How Much Does it Cost to Build a House in Maine? ME [2024]

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Building an own house is a dream for every human being. That’s why you have to choose the place wisely to build your own house. Maine is the most northeastern state in America which is also known as the pine tree state. It is the place where we find happiness.

Maine is the most rural of 50 US states and the 12th smallest state by area in the US. With the lower labor cost, Maine is the 23rd, USA’s cheapest state to build a house. In this article, we’re going to cover all the steps to building a house in Maine.

how much does it cost to build a house in maine
How Much Does it Cost to Build a House in Maine

How Much Does it Cost To Build a House in Maine?

In 2024, building a house in Maine can cost you around $150,000 to $400,000 on average. According to statewide house building data, it may cost you $143.31 per sq ft on average. At the lowest price, it may cost $115.31 per sq ft and at the premium price, it may cost you $171.27 per sq ft.

Maine House Building Cost Summary

According to the following estimate for 2024, the costs of constructing a house in Maine would be as follows:

Building Permits$1,000-$5,000
Land Preparing Cost$5,000-$10,000
Foundation Cost$15,000-$25,000
2000 Square Foot House$286,620
Per Square House Building Cost$109-$172

House Building Costs in The Major Cities of Maine: A Complete Price List

Augusta is the capital of the Maine state and Portland is the most populous city in the states. As a rural state, the cost of building a house in Maine is cheaper than in other states. The cost can be a little more and a little less depending on the size of the land and location.

Following are the estimated costs of house building in Maine for different cities in 2024.

Name of CityCost (sq/ft)
Augusta $128.58

Home Building Per Square Foot (sq ft) Cost in Maine for 2024

Please note that because of the COVID-19 pandemic situation, there is a scarcity of labor and the labor cost is sky-high. It may increase the cost than the report suggests.

SizeLowest Cost ($115.35/sq ft)Average Cost ($143.31/sq ft)Height Cost ($171.27/sq ft)
500 ft$57,675$71,655$85,635
1000 ft$115,350$143,310$171,270
1500 ft$173,025$214,965$256,905
2000 ft$230,700$286,620$342,540
2500 ft$288,375$358,275$428,175
3000 ft$346,050$429,930$513,810
3500 ft$403,725$501,585$599,445
4000 ft$461,400$573,240$685,080
4500 ft$519,075$644,895$770,715
5000 ft$576,750$716,550$856,350

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Top 10 Different House Building Cost Factors in Maine (ME)

Building a custom house is not a cup of tea. You have to follow a step-by-step process to build your super home. And each step is associated with some important cost factor. The top 10 of these cost factors are given below:

1. Planning and Designing Cost

The house-building process starts with planning and designing. In this section, you’ll figure out how you want to build your home and you will tell every detail to the designer. For this, you have to hire an engineer, an architect, and a house designer.

These three types of workers work together and make a model and give you a plan to build your project. They will prepare a blueprint and give every detail you want to know and every process you need to complete one by one to complete the house plan they made.

Every one of them charged an hourly rate. There’s a table of costs for the worker involved in this process below:

Workers NameHourly Rate

2. Buying Land in Maine

The cost of land depends on some factors like the land’s location and facility and your requirement to live in the city. When you are choosing a land you must look surrounding area and the living standard and transportation.

If it matches then you check the other Government services available there and also check the school or job’s facility there. If everything is in your favor then you should go for the land.

Land cost mostly depends on the density of the population and available facilities and utilities given by the state government. A developed area will cost you much more than a less developed area.

3. Land Preparing Cost

To make a strong resident we must work on land development. It will increase the durability of your structure.

To prepare the land for the construction you may need to hire a bulldozer or something like this and make a soil test. It may cost you $5,000 to $10,000 for preparing the land.

4. Building Permit Process

Building your own home is always a challenging project for everyone. Before starting the construction project there are some formalities we’ve to complete from the local authority. We have to grant some authorization.

To start the building you need to take the building permit from the local government and it may cost you $1,000 to $5,000. It can vary from city to city. But it is the average charge for most of the cities in Maine.

5. Cost of Labor

One of the major cost factors of house building is labor cost. Labor costs included every construction team needed to run the construction process. To make your custom home projects successful they play an important role in the overall project.

Labor cost depends on the availability of the labor. Because of the COVID-19 situation, labor is one which is not available and it increases the overall labor cost. It will cost you 30% to 60% of the total construction costs.

