How Much Does it Cost to Build a House in Colorado? [2021]

Colorado is the dream place to build a house. The Rocky Mountains mesmerize every eye that looks. Building a house in this place is a great decision for anyone who likes to live a life close to nature and away from the hassles of city life.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a House in Colorado?

According to Home Advisor, 2021 estimates, the cost of building a house in the state of Colorado is $300,000-$500,000 on average. So, for a 2000 square foot house, it will cost you $150-$250 per square foot on average.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a House in Colorado
How Much Does it Cost to Build a House in Colorado

Well, due to high demand the process also becomes a tad bit difficult. There are two places where you are most likely to build a house. In Colorado Springs or in Colorado Mountains.

The cost of building a house is going to be different in these two places.  So, let’s have a look at the costs of building a house in Colorado.

Colorado House Building Cost Summary

Here is a complete price list of per square foot cost to build a house in Colorado

Cost of Building in Colorado$150-$250 per square foot
House in Mountains$350-$500 per square foot
Custom Home in Springs$225-$400 per square foot
Semi-Custom Home in Springs$92-$136 per square foot

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Cost of Building a House in different Counties of Colorado

The average costs of building houses in the different counties of Colorado

Denver Colorado$250-$300 per square foot.
Boulder Colorado$100-$155 per square foot.
Pueblo Colorado$85-$126 per square foot.

N.B. These are average estimations. The actual costs will vary depending on the size and location of the project. Other factors can also be responsible. Read Major Cost factors in Hawaii to understand more.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a House in Colorado Mountains?

The cost of building mountain homes is more than normal homes. Building mountain homes require special attention. This is a newer dimension and it will take different approaches to complete it.

The topography of the selected land is a major factor. Everything has to be set afloat according to that. The typical cost of building a mountain home is $350-$500.

Major Cost Factors of Making House in Colorado Mountains


Utilities are the most important in mountains. When you are preparing to build a home, you need to be sure where are the utilities are going to come from.

You need to spend a good amount of money on preparing your electricity line and gas. Managing this stuff with good hands is an important part of the construction.

Site Preparation

The site preparation has to be done first. When preparing your site, you might need to spend a good amount of money.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a House in Colorado Springs?

Firstly, building a house in Colorado Springs is an expensive decision. Planning to just buy a house there, can cost you a minimum of $600,000. Planning to build one is going to cost you even more.

The average cost range of building a house in Colorado Springs is $225-$400 per square foot for custom homes and $92-$136 per square foot for basic construction. So, a 2000 square foot house will cost you a minimum of $450,000 for custom homes and $180,000 for basic construction.

The land cost is not included here. If you don’t have land yet, buying land will add to the overall cost. The average land cost in Colorado Springs can be around $200,000-$500,000 depending on the size of the land.

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Types of Houses and Relative Costs of Building a House in Colorado Springs

Custom Homes

Custom homes are the most expensive to build. You have to work with the housebuilder directly and make every possible decision about the house; from floor plans to the materials. This gives you the chance to build a truly unique house according to your preferences.

On average, custom house costs are $225-$400 per square foot. This is not a rigid number. The choices you make in the process such as materials, finishing, design, etc., will significantly affect the number.

The whole surrounding of the selected land is considered in custom homes. Depending on these factors, an architect gives you a design and you start to work with the builder.

If you’re also interested to build a house in Missouri this guide will help you. Here you can find all the things of costing, permission, and total house building process in Missouri.

Semi-Custom or Basic Construction

Building a semi-custom home or a basic construction home is less expensive. There is less space to choose from. Although you are able to make decisions on a number of different factors. Mostly you are told to choose from already existing designs and it curtails the cost a great deal.

This type of construction will cost you $92-$136 per square foot. Of course, depending on certain decisions and preferences, the actual cost will vary from the estimated cost.

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Other Cost Factors of Making Home in Colorado

Size and Design of the House

The size of the house is a major factor in measuring the overall costs. The bigger the house the more the cost. The type of design you choose is also going to affect your cost greatly.

So, be reasonable while choosing the design. You don’t have to go overboard with the design unless you plan to build a landmark. A simple design can also be very beautiful when applied properly.

Architect Cost

Design is the most important part of a custom home. What you want in your house will be applied to it through the design. So, hiring an architect is a very important task.

The fee of the architect will depend on his/her experience and fame. Famous architects can charge as much as a million dollars. You can always go to a farm and see what they offer.

Fencing & Landscaping

Fencing and Landscaping are not included in the per square feet cost. If you want those to be there, be sure to talk to your builder beforehand.

Idaho is also a great place full of nature and a good environment. Here you can find a proper guide on how much does it cost to build a house in Idaho.

Level of Finish

The level of finish has a major influence on the overall cost. The type of floor you want, the level of paint quality in the house, interior and exterior decisions will also affect the cost of your house.

Extra Spaces

The extra spaces you want to add will increase the actual cost. Many people want to have a large deck for parties or other gatherings. A big garage or a big porch is going to add to the actual cost.


You might want to have a basement or a secret room in your house. Many people also want to prepare for nuclear warfare and build safe havens for themselves in the house. So, of course, this will cost you a good amount of money.

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How long will it take to Build the House?

The duration of the construction is very difficult to guess. The duration of the project can be from three months to six/seven months. This will depend on a number of things;

  • The site condition.
  • The Technicality of the whole Project.
  • The Weather Conditions in the construction area.
  • Availability of Materials.
  • Amount of Labor used, etc.

If you’re planning to build a house in Colorado, this guide will help you from the beginning of the project. Keep in touch with the project up to date with us. Also, share your valuable experience with building a house in Colorado.

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