Ans: How Much Does it Cost to Build a 1/2 Acre, 1 Acre Pond?

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According to different survey reports in 2022, the average cost of building a pond in the US is between $1,350 to $6,500, and an average property owner is ready to pay $4,000 to build a house.

A small pond of less than one acre can cost you $3 to $8.2 per square foot and a one-acre pond can cost you on average $3,500 to $8,700.

The cost can vary from place to place depending on the size, length, liner material, property soil type, and kind of pond.

Also, the current covid-19 pandemic situation largely affects the labor market and international market. keep your pocket prepared for a little extra cost.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a 1 Acre Pond
How Much Does it Cost to Build a 1/2 Acre, 1 Acre Pond

Pond Building Cost Summary for Different Sizes

Here in the table, we tried to estimate the cost you may need to pay for installing a pond on your property.

Size of the PondTotal Cost
Small pond$3-$8.2 (per sq foot)
150 sq foot pond$400-$1,200
1/4 acre pond$800-$2,100
1/2 acre pond$1,600-$4,200
3/4 acre pond$2,270-$6,150
1-acre pond$3,500-$8,700
Large pond (1 acre to 10 acres)$3,200-$9,500 (per acre)
Mega large pond (more than 10 acres)$1,200-$6,000 (per acre)

Please note that It is only the building cost. It doesn’t include the fish, natural stone liner, or other facilities costs. If you want to include these, it will increase the total cost.

Why is it Good to Have a Pond?

A pond in a house always has our attention. It increases the beauty of a house and brings us closer to nature. Also, it is an asset for your property and many times it increases the value of a property.

It can be a source of recreation. You can enjoy your free time fishing, swimming, boating, and spending time working in the pond.

It will be very much helpful for your mental peace. Many people wish to have it but they don’t go for it as they thought it wouldn’t be budget-friendly. That isn’t true.

Before making your decision we request you to read the article carefully. It will help to have a proper idea about the total pond-making cost and many other details.

6 Types of Pond Building Cost: The Ultimate Guide for Making Pond

Not all pond building costs are the same. There are different types of ponds with different types of features. Their building process and cost are affected by different factors.

Here we give Six common types of pool building cost and their cost factors suggested by housebuilders.

#Type 1: Man-Made Pond Cost

Man-made ponds can cost you around $120 to $5,500 or even more in 2022. There is no limit on the size and shape of a man-made pond. So the cost depends on the user.

He can build a larger and deeper one or a very little one. The size and shape of the pond will determine the cost of the digging, liner, labor, and materials. They are the factors to determine the total cost.

#Type 2: Swimming Pond Cost

The average cost of building a swimming pond is around $60 per sq foot in recent years. It could be even more depending on the size and depth of the pond, the type of the liner, and the availability of the labor.

Some house owners like to have a swimming pond rather than a swimming pool because it feels more natural and it is easy to maintain.

#Type 3: Backyard Pond Cost

In 2022, the average cost of building a backyard pond is between $60 and $5,300. The cost mainly depends on the design and size of the pond. If you want a simple and small pond in your backyard it will cost you less than $1,100.

But if you want a pond with a complex design and big size, it could cost you up to $5,500. Also, the type of liner and availability of the labor are the other factors that could increase the total cost.

#Type 4: Farming Pond Cost

On average a farming pond can cost between $2,500 and $11,000 in the current year. The building cost of a farming pond is more compared to other ponds. But it’s worth it.

A farming pond is used to supply water for irrigation, maintenance of livestock, and cultivating fish. Typically a farming pond is big.

Because it has to provide and reserve enough water for regular use and fish cultivation. Besides, the kind of fish and the amount of fish also affect the total cost. Also, a farming pond demands good maintenance.

#Type 5: Fishing Pond Cost

The average cost of building a standard fishing pond is around $2,000 to $9,700. The cost mostly depends on the types of fish. The process of building a small fishing pond is similar to building a big fishing pond.

The bigger the fishing pond, the more you have to spend. Because different types of fish need different depths and different size ponds.

Also for the proper growth of the fish body of water needs to be maintained properly.

The fishing pond installation cost is greatly affected by the kind of fish, size, depth, types of liner, heating system, and chemicals cost that are used to maintain the body of water.

#Type 6: Koi Pond Cost

A koi pond can cost you between $5,8000 and $20,100. House owners usually spend $10,500 to build a six-by-eight-foot pond including an electronic system, heater, and liner.

A Koi pond is a special type of pond to cultivate koi fish in the backyard. It has a high maintenance cost. The total installation cost has been affected by the length of the pond, the heater, and the price of the generator.

Also, it needs stone edging which will increase the building cost. But the maximum cost you have to spend is for buying the fish and their food. After all the cost these beautiful fish are ready to increase the beauty of your backyard.

