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Howmuchly’s goal is to help people make smart financial decisions right from the start.

We are working to help people with financial decision-making. We try to provide a total overview of a product’s price. In our society, resources are limited, so we must use them wisely to get the most out of them.

Decision-making is crucial in this process. Our article helped them understand how pricing works on a specific product and gave them a way to find out for themselves whether they needed assistance or not.

Our project guides the audience to justify the overall market. We try to update the real-time information so they can know the current market value. does not sell or promote any products or services and takes little initiative to give consumers a practical view of cost, guidance, and information.

After doing a market & product analysis, we give our honest opinion. Before we gave our idea or suggestion, we considered economic and market value as well as multiple types of people so that mass people would benefit.

Price is a big issue in the modern era. Without the proper knowledge, we can’t utilize our resources fully. Through our work people can get help while they’re using their resources. We try our best to find a suitable path for cost management. It will help our readers to see how their budget can meet their needs or even how they can get the best deal for that price.

We enlighten about the essential consciousness about the economic and financial terms which common people understand easily. We’re trying to give them a basic sense of these intricate matters. This basic intuition assists people to differentiate all the financial facts and considering the fact they can manage their costs according to budget. As a data analytics team, we’re responsible for identifying the best way for consumers to choose the most appropriate course of action.

We provide cost data for a wide range of products and services. We collect, update, and organize data regularly and make it very easy for anyone to read. We look at the research before we suggest anything.

We try to write about things so you can understand them; when we do, we choose the easiest way to describe them. We appreciate your understanding and opinion. We attempt to give you all the information you need, but ultimately the decision remains with you.

Our guides aim to provide a simple, visually compelling, and easy-to-understand format to encourage people to make better financial decisions.

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Our Team Members


Aaron Demaio is an Auto Specialist with over 15 years of experience. He is a Graduate of “Automotive Engineering & Mechanics” at Pittsburg State University in 2015. Aaron Demaio is proud of three kids. His passion is all for the automotive industry. During his free time, he repairs all car parts, painting and fixing the scratches of any vehicles.


Bryan Hudson has been Editor in Chief of the Howmuchly team since 2021. In addition to managing the writers and editors, he decides what to publish, oversees the operations, and ensures the publication’s policies are met. The University of Southern California awarded Bryan Hudson a Master’s in Journalism in 2015. With 13 years of editorial experience, his skills include proofreading, writing, planning, and providing major editing decisions.


Ronald Herring is a graduate of the University of Nebraska Kearney with a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management Comprehensive. Over 20 years of experience, He is specialized in homes (residential), communities, office buildings (commercial), and heavy civil, and industrial building techniques and processes. He loves to share practical business skills with vital engineering, schedule construction activities, manage costs and quality, and coordinate project through completion.


Hi, this is Fred. I love to share information about trade, finance, product analysis, and market research. In this blog, I share all the research, studies, and creative ideas about cost so that you can smartly manage your investment. Use the best of your money. You can also Follow me on Linkedin for academic and professional research. Keep reading and enjoy 🙂


James Merritt is a Professional Sport and Recreation Manager for over a decade in a reputed sports club called FIRSTEAM USA. He completed his Bachelor of Science in Sport Management at the University of Tampa CSSME and CNHS in 2010. He Turns his passion for health and fitness into a rewarding career. James Merritt loves to share about indoor and outdoor sports, activities and skills.


Since 2004, Charles Dougherty has worked on large commercial and residential construction projects. Remodeling, construction management, completing service upgrades, new construction, installing new lighting, troubleshooting, HVAC work, installing home backup generators, and landscape lighting are some of his most common residential jobs. He took his BS in Construction Management at the Middle Tennessee State University in 2002.


Having graduated from “Lee College” with a degree in Computer Maintenance and Repair, Willie Cummings is a master’s level technician. Because of his 17 years of experience, he can fix all kinds of computers, laptops, Macs, tablets, gadgets, and electronics. Currently, he is a certified computer support service technician at CompuCom® Systems, Inc. As a tech expert, he is always willing to share his knowledge and experience with others.


Zackary Wilder’s 18 years of automobile expertise and experience show his ability to repair any vehicle. He is a top-rated technician who graduated from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale with a Bachelor of Science in Automotive Technology. The work of Zackary Wilder involves designing and testing various parts of vehicles, including fuel technologies and safety systems.


Russell Cooper is a senior staff writer at Howmuchly covering everything from sports to outdoor activities since 2021. Before he was a certified fitness trainer at the Camp Transformation Center in Citrus Heights, CA. He spends his free time in exercise, watching sports, traveling, cost management, and creative writing. He has completed certification classes from “ACE Fitness” and got ACE Certified.


Joseph McKnight got his bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering Technology from Bryant & Stratton College in 2007. Previously his job was as an electronic design engineer at Novi, MI. Now, he is an updates writer for technology, electronics, computers, cameras, routers, TVs, keyboards, receivers, smartphones, headphones, and hobbies at HowMuchly.

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