How Much Does it Cost to Build a Pool in Arizona? AZ 2022

A famous funny quote that goes on about Arizona is “You Know You’re From Arizona When You Feed Your Chickens Ice Cubes To Keep Them From Laying Hard-Boiled Eggs” It is because in summer the average temperature stays around 32°C to 49°C. Sometimes it completes a half-century.

For this reason in the summer season, the only thing that always stays on Arizona residents’ minds is to “find a way to cool down from this dry heat”. The first thing that comes to your mind is to install a pool in your backyard. Imagine it is a hot sunny day and you are in a pool with your friends or family with a glass full of cold drinks. alluring?

Now if you are interested in building a pool on your property, here I am for you. Through this article, we will try to give an overall idea about the total cost and will break down cost factors related to installing an inground pool in any area of Arizona, AZ.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Pool in Arizona
How Much Does it Cost to Build a Pool in Arizona, AZ?

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Pool in Arizona?

In 2022, according to HomeAdvisor the average cost of building a pool in Arizona is between $17,500 and $46,000. But the cost can go up to $100,000. The cost mostly depends on the size, design, and kind of pool. An inground pool may cost you on average $38,000 to $70,000.

According to different swimming pool builders in Arizona (AZ), an inground vinyl liner pool will cost you around $27,000 to $67,000. But if you want to build a concrete pool, it will cost you around $55,500 to $110,000 on average. But if you want to install an above-ground pool it will cost you on average $780 to $4,000 suggested by HomeAdvisor.

An average US resident doesn’t mind spending $5,500 to install an above-ground pool in their backyard. The above-ground pool building cost mostly depends on the size, depth, design, and material of the pool.

Arizona Pool Building Cost Summary

Based on the estimates, a standard swimming pool in Arizona could cost approximately the following in 2022:

Permits Cost$210-$550
Labor Cost$5,500-$41,800
Pool Maintenance Cost$500-$5,800
Arizona Pool Building Cost$17,500-$100,000

Pool Building Costs in The Major Cities of Arizona: A Complete Price List for 2022

Arizona has some famous cities. From city to city the swimming pool construction varies. It may not be accurate but we get an overview of the pricing. In this section, we try to provide the basic pool cost of popular cities.

City NamePool Price

Overview of Building 3 Types of Inground Pools in Arizona (AZ)

In this cost table, I tried to include the total cost that you may need to pay for building an inground pool with different types of materials in Arizona. It will help you to decide what type of pool will be best for your budget. It could be even more or a little less depending on the material and the labor supply.

Kind of PoolCost Range
Vinyl Liner Pool$27,000-$67,000
Fiberglass Pool$42,000-$90,000
Concrete Pool$55,500-$110,000

The Vinyl liner Pool Building Cost Breakdown in Arizona

The total cost of building a vinyl liner pool in Arizona is on average $26,000 to $68,000 in 2022. It mostly depends on the size of the pool. On average a small size vinyl liner can cost you between $24,000 and $38,000, a medium-size vinyl liner can cost you around $36,500 to $47,300.

And a large size vinyl pool can cost you $48,700 to $75,000. The cost can vary depending on the availability of the labor. You can save the labor cost of installing it on your own. 

The Concrete Pool Building Cost Breakdown in Arizona, AZ

The cost of building a concrete pool is higher than any kind of inground pool building. It is because of its high material and labor cost. To build a concrete pool in Arizona you may need to cost on average $56,000 to $115,000.

A small size concrete pool may cost you on average $50,000 to $60,000, a medium-size pool may cost you $63,000 to $76,000 and a big size concrete pool may cost you $80,000 to $120,0000.

The Fiberglass Pool Building Cost Breakdown in Arizona

A small size pool may cost between $32,000 to $44,000, a medium-size pool may cost you between $45,800 to $54,000 and a big size fiberglass pool may cost you between $65,000 and $95,000.

The total cost of building a fiberglass pool in Arizona may cost you on average $40,000 to $90,000. Fiberglass is very durable and performs very well in every weather.

8 Major Cost Factors That Can Affect the Total Pool Building Cost in Arizona (AZ)

In the cost summary, we tried to give you an image of the total cost of three different types of pool buildings. If you want to become a pool owner better not to shy to talk to pool companies.

Now we will try to break down the total cost and give details about different cost factors which affect the total cost.

1. Excavation Cost

The pool building process starts with the pool excavation. It may cost you $450 to $1,590 for excavation and dirt away. You can save money by keeping the dirt on your property. It will save the dump truck hiring cost.

2. Shaping Cost

After excavation, it is time to give it a pool-like look. You can give it any size and shape according to your design. For this work, labor may charge you $55 to $130 per square foot. The more time they spend on the work and the bigger you give the size, you have to spend that much.