9 Major Cost Factors that Affect the Total Pond Building in 2022

There are different types of costs included in the pond building cost. They are combined to determine the total cost. An increase in any of these cost factors will increase the total cost.

In this section, we will try to discuss how these factors affect the total cost.

1. Land Location

The location of your property is the first factor that affects the building cost per sq foot. The average cost of building a pond in a commercial area is higher compared to a village area.

Before starting the building work, do location-based causal research about per sq foot building cost.

2. Land Preparing Cost

Before starting the pond digging job first you need to prepare the land for the digging. Try to choose land with no big trees. Protecting nature is also our responsibility.

But if you don’t have an option you may need to cut trees. It will not be good for your pocket and nature. It will add extra cost to prepare the land.

3. Soil Types

The soil type of the land is also a very important cost factor. Not every soil is perfect for building a pond.

The very first process of building a pond is excavation. The shape and excavation time of the pond is mostly dependent on the soil types.

4. Pond Digging Cost

Pond building jobs start with land digging. Land excavation costs depend on the size and length of the pond. Some excavators do the job at a per-hour rate. They can charge between $125 to $220 per hour to complete the digging job.

For doing a small pond excavation it can cost you abound $2.90 to $8.50 per square foot. For digging a large pond (more than one acre) it can cost you between $1.60 and $4.7 per cubic yard.

Note: The cost difference arises because in the small pond the excavation doesn’t go much deeper but in the large pond, it takes a lot of time and labor to go deeper.

5. Types of Liner

In small ponds house owners usually use liners to prevent water from leaking. You may need to spend $210 to $1,700 depending on the type of liner. There are different types of liners made from concrete, fiberglass, flexible plastic, or rigid plastic.

Concrete and fiberglass glass liners will cost more compared to plastic liners. But the plastic liner is not as durable as fiberglass and concrete. 

6. Size and Length

The size and length of the pond are very important cost factors. The bigger and deeper you want to dig, the more you have to pay for the excavation. A small pond costs little because it doesn’t need to dig much deeper.

7. Material Cost

Material cost is another cost factor. House owners normally use concrete, brick, or stones for edging. Stone edging costs the most compared to concrete or stone edges.

Users generally use stone edges to increase the beauty of the koi ponds. Besides, for a fishing pond, you need to buy a pump and filter, and high-quality pipes for the water inlet and outlet sources.

8. Labor Cost

In the current pandemic situation, labor cost is a very important factor. According to the conference board report, in 2022 businesses are expected to bump up pay by an average of 4.2%.

So if you are willing to complete the building job with a professional, be prepared to pay extra costs for labor costs.

9. Pond-Maintenance Cost

You may need to cost around $1,550 to $2,700 per year for professional pond maintenance. The maintenance cost of a pond depends on the type of pond.

Fishing ponds and koi ponds need high maintenance and it costs much compared to any normal pond. Because in the fish pond you need to keep the water stabilized.

For this, you need to change the chemicals and maintain UV heaters. Koi fish reduce too much dirt. That’s why they need high maintenance.

DIY Process for Pond Building: 7 Steps to Make a Pond at House

In this section, we will try to give the step-by-step process that house owners usually follow to build a pond.

# Step 1: Choose Building Space

The building process starts with choosing the location. Try to select an open space where sun rays can reach without any hindrance and the place shouldn’t have any big trees.

# Step 2: Take Building Permission

Take state or local government approval for building the pond. Many states might have specific rules and regulations for pond building.

Make sure you have known all the rules and regulations of your states regarding this and have approval from the local government.

# Step 3: Land Digging

It is the most important step for any pond building. For digging the land you have to hire an excavator operator. Before starting the excavation work, make a drawing on the land according to the size and design of the pond.

It will prevent you from digging the extra ground. Start digging the ground with the excavator and go deeper according to the design.

# Step 4: Damming To Prevent Water Leakage

As the digging part is complete you need damming around the pond to prevent water leakage. This part is not mandatory for all types of ponds if you keep the edge high and use a liner.

# Step 5: Liner Installation

In this step, you have to construct the side and bottom of the pond by using a liner to prevent water from leaking. There are different types of liners available in the market.

Also, you can use concrete as a liner. Choose the liner according to your budget. If you want to keep the natural look, you can use gravel to hide the liner. It will do a pretty good job.

# Step 6: Water Supply

As the pond is ready to fill up with water, you need to ensure a proper clean water inlet and outlet source.

For this, you need to install high-quality pipes to ensure a clean water supply for the pond. Now fill up the pond with fresh water.

# Step 7: Additional Equipment Installation

This part is not mandatory for all types of ponds. For the fishing pond and better outcomes, you need to install some extra equipment like a heater, generator, pump, etc.

These types of additional equipment are used in fishing and koi ponds for maintenance purposes.  

