How Much Does it Cost to Build a House in Idaho, ID? [2022]

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Idaho is a great place to live if you want to own a home and get a lot of time outdoors in nature. If you are a townie person and like to be around tall buildings, Idaho is not a choice.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a House in Idaho?

The average cost of building a house in Idaho, according to 2022 data, is $452,400. The year-over-year median price has gone up 25%. The median price has gone up 45% in the last five years. Inventory has gone down 71%.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a House in Idaho
How Much Does it Cost to Build a House in Idaho?

The building costs of the house will vary depending on the type of home you want to build. Let’s see some retail prices,

  • Custom homes cost $116.08 per square foot (Basic Construction).
  • Condos cost $450+ per square foot.
  • Townhomes cost $174 to $324 per square foot.
  • Single-family homes cost $127.64 to $495.90 per square foot.

Local production builders have built the least expensive homes.

Idaho House Building Cost Summary

You can see all of the costs involved in constructing a house in Idaho (ID) in the table below

Custom Homes$116.08 per square foot (Basic Construction)
Condos$450+ per square foot
Townhomes$174-$324 per square foot
Single-Family Home$127.64-$495.90 per square foot
Paint Job Cost$650-$6,200
Real Estate Agent Fee6% of the Sales Price

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Major Cost Factors in Building the House in Idaho (ID)

Here is a look at some of the major factors that determine the cost of building a house in Idaho.

Material Costs

Building materials constitute a large segment of the whole project. So, material costs are sure to have a deep influence on the budget.

It is estimated that materials take up to 30-50% of the whole budget. You can choose the materials you use freely. And the materials you choose, depending on their price range, will cause you to spend a certain amount. Do a cost survey and take your decisions accordingly.

Transporting the materials from elsewhere will add to your cost. If you love to build a house near mountains, Colorado can be the best option. Find some related cost guides in Colorado here.

Labor Costs

Of all the construction costs, the cost of labor is the biggest one. Labor cost constitutes 30-60% of all the construction costs. Managing the labor cost is truly a hectic job. Getting skilled labor and adding more workforce to your project will increase this even more.

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Administrative, Design, Permit Costs:

Administrative, Design, and Permits take up 10-15% of the construction costs to build a house in Idaho.

Idaho (ID) Region House Building Cost:

Average building costs in Idaho for the different regions are given below:

Northeast House Building Cost$161.53
Midwest House Building Cost$106.79
South House Building Cost$100.01
West House Building Cost$164.73

Here you can check the list of cities in Idaho.

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Should you manage the project yourself or hire a contractor for Building a House in Idaho?

If you don’t have prior experience in managing such projects, then I recommend hiring a contractor. But if you don’t or just can’t get the time out, I recommend hiring a local custom home builder. 

So, how much does it cost to hire a builder in Idaho in 2022?

Different types of contractors will charge you differently. Here is some information about the hiring cost of different home builders

Custom Home Builder$70 per square foot
Production Builder$40 to $50 per square foot
Semi-custom Home Builder$55 to $70 per square foot

N.B. For Production Builder, the cost will decrease with increasing footage.

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What upgrades will increase my overall cost in Idaho (ID)?

Using fancy and luxurious appliances like exquisite floor finishing, and interior and exterior finishes will add to your cost. Swimming pools can increase the overall cost significantly.

A finished basement, an office for getting some extra work done, and a game room can also be the reason for an extra cost. A big lawn or fancy landscaping is also going to cost you a good amount of money.

If you want to get an energy-efficient home or a green home, some additional costs have to be made beforehand. After you are done, you have a green home now. Congratulations!

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What are some other important cost factors to consider when building a house in Idaho?

Plumbing Job Cost:

Plumbing is an important task. Poor quality of plumbing work can damage the house for good. So, hiring a good plumber and using the best quality fittings for the house is the topmost priority in these types of projects.

Paint Job Cost:

Colors are what bring life to an environment. Choose your colors wisely as this is going to bring life to your house. The average cost of painting a house is $2901 ranging from the lowest at $650 to the highest at $6,200.

Get a professional opinion when choosing the colors. The environment and the surrounding have a great impact on the presentation of your house.

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Do you Own a Plot of Land Yet, in Idaho for Making a Home?

Hey, if you don’t have the land to build on, then all the things I’ve said till now are not the first thing to consider. Because without the land you can not get the building permit and without that my friend, the project ain’t gonna fly! Let’s buy you land first,

Go to a real estate agent and get consultancy. Look for the available plots and find the one that is appropriate for your project.

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How much will a Real Estate Agent charge to build a home in Idaho?

The average realtor fee is 6% of the actual sales price of the home. If you have someone you know who can get you a good deal then, Voila!! 

Building Permit & Where to get it?

Getting a land permit is important to your project. You need to get the building permit for your land from the relevant authority. In Idaho, you need to go to the “Division of Building Safety”

Here is the link to get permission online. Visit: and read the full instructions carefully to get apply.

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What situations can affect the Budget in Idaho 2022?

Weather Condition:

It is difficult to build a house in bad weather conditions even in Idaho. As a result, the project takes longer and costs more money.

Working Environment:

The working environment of the area is also an important consideration when achieving your goals.

Land Condition:

If the land condition is not optimum to build, this can increase the budget a great deal. So when you are buying land, give special importance to the building condition of the land.

Land Communicability:

If the land is far or in a place where transportation is hard, this can affect your project or building your home.

Lastly, do a cost survey and find the costs of the project with full details. Remember that the actual project cost will vary and may differ from the budget a little. Finish the project properly and see what the actual project cost is.

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