How Much Does it Cost to Paint a Bumper Cover? Front & Rear

Bumper Covers are the most likely to get hit or scratched. So, decisions regarding bumper cover painting are something that you should be able to take instantly. Decisions like, whether you should go to the body shops or should you do it yourself?

This article will help you achieve exactly that bumper cover painting estimated cost. We will go through the different costs associated with the process and also look at the situation from different dimensions to make it as easy as possible for you. So, Let’s Start!

How Much Does it Cost to Paint a Bumper Cover
How Much Does it Cost to Paint a Bumper Cover

How Much Does it Cost to Paint a Bumper Cover in 2022? (Front & Rear)

According to 2022 estimates, the average cost of painting a bumper cover can be anything from $150 to $300. There are 5 different types of bumper cover painting, such as new bumper cover, old bumper cover, damaged bumper cover, economy bumper cover, and custom bumper cover.

Most bumper covers now available in the market are made of hard plastic or rear bumper. These bumpers come in a black primed finish. Most people use them as they come from the factory. These bumper covers are not that expensive to paint. You can just buy enamel paint and start doing it yourself.

Bumper Cover Painting Cost Summary

Considering the following estimate in 2022, the cost to paint a bumper cover is as follows:

Bumper Cover Painting Cost$250
Bumper Cover Repaint Cost$150-$300
Economy Bumper Cover Painting Cost$250-$400
Estimated Bumper Cover Custom Painting$500-$550

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Average Per Square Foot Professional Cost for Bumper Cover Painting

The average cost per square foot of painting a bumper cover is $25 for the cheap quality paint job. If you want to get a luxurious pant job, this will cost you $50 per square foot easily. If it’s big damage on your car bumper cover, you will need to replace the bumper. You can get an exact estimate for a bumper replacement here.

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How Much Does it Cost to Paint a New Bumper Cover in 2022?

The Cost of painting a new bumper cover is less than painting an old or damaged bumper cover. You can just buy painting kits from the market and start.

Buying a simple clear-coat enamel spray paint from the market is enough. This is going to cost you $20. Apply base coat beforehand for extra protection, just buy a pint of base coat paint for another $20 and you are good to go.

So, all in all, you need to spend $40 on painting a new bumper cover. If you go to an auto paint shop, it will easily cost you $100 or more for the whole process.

New Bumper Cover Painting Cost Summary

Bumper Cover Replacement$40
Bumper Cover Painting DIY Cost$60
Professional Bumper Cover Painting Cost$100

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Damaged or Old Bumper Cover Painting Estimated Cost 2022

A damaged or scratched bumper cover is more work to paint. You will need to wet sand the bumper cover and then apply the coats. You will need to start with 80-grit sandpaper and finish with 200-grit sandpaper. These will cost you say, $5.

Without sanding, you can not get a clean smooth finish. After you’ve finished sanding, apply the primer. You can get a pint of primer for $20. Then apply the base coat and the clear coat. These two will also cost you $20 each.

Be extra careful after applying the base coat. Inspect thoroughly, and apply wet sand for a smooth finish. Do it until you get the best finish. Now, simply apply the clear coat.

So, you can paint this type of bumper cover is $65. Doing it professionally in body shops will easily cost you $250 including the material and labor costs.

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Different Types of Bumper Cover Painting Jobs & Relative Costs in 2022

Two types of paint jobs are available: the economy paint job and the customized total repaint job. Here are all the details of both paint jobs.

1. Economy Bumper Cover Paint Jobs

These types of paint jobs will only cover the visual areas of your car. The inside parts of the vehicle are not covered at all. Enamel paints are used in the process. There is no extra protection in this type of paint job.

No extra coats are applied. So, the finishing level is not that exquisite. This type of economy paint job will cost you $250 to $400 easily.

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2. Customized Total Repaint Jobs for Bumper Cover

This is a premium quality paint job. You get a level of finish that looks great on your automobile and gives it an exquisite look.

This type of paint job includes all the parts of the vehicle. All the visual and hidden areas are covered with high-quality paint materials. This will give you protection against a deep scratch.

The exact cost of this type of paint job can be different from one another. You will need to ask a professional. Usually, the whole car takes $1,000 to $5,000 to paint. So, from this, we can assume that it will cost you around $500 to $550.

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The Average Cost of Other Bumper Cover Paints

It is estimated in 2022, that you will be required to spend the following amount of money on the paint for the bumper cover:

Bumper Door Repaint Cost$100-$500
Quarter Panel Paint Job Cost$150-$750
Car Hood Paint Cost$200-$1,000

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What You Should Know When You Are Painting the Entire Bumper Cover 2022

When you are trying to paint the entire bumper cover, you will need to keep some things in mind. This will help you to do the job with utmost care.

  • There are some important things that are in the bumper cover. These are headlights, fog lights, sensors, cameras, etc. So, be very careful while removing these things from your bumper cover. Know that typically the labor cost of removing these parts is around $90. So, you understand the sensitivity. I recommend not doing it if you are an amateur.
  • Get suggestions from a friend or a colleague. This will help you get started and might get you an extra pair of hands to help.
  • If to buy good quality materials as you are saving a lot of money in labor.
  • Try doing the small things first. This will get you started. Stop immediately if you think something is not going right. Get help!

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Should I File Car Insurance Claim for Bumper Cover Damage?

This is a very hard question to answer. Insurance companies have different policies. Not every insurance company will cover you. It all depends on the type of insurance you are holding.

But it is safe to say that, if the bumper is damaged due to an accident, there is a very good chance that your insurance company will cover it. Make your demands clear with the insurance company before buying insurance.

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Now I’m answering the most common question people asked about (Front & Rear Bumper Cover Painting): FAQs

How much does it cost to paint a hood and bumper cover?

Painting a car hood and bumper will cost you $200 to $1,000 in recent years anywhere in Autoshop.

How much does Maaco charge to paint a bumper cover?

Maaco has three different quality paints. They will only inform you of the price after seeing your car. The price can be from $300 to $1,500 for painting a Maaco bumper cover in 2022.

How much does it cost to paint a plastic bumper cover?

The cost of painting plastic bumpers is more or less the same as painting steel or aluminum bumper covers.

“Final Thoughts” on Front and Rear Bumper Cover Painting 2022

Hope this guide also helps you to save money on bumper cover painting. You can also share how you can reduce the cost of painting your car’s bumper cover. Let’s have a discussion on it, leave your thoughts, bumper painting process, and ideas in the comment section.

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