What to Choose DIY or Hire a Professional for Making a Pond

It is always a better option to choose the professional from the respective place. But it is also true that hiring a professional will cost more compared to a DIY job. DIY is more budget-friendly.

But a DIY job has the risk of failure. If you don’t have previous pond-building experience, you may end up destroying the pond. It is better to leave the job for the expert or professional.

They will complete the job properly within a very short time. If you do the building job on your own and don’t complete it properly, it will increase the maintenance cost.

It is much better to spend more at a time and finish the job with a professional than improperly building a pond and increasing yearly maintenance costs. And to be honest, every penny on your professional cost will be worth it.

5 Golden Tips for Reduce the Pond Building Cost in 2022

Here are some golden tips that may be useful for reducing the total cost:

  • Try to avoid extra digging. The bigger size and deeper you will dig, the more it will increase the per square feet digging cost.
  • Appoint the professional for the job. It may seem costly but will reduce annual maintenance costs and ultimately save you money.
  • After digging try to place the extra soil on any part of your property. It will save the truck carrying cost.
  • You can use concrete for edging the pond rather than using stone. Stone edging is more expensive compared to concrete.
  • You can use flexible plastic or rigid plastic liner. It is very much budget-friendly. Concrete or fiberglass liners are more expensive compared to plastic liners. But we will recommend you to use fiberglass liner. It might be a little bit costly but it is much more durable compared to others.

The 6 Benefits of Pond Building at Home or Office

There are many benefits of having a pond on your property. In this section, we will try to identify why one should have a pond on his property and how it will benefit you.

  • According to the survey report on bare land value with a pond run by AgSouth and American Forest Management’s internal sales since 2015 suggest that the average size of a 4.4-acre pond increases the property value up to 6%. The more the pond size is, the less effect it has on the property price.
  • There is always a demand in the market for land with water benefits like pools, ponds, or waterfalls. you can have an idea from the “property days on market for a land with a pond and without a pond” run back in 2017. This survey report suggests that the land sold with a pond was on the market approximately 50 days less compared to the land that was on the market without a pond.
  • It is a great way to come closer to nature. It is always an attractive asset in the property for the house owner and the visitor. It will help you to increase the beauty of your house.
  • It is also a great source of enjoyment. You can enjoy swimming on a hot summer day, go boating with friends and family, and enjoy your leisure time fishing in the pond. This will help you to spend time with friends and family outside of the virtual world. There is something that you can’t count on money and the mental place is something like that.
  • A pond is a great source of food and protein. You can cultivate fish in the pond. It will ensure your fresh food supply. They are a thousand times better than frozen food.
  • Also, you can have different types of wildlife closer to you like doves, frogs, turtles, rabbits, songbirds, etc.

Note: The success of the building depends on the proper use and utilization of the pond. If you build it perfectly and make the best use of it, the building cost of the pond will be worth it.

Some Commonly Asked Questions About (Pond Building): FAQs

Now we will try to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about pond building. It will help you to make a better decision.

How many fish you can harvest in a 1-acre pond?

You can harvest 110 to 160 pounds of bluegills fish or 320 to 410 (7 to 8 inches long) bluegills, you can harvest 55-115 bass fish and 56 to 217 catfish by using the pond stocking strategy in a 1-acre pond. You can less the bluegills and catfish amount. It will make room for more bass.

Does a pond increase the value of the property?

According to the survey report on bare land value with a pond run by AgSouth and American Forest Management’s internal sales since 2015 suggest that the average size of a 4.6-acre pond increases the property value up to 7%. The more the pond size is, the less effect it has on the property price.

What should be the distance between your home and a pond?

The local permit office will give you instructions about the distance while taking the building permission. Generally, there should be a distance of 52 to 105 feet between the home and a pond.

What is the maintenance cost of a pond?

You may need to pay between $1,670 and $2,650 per year for the professional pond maintenance job. It can be a little more or a little less depending on the size and kind of pond. Koi and fish ponds have a high maintenance cost.

Can a pond be built without a liner?

Yes, you can build a pond without a liner. But if you don’t use a liner, water can leak from the pond. It is better to use a liner. It helps the pond to prevent water leakage.

How much time does it take to build a 1-acre pond?

It could take one to four weeks to build a 1-acre pond by a professional. It depends on the amount of labor. But for the DIY job, it can take more time to complete the pond properly.

How deep a 1-acre pond should be?

A fish pond should be 1 acre in size and 6 feet deep. It should be more than 15 feet deep. A pond with the proper size and length helps to manage the fish population and allows them to grow quickly.

“In the Final Analysis” of Making a Pond in 2022

Hope this entire guide will cut down your overall cost while building a pond in your house or office area.

You can ask any questions regarding pond making or building. You can also share your ideas or experience with us by commenting on these related topics.

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