6. Material Cost

It is another major cost of building a house after labor costs. No matter you build a single-family home or modular home you must need material to complete your residence for living.

The cost breakdown is very tough because the material cost depends on the quality of the materials. If you are willing to use it for the construction the size of the building also would matter.

Material can cost you up to 30% to 50% of the total cost. Spend money wisely for using premium quality materials. You also keep in mind that you have to bear the extra costs if you need to perform a heavy-lifting task.

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7. Foundation Cost

Like the human body, the foundation is the backbone of any building. Depending on the type of foundation the cost will alter. You can go for basements or slab foundations or else you can choose a crawlspace foundation. Basements are expensive in them and crawlspace is the cheapest in all of them.

The basement may cost you up to $100 to $3,000 per square foot and the pouring, and backfilling may cost between $15,000 and $25,000.

8. Utility Cost in ME

Utility setup cost is also a vital cost factor in this construction project. You have to pay for utility installation, plumbing, electronic wiring costs, HVAC costs, solar costs, impact fees, etc before you live in your house. It’s very confusing which system you choose.

From the recent research, we’ve found that using natural sources of energy is very highly praised by the government and the resale value is also very good. That is why our recommendation is to go for it without any hesitation.

So using the solar system is very meaningful for securing your investment and saving the environment. All this combined may cost you between $30,000 to $70,000.

9. Interior Finishing Cost

Interior finishing is another important cost factor for house building. Sometimes it’s the mandatory thing when you are making customized homes for your living. Customized homes need high-end finishing on the interior. According to NAHB, it can cost you up to 30% of the total cost.

10. Furniture Cost

As you build a new house you need to install some modern furniture to give it a classy look and for a comfortable living. The most important thing is that the furniture must match the interior and the design you thought.

Furniture like beds, couches, tables, chairs, almirahs, etc is mandatory for any house. It may cost you $20,000 to $80,000 depending on the owner.

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Cost of Building Barndominium (Barnardos) House in Maine

If you are looking for a more cost-friendly custom-made house, Barndominium House may help you in this work. The word Barndominium comes from the words barn and condominium.

This house is called Barndominium because the frame of this house is made of a metal pole barn or on a frame structure. It almost looks like same from the outside as the traditional house.

Barndominium Cost vs. Traditional House Building

The average cost of building a traditional house in Maine is more than $140 per square foot. But the building cost of a Barndominium house is cheaper.

It will cost on average $109 per square foot to build a Barndominium house in Maine. The size of the house will not make a big difference.

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Advantages of Building a Barndominium House Over a Traditional House

The very first and very attractive advantage over traditional house is, it is very cost-friendly. The cost of a Barndominium house is almost one-third less than a traditional one.

It takes half the time of building a traditional house. So, it helps you to save both time and labor costs.

Our own research, 2022

With the savings from the budget, you can use the money to decorate the house with more attractive furniture and all the features you may want to add to your new dream house.

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Why You Need to Build or Buy a Home in Maine, ME?

If you are a winter lover and you love to see cold breezes and ice falling in spring then Maine is the best place for you to build your house. If you’re a big fan of seafood, especially lobster then Maine is heaven. Most 90% of the country’s lobster comes from Maine and they are increasing their production every year.

Maine is the single largest producer of blueberries in the United States. Maine is the state where you find cultural diversity and people live their lives in a very friendly manner. People here are very social and caring and they have the ability to become your own people.

The education system is good here and other facilities are available. You will find every class of people here. So it’s a wise decision to Maine for making a residence.

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Some most common questions asked about (the Maine House Building): FAQs

What is the most expensive place to build a house in Maine?

With an average building cost of $144.54 per square foot, Portland is the most expensive city to build a house in Maine compared to other cities in Maine.

How much does it cost to build a 2000 sq ft house in Maine?

On average, a 2000-square-foot house may cost you $286,620. It will be a little more or a little less depending on the location and availability of the Labor. COVID-19 pandemic situations increase the labor cost and the price of the materials.

“One Mind” with a Home Construction in Maine

Maine is one of the prettiest states to own a house. Our goal is to minimize the cost of building a house in Maine through this guide. Additionally, you can describe how you estimate and manage your home construction if you wish.

Our website features information about modern home construction, architecture, interior design, exterior design, and other topics related to these areas.

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