3. Pool Material Cost

Material Cost is the main cost factor that influences the total cost. You may need to pay $26,500 to $77,400 or almost half of the total cost. Material costs mostly depend on the type of pool. If you want to build a Vinyl liner pool it will cost you less compared to the cost to build a Concrete pool.

Besides, if you want to add tiles to the concrete pool, you have to pay more money. The more pool equipment you will add, the more your cost will increase.

4. Cost of Labor

Another most important cost factor is labor cost. It will cost you on average $5,500 to $41,800 which is 24% to 53% of the total building cost. The labor cost of building an above-ground pool is less than building an inground pool.

If you want to customize like dream, talk to pool experts about the design of your dream pool. For the customized pool design, you have to bear additional costs. The current covid-19 pandemic situation has a great impact on the labor force. That’s why labor costs are increasing day by day.

5. Permit Costs in AZ

In many cities, you may need to take permission from the local authority to build or install a pool. It can cost you $210 to $550. It depends on the location.

6. Heating and Filtration Cost

You may need to spend another $2,580 to $8,500 to install pool heaters and filtration gadgets in your pool. It mostly depends on the quality of the gadget. The heater is for the winter season. You can avoid a heater if you don’t want to use it in the winter. It will cost $1,840 to $4,400.

7. Fence Installation Cost

The pool fence is very important for those who have babies in the house. It is for the safety of your children and your pet animals. On average it can cost you around $630 to $4,600 depending on the material you are willing to use.

8. Pool Maintenance Cost in Arizona

Once you install the pool properly your cost is not over. You have to constantly monitor it. Otherwise, it will be damaged. You have to spend annually on average $540 to $5,700 on the maintenance cost of the pool. Don’t forget to buy a pool filter and pool covers.

What to Choose: (Vinyl liner Pool vs Concrete Pool vs Fiberglass Pool)

The vinyl liner pool comes with many designs which can increase the beauty of your backyard. Besides, it is very cost-friendly compared to the other two types. It gives comfort at any temperature but if you leave it empty, the high temperature of Arizona can creak the vinyl liner pool.

The commonly used pool in Arizona is concrete. It is the most costly of the three types. It also performs very well at high temperatures. It also takes much time to complete a concrete pool. But the problem with concrete pools is, that they can crack because of repeated temperature and can create problems like leaks.

A fiberglass pool is the best option to install an inground pool. The flexible and durable feature of fiberglass makes the fiberglass pool perform very well at any temperature. If you have enough money you should go for fiberglass. But if you want to save your valuable money and are looking for a budget-friendly one you should go for a vinyl liner pool.

Cost Summary of 6 types of Above ground pool installation costs in Arizona (AZ)

There are different types of above-ground pool and pool building materials available in the market. In this part, we will try to discuss the cost of installing different types of above-ground pools.

Pool Type NamePrice Range
Inflatable pool$310-$860
Metal frame inground pool$950-$3,850
Round above ground pool$960-$4,000
Plunge pool$1,860-$4,970
Hard-sided pool$2,100-$5,400
Semi above ground pool$8,300-$12,700

Type 1: Inflatable pool installation cost

Typically an inflatable pool is round and small in size. It is very easy to install an inflatable pool and it is very much cost-friendly. An inflatable pool can cost you on average $310 to $860 in 2022.

But the problem with inflatable pools is that you can not use them for many seasons. One season may be. It will give you peace in the hot summer season. It is like something better than nothing.

Type 2: Metal frame inground pool building cost

Of all the kinds of an inground pools, a metal frame pool is the classic one. Normally a metal frame pool can cost you between $950 and $3,850 in 2022. It is also DIY friendly. You can easily put together the metal frame kit to build it.

But the problem with the metal frame pool is that you can’t use saltwater. Saltwater can damage the metal and ultimately damage the pool.

Type 3: Round above ground pool

A round inground pool costs the same as a metal frame pool is $960 to $4,000. It is very useful for small spaces and it takes very little time to build a round above-ground pool.

Besides you can build it with a metal frame, inflatable or hard-sided. It is much helpful to enjoy a cool bath in the hot weather of Arizona, AZ.

Type 4: Hard-sided pool installation cost

The average price for installing a hard-sided above-ground pool is around $2,100 to $5,400. The wall of the hard-sided pool is generally built with aluminum or steel and comes with a resin coating. The benefit of resin coating is that it allows you to use a saltwater generator with the pool and it will not damage the pool.

Saltwater is used to increase the comfort level of the user. It usually comes with a height of 48, 52, and 54 inches. You can install any of these sizes according to your needs.

