How Much Does it Cost to Build a House in Alabama? AL 2022

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Alabama is located in the southern part of the US which is called the Heart of Dixie or the Cotton State. The state is blessed with warm weather and inland waterways and forests. The beauty of Alabama is unreal and it is one of the most biologically diverse places in the country.

The food of Alabama is unique and delicious, job opportunities are available, education facilities are also good, and also find ethnic cuisine and different home style. You mean easily build a house in Alabama and set your life in this opportunist state.

The building cost is low here and living costs also. So it is truly a good choice to build a house in Alabama. The article is full of information about Alabama’s house building. So stay tuned to know everything about it.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a House in Alabama
How Much Does it Cost to Build a House in Alabama, AL

How Much Does it Cost to Build a House in Alabama?

The average to build a house in Alabama is around $300,000 to $540,000. According to the estimates for 2022, the average per square foot cost is around $170 to $305. To build a 2000-square-foot home in Alabama can cost around $340,000 to $600,000.

The cost can go to $500+ if you go for the custom home. It will take 7 to 10 months to build a single-family house in Alabama, AL. The living standard of the state is 82.3. So you can easily relate that the labor cost isn’t that high here.

Alabama House Building Cost Summary

We try to give an overall cost so that our audience can easily understand the house building cost in Alabama. Here is the home construction cost summary of Alabama below:

Land Cost$90,000-100,000
Exterior Finishing$37,000-$54,000
2500 Square Foot House$425,000-$762,000
Per Square Foot Home Building Cost$170-$500

Average Costs for Building Homes in the Major Cities of Alabama, AL

Alabama is the state where you can get fresh air very easily. Most of the city of Alabama is quite good for living. Costs can vary from city to city depending on the importance of the city and other factors that go into house construction.

The cost of building a house in Alabama’s major cities is summarized here.

City NameBuilding Cost

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How Much Does it Cost to Build a 2000-square-foot House in Huntsville?

Huntsville is the most populated and famous city in Alabama. The demand for houses here is very high. The location and the job opportunities are very favorable here. In 2022, the average house building per square foot cost is $250 to $305 in Huntsville.

To build a 2000 square foot in Huntsville you have to spend $500,000 to $610,000. For a custom house in Huntsville, you have to spend more than $520 per square foot.

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Home Construction Costs Per Square Foot in Alabama

Family sizes vary, so people’s needs for home size also vary. Here are the costs for different house sizes in Alabama in 2022.

Home SizeAverage CostHigher CostLower Cost
500 sq ft$119,000$152,000$85,000
1000 sq ft$238,000$305,000$170,000
1500 sq ft$357,000$457,000$255,000
2000 sq ft$476,000$610,000$340,000
2500 sq ft$595,000$762,000$425,000
3000 sq ft$714,000$915,000$510,000
3500 sq ft$833,000$1,067,500$595,000
4000 sq ft$952,000$1,220,000$680,000
4500 sq ft$1,071,000$1,372,500$765,000
5000 sq ft$1,190,000$1,525,000$850,000
5500 sq ft$1,309,000‬$1,677,500‬$935,000‬
6000 sq ft$1,428,000‬$1,830,000‬$1,020,000‬

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12 Cost Factors of House Building in Alabama (AL) for 2022

Different factors are related to the total cost. There are too many that you will be confused. These factors vary frequently because of the labor, supply, and instruments needed in the construction process. You will find the cost fluctuation from city to city because of these factors. 

Determining the price of a detached or single-family home depends on its type of construction, size, and material. Construction costs, prefabrication costs, and development costs are included in this range. 

1. Custom Homes in AL

Most people who want to build a house have specific designs in their mind, in short, they came up with a plan for a custom home. Custom homes have unique attributes to other types of homes. Living room to the washroom you find every kind of customized material and design there.

To meet your specific functionality and aesthetic needs you can go for the custom home. To make a custom home you must hire an architect and a team of designers. They will hear the thoughts and give a shape & proper plan of the construction. This will increase the cost.

According to our estimates in 2022, depending on your customization a custom home can cost you $325,000 to 1 million. The exact cost is very tough to answer because people’s dream about home is different from one another.

On average you have to spend $160 to $550+ to build a luxury custom home. Depending on the customization, it costs around $170 to $530 per square foot for constructing a custom home in Alabama.

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2. Prefabricated Home in Alabama

If your budget is tight and you don’t need any kind of customization then prefabricated homes are a perfect match for you. There are several designs available in this kind of home. Prices don’t vary too much.

