. You can do it correctly if you have all the equipment. You need a bungee cord, body harness, good rigging system, helmet, carabiners, good platform, and comfortable clothing. In this part, we discuss the most essential gear.

# Bungee Cord

There are different kinds of bungee cords. But all are made with a rubber core on the inside and a nylon or cloth cover for covering the outside. A bungee cord can be used for 500 to 1,000 jumps. A Bungee cord is the prime and key piece of equipment for any kind of bungee jump. You can not do a bungee jump without a bungee cord.

# Bungee Body Harness 

Harness is used to connect the jumper with the bungee cord.  It prevents the jumper from any kind of accident and helps to absurd the drop’s shock. There are also different kinds of user-friendly harnesses.

The most favorite harness is the full-body harness. It protects the jumper’s full body. It is worn around the chest, shoulder, waist, and thighs.

# Bungee Jumping Rigging System 

A rigging system in bungee jumping is used to pull back the jumper onto the platform when the jump is completed. It is a combination of pulleys and reels, ropes, and a metal connecting device named a carabiner.

When the height of the bungee is higher, it is necessary to use the rigging system to full back the jumper.

7 Useful Tips for Bungee Jumping in 2024

We provide some tips which will give the right direction for a bungee jump. Let’s enjoy the free tips:

  1. It’s better not to look down, right before your jump. Because it might increase your nervousness which can end up not going for the jump.
  2. There is no dress code for the bungee jump. You can wear whatever you want. Wear something in which you are comfortable. It will help you to feel normal.
  3. It is normal to be scared of heights. You can decide not to jump beforehand. Whatever you want, you have to make it clear before jumping.
  4. You have to follow all the guidelines provided by the instructors properly. They are professional and highly trained. They know their job very well.
  5. It is better to jump with an empty stomach. A full stomach can make you uncomfortable and can cause vomiting.
  6. A common mistake made by the maximum jumper is carrying a mobile phone while jumping. Try to leave all things in the locker or someone before going for the jump.
  7. Before booking the place make sure you check the weather conditions of that area.

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What is the Best Time for Bungee Jumping?

You can experience the thrill of a bungee jump whenever you want. You can go with your Friends on any holiday. In winter you can’t enjoy it properly because of snow or fog. For this, we think summer is the perfect season for enjoying a bungee jump.

In summary, the weather becomes warm and dry. You can enjoy the natural beauty and take some pictures or record videos.

Should the Average Working Joe Try Bungee Jumping?

Bungee jumping is the perfect adrenaline rush for adrenaline junkies. An experience like free-falling from a high altitude is very difficult to duplicate in another environment. It’s important to try extreme sports at least once, even if you aren’t into them.

It’s a memorable experience. Even though the cost might seem expensive to some, it is reasonable, considering the expensive equipment and the crew behind the jump taking your life into their hands.

The following are the most frequently asked questions by the people about (Bungee Jumping): FAQs

What is bungee jumping?

In bungee jumping, the person jumps from a high height while holding onto an elastic cord. Any tall structure can be a bridge, a building, a crane, a dam, or even a helicopter.

It is an extreme sport that is unlike anything else. To do this kind of sport, one has to face one’s fears. Some people struggle with their fears. The risk may seem excessive, but the reward will be beyond your imagination.

Is there an age limit for bungee jumping?

Yes, the jumper must be above 18 years old. You will see that many bungee jumping companies have a jump package for minors. Persons younger than 18 years of age must participate in the waiver signing along with their parent or guardian.

If your age is more than 50 years and you have some serious health condition then you have to get your doctor’s permission first. After that, they will give you permission for the jump.

What is the weight limit for bungee jumping?

You will see most of the bungee jump there is a weight requirement. It’s always set by the authority. The minimum weight limit in most places is 35kg and the maximum weight limit is not more the 125kg.

What are the types of falling preferences?

In most cases, you have to ask your bungee operator about advanced jumps. This is necessary to perform advanced jumps like Front Flips, Back Flips, Elevator Drops, and Lumberjacks if you want to feel the moment.

What should I wear for my bungee jump?

Bungee jumpers are advised to stay away from skirts and dresses and wear close-fitting sportswear instead. Avoid wearing loose jewelry. When it comes to bungee jumping footwear, big boots need to be avoided, and lace-up trainers are best.

Can I jump in with someone?

You can. At many sites around the world, you can do bungee jumps on your own or in tandem. It’s just you and the bungee if you jump solo. A tandem bungee involves you and your bungee partner being harnessed together. For the jump, you will need to hug each other, so you must really be close friends.

Is bungee jumping safe?

Taking part in any extreme sport carries a high level of risk. Bungee jump operators take your safety very seriously, taking numerous precautions to reduce risks.

Several crew members will check and double-check processes throughout the day and they will explain their actions. Please do not hesitate to speak with them or the site manager if you have any questions.

Does bungee jumping hurt?

To guarantee the smoothest possible bungee jump, skilled technicians use the correct bungee gear based on your weight. In general, bungee jumping shouldn’t hurt you if you follow all the instructions given to you by the jump crew. As for whether the rebound hurts, if the elastic cords have been correctly chosen for your weight, it will not snap you back up.

How is the bungee cord attached?

You attach it to your ankle with the ankle harness. There’s also a secondary backup body harness that you’ll be wearing too.

Can kids go bungee jumping?

If a child is under 16, the operator’s age policy should govern, but usually, a parent or guardian must be on-site to sign the disclaimer on their behalf.

Are there height restrictions for bungee jumping?

In order to fit into the harnesses, your waist size needs to be between 40 and 125cm.

Can I bring people along to watch my bungee jump?

Indeed. Most jump days are quite fun, with plenty of spectators watching and taking photos. You can feel their cheers and encouragement when you’re standing on the brink and about to jump.

Will I get a refund if I bottle it when I’m standing on the ledge?

Probably not. In this case, a refund cannot be offered since the slot booked cannot be re-sold. Although it’s natural to be scared, jumpers recommend not overthinking it before jumping and not staying too long on the platform.

“One Mind” with Bungee Jumping 2024

We hope this will help you make an informed decision regarding bungee jumping and reduce the cost. We would love to hear about your bungee jumping experience and feel free to ask any questions.

Also, check out the outdoor sports and indoor sports articles about the cost-related guides.

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