How Much Does it Cost to Restring a Compound Bow? 2024

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The compound bow is a widely known archery equipment. People who love to hunt also use compound bows. This is the evolution of the ancient bows. The compound bow is made to have surgical precision. Every part of it is carefully designed.

Modern materials are used to make the bow, the strings, and the other parts. Compound bows today are lightweight and very easy to use. However, using such tools does require proper training and a controlled environment.

The strings of the bows should be maintained and changed from time to time. Many people don’t know how much it costs to have a compound bow restrung. Here you can also know about the average cost of restringing a compound bow.

how much does it cost to restring a compound bow
How Much Does it Cost to Restring a Compound Bow

How Much Does it Average Cost to Restring a Compound Bow?

According to the 2024 report, you’ll have to spend up to $70, to restring your compound bow. This is an average estimation. The actual cost of restringing a compound bow depends on a number of factors. In our research, the compound bow restringing cost depends on 3 things,

  • Getting the strings replaced with the new ones.
  • Having your bow tuned nicely and,
  • Installing a NAP Apache rest.

This average cost can run up to $100 to $250 for the whole compound bow restringing work. In some cases, the price might be more than $250 if you choose an archery specialist or premium bow shop. Spending this much money means, you get premium-quality equipment and great service.

This type of restringing will also give you a higher chance to customize your bow to your preference. Aim for a good balance in your equipment. This will improve the accuracy of your bow and give you better results.

Compound Bow Restringing Cost Summary

The professional average cost to restring a compound bow is as follows for 2024:

Compound Bow Restringing CostPrice Range
Professional Service Cost$30-$70
Top Bow Brands Price$99.95-$124.95
DIY Compound Bow Restring$60-$130
Average Restringing Cost$70-$250

Compound Bow Restringing Service Cost: Factors that Influence the Overall Costing in 2024

Most of the vendors won’t charge you anything to put the strings. They do this service for free when you buy strings from them. However, there might be situations when they might charge you.

For example, you bought your strings online. Now, you have to go to someone to fit your strings in your bow. In this type of situation, you will be charged. The professional service cost can range from $30 to $60 on average in recent years.

Depending on the complexity of the process you might get charged differently. This can also be as much as $70 in certain situations. So, go to a professional archery shop and get a detailed idea of the price.

World’s Most Popular Compound String Brand Costs

This is the most important factor influencing the actual cost. Sometimes, this is going to be your only cost while restringing. The prices of a compound bow string will vary with the brands. Some have very high-quality strings at a handsome price others just offer basic quality with a low-price range.

So, it is your first job to select the brand of strings that you are most comfortable with. (In terms of price & quality)

Top Compound Bow Brands & Updated Price 2024

Let’s look at the latest prices of different strings of top compound bow brands below:

Top Compound Bow BrandsPrice
Mathews Bowstring & Cable Replacement Cost$99.95
Bowtech Bowstring & Cable Replacement Cost$99.95
Mathews Vertix custom BowString & Cable Package$119.95
Mathews Halon 32 Custom Bow String & Cable Package$124.95

N.B. Current Prices were taken from So it can be changed at any time.

Professional Tips to Ensure the Quality of Strings for Compound Bow

Some factors determine the quality of the string. These factors are important to understand. A good understanding will help you make better decisions.

Firstly, the pre-stretched weight of a string. Strands are stretched under 300+ pounds of weight. This determines the strength of the string. The idea is to amass as much power as possible in the strings. So, the strings have to withstand such power. This increases their overall power.

The strand number is also very important. Some manufacturers give fewer strands in the strings. No doubt this increases speed and power. But this also takes away life from the strings. This affects the durability of a string.

Sometimes, the brands and the prices also give you an idea of the string quality. So, learn as much as possible before making your decision.

6 World Most Compound Bow String Brand and Features in 2024

Here is a list of some commonly used string brands and their key features:

String TypesImportant Features
8190Very fast and durable. Stability is not good.
BCY D97A great budget strings. Both durable and affordable. Great for beginners.
TROPHYHas improved durability but stability is less compared to other fibers.
BCY 8125Belongs to the fastest string types. Sometimes used for recurve bows.
BCY X99A quiet string. Provides a balance of speed, durability, and stability.
BCY 452XIt is standard, long-lasting, balanced durability, and has good speed.

One thing I should mention, BCY 452X is available in different colors. So you have plenty of options to choose from.

Three Major Types of Compound Bow Strings – The Ultimate Guide for Bow Lovers

There are mainly 3 types of compound bow strings found in the traditional market. These are,

  • Simple Strings
  • Reverse-twisted Strings
  • Looped Strings

Type #1: Simple Strings

This is a pretty basic cable. These cables are made with different fibers. These fibers are gathered and twisted tightly with one another. This forms a string. These are used widely all over the world. These are simple and easy to make yet effective.

These types of strings are often weaker than the other types. This is the result of their weight. Also, these strings are kept under constant pressure. Otherwise, they may fall apart.

Type #2: Reverse-twisted Strings

These types of strings are more traditional in Europe and North America. Mostly, natural materials are used in manufacturing these. Modern materials are also used at present.