Prefabricated homes have more design options than panelized homes. Transporting panels on-site is less expensive than transporting modules. The average price range for prefab and modular homes in AL is between $415,00 to $350,000.

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3. Modular House in AL

A modular house is also cheaper. The average cost to build a modular house is around $160,000 to $380,000 in Alabama. This type of home is quite famous nowadays. According to our estimates in 2022, the average per square foot cost is around $40 to $80.

So for building a 2000-square-foot modular house in Alabama you may have to spend $80,00 to $160,000 without labor and appliances costs. In total, you have to spend $150,000 to $250,000. It will take four to six months to build it.

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4. Developers or Custom Home Builders

Developers and custom homes builder are also good options. There are specific locations and floor plans in most housing developments, but there is a high degree of customization. Most planned communities offer developer homes.

The prices of these homes vary too much. Different types and different shapes & sizes of homes are available in the market. Development homes typically cost $50k to $2M in Alabama (AL), according to estimates for 2022.

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5. Land Cost in Alabama

Choosing and acquiring land is the first step to starting the construction process. Alabama is the 13th largest state in America so the land for housing is plenty. So the land price is moderate here. If you choose a modern city then the cost of the land will dramatically.

The price of land in urban areas is high. In summary, the price of a piece of land mostly depends on its location and size. It is estimated that land in AL can cost between $80,000 and $500,000 or more.

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6. Building Permit Fees

Gaining a building permit from the local government is very crucial. Without this paper, it’s illegal to start the construction process. In 2022, you have to spend an amount of $2,500 to $5,000 for getting every kind of permit you need for constructing a house.

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7. Planning and Designing Cost in AL

To give the shape you need some skilled worker for this. You need an architect to create a blueprint of your building, a land surveyor for dating boundary lines and preparing sites for construction so legal disputes can be prevented, and engineers too. Like their job, their cost varies from one another.

Here’s a complete list of architecture and designer costs in Alabama:

Designer NamePer Hour Cost
Landscape Architect$78-$123
Draftsperson Cost$80-$130
Interior Designer$110-$150
Architect Cost$120-$165
Engineer Cost$140-$180
Land Surveyor$137-$201

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8. Labor Cost in Alabama

Labor costs are a big factor in overall costing. It becomes a big issue nowadays. There isn’t enough in the picking season and the labor cost is higher at that time. Labor costs cost in Alabama aren’t that high compared to other states.

You may have to spend fifty percent or more in this sector. Construction requires a lot of labor. In terms of labor costs, availability, size, and design of the house all play a role.

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9. Average Construction Cost

Construction is the main part of the building process. The cost of the construction doesn’t vary that much.

Here is a chart of the construction phase and its cost in Alabama, AL.

Phased NamePrice Range
Framing, trusses, and related metalwork$2,354-$10,544
Construction of the foundation (excavation, pouring, and backfilling)$3,540-$16,234
Plumbing, HVAC, and electrical system installations cost$34,028-$65,000
Exterior finishing, including walls, roof, windows, and doors$46,000-$80,000

The average cost of finishing the interior of a house, including drywall, paint, insulation, lighting, and appliances, is $90,000 or more.

Last but not least, consider planning your move, actual moving costs, and additions such as landscaping, patios, decks, driveways, and walkways.

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10. Material Cost

Material is the most crucial part of this sector. The cost changes too much because of the supply chain issue. You may have to spend $80,000 to $130,000 or more on the material for constructing a house in Alabama.

There are several types of material available in the market. Their pice change with the quality. The premium ones cost too much but they are the best in durability and finishing. A cheap one doesn’t last long.

The cost of materials is determined by the quality of the materials, the size of the house, and the design of the house. Your house will last longer and be safer if you use better quality materials. 

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11. Machine Rent in Alabama

Most constructors have their own machine-like excavators, bulldozers, grader, wheel tractor scraper, tower cranes, pavers, etc. If you don’t hire a construction company and you become the contractor then you have to rent the machine.

All the heavy machines can be rented by the day, month, or year. This equipment can cost you $200 to $300 per day, $800 to $1200 per week, and $2,000 to $4,000 per month.

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12. Extra Cost

There are also some costs that may don’t occur when you are going to build a house. Suppose you have to give tips to the truck driver who carries the building materials. Or give a treat to the technician who installs the major systems for you.

