How Much Does it Cost to Build a House in Missouri? MO 2022

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The estimated cost of building a house in Missouri is $175 per square foot as of a recent study in 2022. The lowest per square foot cost is $100 whereas the highest per square foot cost is $250 in some cities in Missouri (MO) for standard grade construction.

How much does it Cost to Build a House in Missouri?

House building costs vary according to the type of construction you do. The cost depends on many things like the materials you use, the appliances you get, and the foundation.

It is estimated in 2022 that the cost of building a 1500 square feet house will take $262,500‬ and a 2500 square feet house will take $437,500‬ to build in Missouri.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a House in Missouri
How Much Does it Cost to Build a House in Missouri?

If you want to build a single-family, a one-story or a two-story home then go out and see other houses in the neighborhood and get an idea. Otherwise, you can hire a professional designer or contractor for the job. Then think about what you want in your house.

Here are the exact answers to some questions that you need to know before starting the house-building process; Do you want a luxury home or a modular home? What is the median cost of land? What building materials will I use? etc.

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Missouri House Building Cost Summary

You can find a comprehensive breakdown of the costs involved in constructing a house in Missouri in the table below

Average Cost$160 per square foot
Concrete Foundation$4,500-$21,000
Permit10%-15% of the whole budget
Major Systems10%-15% of the whole budget
Materials30%-50% of the whole budget
Labor Cost30%-60% of the whole budget

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What are the major cost factors in building a custom home in Missouri?

Build your own home? Consider the price factor of the region. One study conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau found that in 2022, the average cost of single-family homes in Missouri.

The cost of building a house in the Northeast Region is $161.53. In the West Region, building a house costs $139.48. It costs $100.01 to build a house in the South Region. In the Midwest Region, home construction costs are at $106.799.

House Building Data, 2022

Northeast is the most expensive region to build and Missouri, being in the Midwest, will cost you less than most other regions.

The size of a custom home is a major factor as well. This is why you should consider the square footage and average cost.

Missouri Region House Building Cost List

The Northeast Region$161.53
The West Region$139.48
The South Region$100.01
The Midwest Region$106.79

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Per square foot cost to build a house in Missouri, MO 2022

According to, the median square footage of a single-family home in 2022 was 2426 square feet and the median price per square foot was $107.39 per square foot.

This was a contractor-built estimate. It will cost you less if you manage the project yourself. Managing labor costs has a huge impact on the overall budget. Labor costs make up 30% to 60% of all the construction costs.

Here is a complete list of (Lowest, Highest & Average) per square foot house building costs in Missouri for a standard size home.

Home SizeAverage CostHighest CostLowest Cost
500 sq ft$87,500‬$125,000$50,000
800 sq ft$140,000$200,000$80,000
900 sq ft$157,500$225,000$90,000
1000 sq ft$175,000$250,000$100,000
1200 sq ft$210,000$300,000$120,000
1500 sq ft$262,500$375,000$150,000
1800 sq ft$315,000$450,000$180,000
2000 sq ft$350,000$500,000$200,000
2200 sq ft$385,000$550,000$220,000
2500 sq ft$437,500$625,000$250,000
2800 sq ft$490,000$700,000$280,000
3000 sq ft$525,000$750,000$300,000
3200 sq ft$560,000$800,000$320,000
3500 sq ft$612,500$875,000$350,000
3800 sq ft$665,000$950,000$380,000
4000 sq ft$700,000$1,000,000$400,000
4500 sq ft$787,500$1,125,000$450,000
4800 sq ft$840,000$1,200,000$480,000
5000 sq ft$875,000$1,250,000$500,000
5500 sq ft$962,500$1,375,000$550,000
5800 sq ft$1,015,000$1,450,000$580,000
6000 sq ft$1,050,000$1,500,000$600,000

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Missouri (MO) Different Cities House Construction Costs in 2022

Kansas City is the latest city in Missouri and it is the most expensive city in Missouri too. Right now, it is one of the fast-growing cities in Missouri, MO compared to the last 12 years.

The following is a list of the top 10 cities in Missouri where you can find average costs per square foot for home construction:

Top Missouri CitiesPer Square Foot Cost
Lee’s Summit$90-$190
Jefferson City$100-$200
Saint Charles$115-$215
Saint Louis$125-$230
Kansas City$135-$250

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Material cost to build a house

Materials take 30% to 50% and Administrative, Design, and Permits take up 10% to 15% of the construction costs. Find out the average price of the materials for your project and make your decision according to your budget.

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Foundation, Electric, and HVAC Cost

The concrete foundation will cost you from $4,500 up to $21,000. Of course, a typical home doesn’t need any foundation. If you still want to have a foundation then it will add some cost to your budget.

Major systems like electric and HVAC will take a share of approximately 10% to 15% of the whole project.

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Why should you build a custom house in Missouri?

If you choose to just go out and buy a house, it will spare you a lot of hassle and time. But ask yourself this, will the house really be yours?

If you choose to build a house rather than buy, you get to decide about every aspect and even the smallest stuff in your home will be of your preference. Custom design is an option and you can have everything you’ve wanted in your dream home.

Some people have a dream to build a house near the Rocky Mountains. We cover all the details about how you can build a house in Colorado. Here is a step-by-step guide about planning, costing, and building a house in Colorado both for Springs and Mountains.

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What upgrades may add to my budget in MO?

Some major appliances will always add to the budget. Using luxurious appliances or high-end appliances, Exquisite finishes of floors, and glossy finishes of the floor, exterior finishes will add to your budget. The level of finish according to your preference is important. A garage will add to your cost.

Deciding what type of floor you want will also affect the budget. If you simply go for the basic floor then no need to worry. Landscaping will increase the sanctity of your property. I recommend landscaping and it will increase the budget a good amount.

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Should I do the project myself or should I hire a contractor? 

If you have experience in managing these types of projects, it would be efficient for you to manage the project on your own. If you are simply too busy to get the time or lack experience, I recommend hiring a custom home builder for your project to Build a House in Missouri.

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Do I own land to build a house in Missouri?

If you have the land, then start the legal procedures to get a building permit and complete other legal formalities. If you don’t have the land to build a house, then start buying any land ASAP.

Do some research, and gather information about the sales price of lands in your preferred agency or neighborhood.

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When to get the permit?

Getting a building permit is the first and foremost priority for you. Get a detailed plan of your projects including floor plan and other information and apply it to the relevant authority. Here you can check the valuable information about the permission.

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When to get the plumbing work done?

Plumbing is vital in the process. If not done properly, it will make you suffer for a long time. Get your plumbing done before finishing jobs and painting.

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Want a Green Home in Missouri, MO?

In twenty-first-century buildings, an energy-efficient house is a trend. This decision will change material costs significantly and may result in additional costs.

Lastly, get an accurate estimate of the project and make a detailed plan. Take a small amount of construction loan if you are slightly over budget.

Do not leave any work incomplete because once you have completed the work, you won’t want to start it over again. You should understand the local community well before setting up. I recommend getting out of the city: perhaps to a quieter location.

However, if you hire an interior designer for your house, you’ll have an extra cost. Get a good real estate agent and you are ready to start.

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“One Mind” with Missouri Home Construction 2022

Hopefully, this valuable guide will help you save money when building your house in Missouri. You’ll find more information on house building, home improvement, and home design on this website.

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