Separate bundles of different materials are used in the making of these strings. These different materials are twisted in reverse direction hence, giving the name “reverse twisted”.  As a result, these strings have more weight. This gives them more power than the other types.

Type #3: Looped Strings

These strings are made with loops of materials. The loops can sometimes be a single continuous loop. Sometimes, more than one loop is used.

Modern strings are made with one continuous loop. This technique causes the ends to wear off easily. Although, this problem can be overcome by certain knots.

Want to Do Compound Bow Restringing Yourself? DIY Tips & Formula in 2024

Compound bow restringing is not rocket science. You can do it yourself if you want to. Most of the people who use crossbows regularly do their restringing. They don’t need any professional assistance. However, sometimes it is not up to us to do. The complexity of the job can be an issue.

Also, it takes a lot of time to fully understand the optimization of the bow. So, getting professional help is the way to go. This will help you get your balance right and also save you some valuable time. The average cost to restring your compound bow yourself is around $60 to $130 in 2024.

How to Restring a Compound Bow at Home?

If you choose to do the stringing yourself, here’s a step-by-step guide for you. This will help you to do it right. Also, your Compound bow will achieve good performance.

  • Select your preferred string. Wax it thoroughly with quality waxing materials. This step is very beneficial to your strong health.
  • You will need a double-pull compound bow press. Find it and make sure it is safe for your bow. Otherwise, this can damage your bow permanently.
  • Remove the old string. Replace it with the new one using the press. Best of Luck!

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When Should You Do Restringing Your Compound Bow?

The string and cables wear off in time. Due to the constant friction and stretch, the strings slowly lose life and effectiveness. So, before changing your strings, look for any signs of wearing off. This will tell you when to change your strings. The type of bow you use might affect the strings differently.

You may also look for some other signs. These signs will tell you about the string health. After inspection, you can take your decision. The signs are:

  • Any type of discoloration in the strings.
  • Servings in the D loop area, cam area, and roller guard areas.
  • Strings are waxed regularly. So, this causes excessive wax build-up. So, when you see the wax build-up, change your strings.

Save Money on Maintaining String Quality on a Compound Bow 2024

Maintaining bow string quality will save you a lot of money in terms of restringing. This will also give you better performance and durability. Do regular waxing. Use good quality compound string wax.

This will help a lot. Bowstrings will last longer if used properly. So, try to maintain the string quality with proper and careful use.

Here are some other related FAQs on (Compound Bow Restring) that people also asked: Answered

Can I restring my own compound bow?

Obviously, you can restring your compound bow on your own. Doing it by yourself is a little much difficult but this task is attainable. First, you just need to read the instructions properly. After that, you can see some tutorials available on the web. You can easily change your compound bow’s string. Most people believe that only experts can do this but it’s not appropriate. 

How often should you restring a compound bow?

It’s all up to you. It doesn’t last that long if you use it regularly. There is a chance that it will restring every year. If you use them occasionally, you may replace them every two to three years. Rather than restring hunting bows every two years, those used for target shooting should do so every year.

Why would a compound bowstring come off?

If the string isn’t properly seated, it can cause this to happen. However, this rarely occurs. You should check the bow after restoring it to avoid this type of unwanted situation. We suggest that you don’t leave the shop until you’ve shot this bow at least 30 or 40 times.

Is compound bow safe?

Compound bows are advanced and lethal weapons. It is free for children to purchase. It is important for you to know what safety rules you need to follow when using it. Speedy bows can cause serious injury. Make sure all the mechanisms of the bow work properly before using it.

What happens if a compound bow string breaks?

There is a possibility of bruising, scarring, bleeding, and swelling. A direct hit on the face or eyes might blind you. You can see a full gallery of severe injuries caused by bowstring snapping by simply searching for a bowstring snap injury. Before using the bow, make sure it is working properly.

Where can I replace a new string on my compound bow?

Several local archery stores sell new strings for compound bows. It’s also possible to have a professional archer restring your bow if you don’t have the knowledge. You can also do it yourself at home.

When should I replace my recurve compound bowstring?

Under normal conditions, you should replace recurve bowstrings every two to three years. A frayed or worn string should be replaced sooner. Synthetic materials can be very durable, but their durability erodes over time. A more frequent replacement of natural strings is needed.

How long should a compound bow last?

Taking good care of the compound bow and using it carefully will prolong its life by 15 to 20 years. Your use will decide how long it lasts. It is important to maintain the bow properly, just as you would any other tool. Regular archers cannot compromise on the quality, price, and maintenance of the bow.

What do you wear to archery?

You need to move quickly, so wear comfortable clothes and shoes. As a shooter, you must stand for most of the day. Most archers wear jeans for practice, and tennis shoes, skate shoes, and even Uggs are recommended footwear.

“One Mind” with Compound Bow Restringing 2024

This comprehensive guide will hopefully assist you in reducing the cost of restringing a compound bow. Stay with us to find out more about travel, outdoors, indoor sports, and other related cost guides.

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