Several incidents will occur and you have to deal with them. You have to put $10,000 aside for these kinds of expenses on your house building project.

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How to Build a House in Alabama, AL in 2022?

Building a house is always a dream for everyone. So most people don’t have any kind of idea about it. If you divide the overall process into several steps that will help you to better control the project.

In order to complete smoothly, cost-effectively, and successfully, our experts take five steps. Here are the top 5 steps to building a house in Alabama.

Step 1: Deciding on a Budget

You always need money to accomplish any project. Budget is the first thing you have to ready. You must have to prepare the budget. It will help you to determine which thing you can afford or which action you can’t.

Then you have to split the overall cost into different factors like land, machine, labor or permits, etc. These factors are important for your construction and each of them has a different cost. Budgeting allows you to not only determine how much you can spend, but how you will use it.

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Step 2: Choosing a Location in AL

Location is a big decision. You have to choose the location wisely. Everyone has a set off-plan in their mind. The environment, basic facility, economic situation, and culture is an important thing to match.

When you get the green signal from each then you should fix it. Don’t compromise with the location. Besides the cost of the property, you also need to take into account the distance to your job, your children’s school, or the hospital.

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Step 3: Getting a Design and Floor Plan

After you choose the location you need to ready a design of your house and plan everything like the floor plan. This step will shape the dream you always dreamt of. Floor plans and designs will be available for you to choose from, so you’ll be able to find one that’s perfect for you.

You must also consider what you will need, what you are willing to spend, and how you would like your home to appear in the future.

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Step 4: Get Your Permits

Like the other states, you also need the permits of the local govt from building a house. This step is very crucial for construction. Without the permits, the govt can stop the project immediately.

This process won’t take too much time. You will get your permit in several days if there wasn’t any problem with a document you submit there. So make sure to check them before you submit them there.

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Step 5: Building a House in Alabama

Now you can easily start the project. A home building project in Alabama can be one of the most exciting experiences of a person’s life.

To find out more about building your home in AL, contact one of their new home construction specialists.

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7 Reasons to Build Home in Alabama (AL) for 2022

Most people think about why they build a house in AL and what they get. You get something which you can’t find anywhere. Here are some reasons to build a home in Alabama.

  • The house building cost in Alabama is low. You can build a good quality house at a lower price.
  • The weather in Alabama is too good. You forget your breakfast but you’ll get a sunny day always. You can get sunbathe all the year.
  • The economic situation of AL is good. There are several job opportunities available here.
  • The culture of AL is too good. The state is always in a mood of festive. You will enjoy several festivals over the year.
  • Water and air have a deep connection with Alabama. You can find peace here.
  • Football is a religion to its people. If you have the craze about football you’ll feel Alabama is a heavenly place.
  • There are several beaches in AL. You will spend your time enjoying the tide of the sea.

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Some Most Commonly Asked Questions About (Alabama House Building): FAQs

Building a house in Alabama is worth the cost?

Alabama is a good place to build a house. Building a house is better than renting. This building becomes an asset to you. As a result, it is important to plan ahead, set aside some funds for emergencies, and stick to the budget as closely as possible. If you have money don’t twice building a home in Alabama is worth the money.

How much does it cost to build a single-family home in Alabama?

The average square footage of a single-family home in America is around 2491 sq ft. in 2022, the average per square foot cost to build a house in AL is around $170 to $305. So you have to spend $423,470 to $759,755 in total.

How much does it cost to build a 2500 sqft house in Alabama, AL?

A 2500 sq ft house in Alabama may cost you $270,00 to $1,000,000 even more. It mostly depends on the location and the utility facilities. On average it can cost you $700,000 including all the expenses.

What is the cheapest place to build a house in Alabama, AL?

Attalla is the cheapest city to build a house in Alabama. the cost of building a house in Attalla is cheaper than the average cost level of AL. There are also a few them like it. They are Russellville, Brewton, Valley, or Oxford. In these cities the building cost is cheap.

Final Verdict on Alabama House Building Cost in 2022

Alabama is a gorgeous and magical state. Once you have seen the sunset, you will fall in love with this state. This resource guide is all about house building costs in Alabama so that you can reduce your construction project. Our experts will help you if you have any doubt about the house building cost in Alabama.

Hope this article may help you in the future to build your house. Stay with us for more informative content for other states and cities as well, including Texas, Virginia, Montana, Chicago, and California. Thanks a lot for keeping in touch with us.

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