How Much Does it Cost to Build a House in Hawaii? [2021]

According to 2021 estimates, the cost to build a house in Hawaii ranges from $200 to 900 per square foot, depending on the features required. So roughly, for a 2000 square feet house, the cost can range from $400,000 to $1,800,000.

Building our dream home is the top priority in our lives. Home is where you get peace of mind and soul. This’s why we should consider every aspect before we start the project of our dream home.

If you already own any land in a residential area or near Colorado Mountains, the first thing to do is get the permits and complete all the legal formalities. Visit Planning Hawaii Official Website for more relevant information.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a House in Hawaii
How Much Does it Cost to Build a House in Hawaii

How much does it cost to build a house in Hawaii?

The cost of building the house can vary depending on a number of things. Price of materials, price of land; such prices play a key role. Residential Construction costs tend to be a little The first thing to consider is to visualize your house according to your budget.

The next question to ask: what type of construction will it be? Is it a single-family house or a multi-family house? It depends on these key specifics you will be able to take further decisions.

According to Rider Levett Bucknail (RLB) in 2021, the average cost of building a house in the city of Honolulu is Multi-Family Cost: Low $205 – High $455 per square foot. Single-Family Cost: Low $290 – High $780 per square foot.

Understand that the cost listed is an average and the actual cost will vary depending on certain situations and your preferences.

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Hawaii House Building Cost Summary

You can see all of the costs involved in constructing a house in Hawaii in the table below

Estimated Cost$200-$900 per square foot
Multi-Family$205-$455 per square foot
Single-Family$290-$780 per square foot
Land Permit Cost$18 for work up to $500

Before making the decision, give yourself some space. Think about having reasonable accommodation. Ask questions to yourself; what type of project is it going to be? what are the building codes? where do I get the vacant land? what is the median price of materials? 

Hawaii, being an island, is one of the most expensive places to build. Almost all the materials have to be shipped in from elsewhere and this increases the building cost significantly.

Labor costs are very important in the building process. If not managed properly, the labor costs can create a shortage in the budget.

Things you add to your house, certain appliances, and features will increase your building cost. So, you have to be on your toes and be very certain of what you want in your house. For example, swimming pools, basements, offices will add to your cost.

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Things to keep in mind when building a house in Hawaii

There are a few key things to consider before starting your house construction work. Detailed information is provided below.

House Permits

The state of Hawaii is one of the hardest places to get permits for building houses. So, you should complete all the legal formalities as soon as possible. If not done properly, this will affect the whole project and cost you both time and money.

Contractor or Self Cost

While taking the decision, you should be sure about this stuff. Know that the whole process is tiring and time-consuming as well. So, if you are not up for the challenges then the best thing to do will be to hire a contractor.

If you hire a contractor that will cost you a minimum of $50 extra per square foot. Even after you hire someone, you have to be in constant communication with the contractor and monitor the whole process.

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Communicate with concerning parties

Ask as many questions as possible about the whole project both to yourself and the concerning parties. This will help you sort out the project accordingly and be prepared for any unfortunate situations.

Acquire a Land

If you don’t own any land yet, this is the first thing to do. Go to a realtor and be very clear about what type of land you want and in what type of neighborhood you want it in. Real estate is different in different cities.

Learn about the property costs. Scan every piece of land that you can and find the land for sale where you want to build your dream house.

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How do I get a house building permit in Hawaii?

Getting a land permit is a primary thing to check off of your list. You need to go through a process to get the permit, Here is the step-by-step method

  • Permit application: Write a proper permit application addressing the relevant authority.
  • Make your project plan: Complete your project plan as you need to submit it to the city before you get any permit. Hire an architect if the project is big and get professional drawings.
  • Application Submit: Scheduling an appointment with the city office and submit the application.
  • Start construction: Get the permit and start your project.
  • Work monitoring: The city will now have scheduled inspections to ensure that you are going in accordance with the plan.
  • Final approval: Complete your project and get the final city approval.

The process can change depending on the legal boundaries of a particular area. Make sure to do your research and complete the process as it is very important. Visit: for more information.

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Read other related FAQ Below for building a house in Hawaii

Here you will find other frequently asked questions regarding Hawaii house construction

How much does it cost to get a building permit in Hawaii?

You should also keep in mind the permit fees. The minimum fee is $18 for works up to $500 in value. This fee will increase with the value of the work. Always try to gather extra few thousand bucks as these projects tend to go over budget very often.

Where can I get the land permit to build a house in Hawaii?

You need to go to the nearest Building Permit Centre to get the permits. A building permit is supposed to be very convenient to get if you follow all the steps correctly.

Who will arrange the land permit for building a house in Hawaii?

If you are hiring any contractor for your house construction, it is the contractor’s job to get the permit. Make sure he/she is getting the required permits in time. If you are doing it yourself then hurry up!

How much do contractors charge to build a house in Hawaii?

Hiring a contractor will cost you a minimum of $50 per square foot. You have to consider the price range in which you want to hire the contractor.

What should I consider when hiring a contractor in Hawaii?

You should look for someone who is experienced in handling the type of projects that you are going for. Go for someone who has been working in the area where you are planning to build your house.

This will give you a very good advantage in solving problems. Make sure of the character of the contractor; I suggest looking for someone who has previously worked for your friends or family. 

Get a thorough look at the previous works that he has done and get an idea of his capability.

What house upgrades in Hawaii will add to my cost?

The kids might want a great swimming pool, or your wife might be interested in luxurious flooring, you may need to have an office for getting some extra works done or a basement is a must for the family, a safe outdoor space perhaps for the newborn to run around.

These are the types of special features and appliances that may add to your cost. Getting a custom home will add to your cost. Designer walls, fancy windows, etc will also add to your cost. Other unforeseen costs may also come into existence.

How much extra budget should I have before I start my house build in Hawaii?

You should arrange a minimum of 10% of your budget as your extra. Many unforeseen costs tend to appear in these types of projects. So, being prepared for adverse situations is the best approach.

I hope this valuable guide will help you reduce the cost of building your house in Hawaii. Stay tuned for more information on house building, home improvement, home design, and other related topics.

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