Type 5: Plunge pool installation cost

An above-ground plunge pool can cost you between $1,860 to $4,970. It is very small in size and it is usually a rectangular pool. It may seem less expensive with a small installation cost, to be the size and the benefit of the pool isn’t worth it.

Type 6: Semi above ground pool building cost

A semi above-ground pool can cost you between $8,300 and $12,700. As it is a combination of inground and above ground pool, a semi above ground pool costs you higher than any other above ground pool.

Semi above-ground pool looks like the above-ground pool from the outside and the inground pool from the inside. Besides, you will have enough space to swim and dive into the cool water, and relax in the hot weather of Arizona.

Can I Install a Pool on My own?

Yes, if you have experience in this field, you can install a vinyl liner pool on your own. It is very much DIY friendly. Besides, you can install the above-ground pool like round pools, inflatable pools, and metal frame pools on your own.

But if you gonna make a pool house or custom pool then you should think about this again and again. But it never did this kind of work, it is better to leave the job for a professional. If you somehow damage it, it is none of any use. Take the service of a pool builder.

5 Ways to Save Money on a Pool Building Project

Pool building is a costly project. We hope that this section will help to reduce the overall project cost.

  1. Most of the cost you have to pay is for the material and the labor cost. Try to build a small pool. It can reduce half of the cost. If you want to install an inground pool you can choose a medium size pool. Choosing the Vinyl liner pool will help to reduce the cost by two-thirds compared to the concrete pool.
  2. You can choose an above-ground pool rather than an inground pool. You can have a pool under $11,000. Besides if you have a very little budget you can install an inflatable above-ground pool which will cost less than $1,100.
  3. If you want to install an inground pool, a vinyl liner pool will be very cost-friendly. 
  4. Also, while building an inground swimming pool you can keep the dirt of excavation in any part of your property. It will save dump truck carrying costs.
  5. Add the additional features or water features later on.

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Saltwater Vs Chlorine Pool Costs

The installation of a saltwater generator is an upfront cost for saltwater pools. The cost ranges from $460 to $1,880. Installation fees might add another $450. Salt and chemicals may cost $110 to $150 annually. In contrast, chlorine pools require up to $900 in chemical costs per year.

Some commonly asked questions about building pools in Arizona (FAQs)

Is a pool fence required in Arizona?

In Arizona, below-ground and above-ground pools must be totally enclosed by a five-foot-high wall, fence, or another barrier that doesn’t permit objects of four inches or more in diameter to pass through.

How much does a pool cleaning service cost in Arizona?

The pool cleaning service in Arizona can cost you monthly on average $85 to $135. It can be a little more or a little less depending on your location. It will cost you between $1,020 and $1,680 annually for the pool cleaning job.

How much does it cost to build a saltwater pool?

To build a saltwater pool, you need to install a saltwater generator. It can cost you around $400 to $1,900. It does not include the installation cost. Add another $300 to $600 for the pool installation professional. Besides, there you have to pay another $130 annually for the salt and chemicals.

How much does pool maintenance cost?

It depends on the type, size, and design of your pool. On average pool maintenance can cost you around $700 to $5,800 annually. It is for the inground pool. An above-ground pool maintenance cost is very low.

Is it worth having a pool in Arizona?

A pool is very much worth it in will add extra value when you go to sell your property. Because of the high temperature in Arizona, every resident here wants to have a backyard pool. Besides, you can enjoy the summer season with your friends and family by going to the pool with a glass full of cold drinks.

How much does a medium inground pool cost?

A 12×24 inground pool means a medium size pool. A medium-size vinyl liner can cost you around $38,000 to $47,000, it will be $56,500 to $80,000 for a concrete pool and $44,900 to $54,000 for a fiberglass pool.

How much does an endless pool cost in Arizona?

The running cost of a circled pool ranges from $41,000 to $66,600. Generally, circled pools measure 10 feet by 40 feet, just like commercial pools. For those with limited space and a tight budget, the Endless Pool is a good choice for between $24,000 and $51,900.

How much does Lap pool and cocktail pool cost in Arizona?

The actual project costs of a Cocktail or Spool are nearly around $21,000 to $27,000 according to HomeAdvisor. On the other hand, you have to spend $42,600 to $63,500 to install a lap pool in Arizona according to HomeAdvisor.

“One Mind” with Arizona’s Pool Building Construction 2022

This entire guide will help you to understand the estimate and reduce the costs of building different types of pools in Arizona. Feel free to share any experience you have with estimating a construction project.

You will find information on advanced house plans & designs, home construction methods, modern house building solutions, cost-saving tips for the building industry, and construction costs on this website.

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